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10 Pcs Dried Eucalyptus Stems 17″ Real Eucalyptus for Shower Hanging 100% Made from Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Wedding Decor Home Decor Farmhouse Decor DIY Spring Decor,Green

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FAVOWREATH was established in 1980 entered the international market in 2000,adhered to the “customer first” business philosophy, and provided customers with high-quality services and products.Every item you buy is the most cost-effective. What we deliver is not only a commodity but also an art of life.

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☎️Your Scented Experience Matters:If you find that the scent isn’t as prominent as expected, or if you have any questions or concerns about our eucalyptus, please contact us directly. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you promptly and help you fully enjoy the aromatic experience.
Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves: Dried Eucalyptus Leaves are made from fresh Eucalyptus without any additives, retaining the original floral aroma of Eucalyptus leaves. It smells good and calms the mind. It has calming and hypnotic properties and is a great scent to relax and release stress.
100% Natural Eucalyptus: Selected high-quality eucalyptus are taken from nature, stems are durable, cannot break easily.It is made by sun-drying and can be stored forever without worrying about its decay and Wither.Through our exquisite and careful processing technology, all eucalyptus can maintain the most original appearance and natural beauty.Note: The white powders on dried eucalyptus leaves are not dust, It’s real eaculaptus stems.
Size: Carefully selected 10 natural dried eucalyptus stems, 16-17 inches in length. Since it is a naturally grown eucalyptus leaf, the fullness of each stem varies and you can cut it to the length you want. This eucalyptus leaf is made from fresh eucalyptus leaves which are naturally dried, after long journeys, the eucalyptus may be compressed (the eucalyptus leaves can be smoothed by hand upon receipt).
Versatile Use: You can freely choose the Immortal eucalyptus branches bulk ​to mix with other floral bouquets .They are perfect decorations for wedding, party, home, office, flower arrangements,DIY,aromatherapy,dining table and so one ,also can hanging on the shower to enhance the bath experience.
Healing Eucalyptus Scent: Eucalyptus has a menthol like distinct scent that is used in aromatherapy of Encourages relaxation, Anxiety relief, Soothes asthma,etc. Some people smell the aromas very strongly, while others experience just a faint scent or hardly any at. Preserved eucalyptus leaves will scent much less than fresh eucalyptus leaves, so we can’t absolutely guarantee that it will have a strong eucalyptus flavor.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance of the dried plant. However, some customers report that the product stains white surfaces and drips green dye. They also say it’s not real eucalyptus and does not smell like eucalpts. Customers also have issues with value. Opinions are mixed on age, quality, size, and smell.

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9 reviews for 10 Pcs Dried Eucalyptus Stems 17″ Real Eucalyptus for Shower Hanging 100% Made from Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Wedding Decor Home Decor Farmhouse Decor DIY Spring Decor,Green

  1. Kahlos Mahn

    Excellent purchase! Need to water them before use for get the full effect.
    I am replacing my original review of this item because they turned out to be excellent! I purchased these mostly for the aesthetics -for how they look- and not necessarily for the ‘scent.’ When I removed them from their box, I immediately noticed they were dry, cracking, flat, and had little scent. I let them sit out for a day and they remained the same, so I came here to review the item as being OK, but for whatever reason, I decided to wet the stems (since they are advertised as being used in the shower). This really made them flourish in how they look, feel, and smell! Super happy with my purchase!All I did was run them under some warm water and immediately the scent filled the room. They were not dry anymore and I was able to run my fingers up and down the stem to straighten out the leaf’s and fluff them out. I placed them all over my home, mixing them in with other real and imitation plants. ^_^

  2. Amazon Customer. Zb

    Smells awesome
    When I first got it, I thought it smelled underwhelming. When I started using it in my bathroom I started appreciating it. My whole bathroom and bedroom smells like a dream. So happy with this purchase.

  3. Emily Henderson

    NO for natural use, YES for decoration
    I ordered these for our shower, I was out of town and didn’t want to stop at our local florist. They came, and looked gorgeous, very full, but very strangely green. Both hubby and I noticed but didn’t mention it until later. Our last bunch that we had hanging in the shower was very old, so I chalked it up to actually having a fresh bunch in comparison to the old ones. The first, probably 2 showers, I was pretty enamored with them. They smelled great, they looked great.. then they started to bleed. The green dye that was used stained my white shower tiles, the grout, our hands.. pretty much anything that touched them. I figured, hey, I’m in the shower, I’ll just scrub it off. After about a week I decided I had to trash them. Despite trying to scrub, there’s still a green/yellow tint. I didn’t want to ruin the shower any further. I debated writing a bad review, as it’s not really my thing. I assumed maybe I missed the ‘dyed for color’ comment in the listing. I finally decided to check, and not only does it NOT mention the dye, but the suggested use is for showers and bathrooms, albeit being 100% natural. So here I am.I will absolutely advocate for the beauty and fullness.. if you’re using them for decoration, these would be awesome. However, if you’re intended use is within the realm of their natural benefits, please don’t buy these and try and buy local.

  4. Lauren

    Smells good!
    This eucalyptus smelled good right out of the box. I can even smell it just standing in my bathroom, I don’t have to be in the shower. It is a faint smell, but you can smell it. You do have to fluff it out when you first take it out of the box. To get a look like the main photo you need at least 20 stems, maybe more. I ordered 10 and it’s not full enough looking so I’m ordering another 10.

  5. alisa

    Smells nice
    Smells nice upon arrival however, once hung in the shower you don’t smell anything at all. And also mine came with long pieces of black hair strands in it. Not sure what that’s about. It does looks pretty but overall I wouldn’t recommend this to friends or family nor would I purchase it again.

  6. B

    Listen to the reviewers who give low ratings people
    Regarding my headline I listened but still made the foolish purchase. These are worthless. As a business you should listen to the complaints of smashed leaves and zero scent from customers. Maybe you are only looking for one-time customers like me now. One who will leave a scathing review because they are smashed and have zero scent and are worthless What is the reason for purchasing these? Is it for the green color? No, it’s the scent and the looks. I could have cut some celery and stuck it in a vase and been happier. Would at least have some scent.Wow this company rates at the top of the list for 2024 as THE worst distributor of a product that doesn’t meet what it is intended to do. Something I guess they are proud of. Like in my case you are hedging your bet that people won’t return them so its a win – win for you. I got the satisfaction of running them through my paper shredder for potpourri and even after that i could barely smell anything.If this review stops a few people from making my mistake well then I win.Update. I will say that their customer service deserves the 5 stars. They stepped up and took responsibility for my complaint. It’s responses like that that the customer remembers long after the product is gone. Thank you.

  7. Amontes

    Doesn’t have any smell
    Unfortunately I ordered these based on some previous reviews. When they came, I did smell them at first and I even spritz them a little bit with water to hope I can get the scent to come alive. I put a couple in the showers like others have done and these just don’t really have any scent. I’ve ordered from other places and you can smell the eucalyptus as soon as you walk in my door. These are just like that I’ve given it at least 30 days hoping that the moisture in the bathrooms would bring out the scent. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this product.

  8. Tammy Carney

    Eucalyptus Shower Hanging
    I bought this for my shower because I’ve always wanted one and it’s perfect. It just makes your bathroom look like a spa. I can even smell the eucalyptus all the way to my bed. Would most definitely purchase again.

  9. M. Mata

    Las hojas venían un poco aplastadas, pero el aroma es muy intenso. Las puse en agua unas horas y la hidratación les dio muy buen aspecto.

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