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12 Pack Kitchen Towels, Quick Dry Washcloths, Coral Velvet Dishcloths, Multipurpose Reusable Cloths, Soft Tea Absorbent Cleaning Cloths, Double Sided Lint Free Microfiber Cloths.

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Description of towels:
Material:Coral velvet
Size:10.3×6.3 inches
Wrap:Pack of 12 kitchen towels

Versatile for a wide range of use:SAOYOAS towels are deliberately designed to provide you with the best household solution.

These kitchen towels are super soft and fluffy enough and can withstand any home job, never scratching your fine silverware, dishes, pots, pans or your car.
Each dish towel provides optimal coverage, absorbency and versatility. Use it in your kitchen or on any floor surface to pamper yourself with these high quality towels.
Dry the lightest glasses, delicate dishes or even the worst spills, using these towels to get relief in no time.
These 12 premium dish towels are highly absorbent and will remain soft and shrink-free after multiple washes and drying cycles. They are perfect for drying, cleaning, scrubbing or any other household task. Reduce your paper towel expenses and reduce your carbon footprint.

Lifetime warranty:SAOYOAS offers a lifetime warranty on our products. If there is a problem with our products, please contact us and we will offer you a satisfactory solution.
[Reduce Your Costs] Reusable wipes reduce your use of lots of paper towels. 12 cleaning towels for a little money that you can use for 1 month, 2 months or more……
[Fits Your Hands] Coral Velvet dishcloths are super absorbent, absorb water very quickly, dry very quickly, will not mold, use less soap or cleaning solution, and the 10.3 x 6.3 inch cleaning cloths are perfect for your hands.
[ULTRA ABSORBENT AND DRY QUICKLY, EASY TO CLEAN] Absorbent kitchen towels are made of high quality coral velvet, thick, soft and non-stick, lightweight, strong water absorption and dry quickly. Classic dish towels can quickly and effectively absorb liquids, wipe oil stains, and have strong decontamination capabilities.
[NO SCRATCHES OR LINTS LEFT] These dishcloth cleaning cloths are ideal for wiping the surface of glass or mirrors. Perfect for washing/drying dishes, household cleaning, dusting, polishing and more.
[MULTIPURPOSE] Due to their softness and high absorbency, these microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for dust rags, drying hands, wiping stains, cleaning windows and cars, as well as cheese strainers , salad spinners, a wide variety of household chores.

Customers say

Customers like the color, stain resistance, absorbency, value, and softness of the towel. They mention that it’s cute, nice in appearance, and perfect to wash dishes with. They appreciate the great absorbency and value for money. Some are happy with quality, and durability. However, some dislike the size.

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13 reviews for 12 Pack Kitchen Towels, Quick Dry Washcloths, Coral Velvet Dishcloths, Multipurpose Reusable Cloths, Soft Tea Absorbent Cleaning Cloths, Double Sided Lint Free Microfiber Cloths.

  1. Jasmine Borden

    Great as a paper towel alternative
    I just got these today but holy smokes these are amazing! I’ve never left a review after only less than 24 hours of use before, but these are so worth the buy.A few things to note:These are not full size dish towels. I’m not sure why people are surprised by this because there are photos of the actual size in the listing. If you scroll through all of the pictures in the advertisement you will see how small they are. They’re roughly the size of a disposable paper towel.That being said, I bought them as an alternative to disposable paper towels. We go through them so quickly in our home and are on a tight budget. With the price of everything going up lately, it feels like we are just throwing our money directly into the garbage can. We mainly use paper towels for spills and to wipe off our toddler after eating. That’s what I mainly bought these for.Today I used them to wipe up spills. They absorbed everything each time- water on the counter, water on the floor, and chicken stock on the stove. They didn’t drip when they were full. I even soaked one with water, added some soap, and used it to clean off our granite countertops and they worked so so well for that. Then I used a dry one to dry them off. I also used them to clean my hands while I was cooking (it was a full 7 hours of cooking) and they did a very good job there too.These are all around great, soft, absorbent towels that are perfect as a paper towel alternative, for wiping down counters and sinks (I even used it on a couple dishes and liked them for that as well- I never thought I’d like a cloth for dishes after using my scrub sponges), and for wiping off your hands (or your kids’).After using these today I ordered a second pack.

  2. Barbara

    Love these.
    I was looking to replace a similar item that I’ve had for years. I wash my dishes by hand and these are terrific. I love the size because they make it easy to wash inside glasses and surfaces without too much cloth. I needed to touch up my carpet and these were great for that as well. Very soft and absorbent.

  3. Glo

    Very soft and easy to use Very small compared to what I normally use but works well

  4. BabyB

    Great buy
    Best utility rag I’ve ever had. Durable, cleans well, absorption is great ans washes very well.

  5. Placeholder

    I really like them …but
    I really like them but they are small ..they wipe up very nice and rise and dry quickly ..vs the norm dish towel which leaves streaks and get stinky and Do not dry quickly..as these do….Going to break out my hand held sewing machine and 2 would be the perfect size.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy, but soft
    Awesome cloths! I just love these and they are exactly what I was looking for. Plus the price is incredible! Don’t hesitate to buy these. You won’t be sorry!

  7. CallMeMsDragon

    I thought they were bigger
    Let me start off by saying that these can’t be classified as towels at all. they are too small for that. Child these things are more like a washcloth in size. But they are absorbent for drying off dishes and I only used one so far. So that is saying something for that little thing. However, needless to say I was quite disappointed when I opened the big box and saw that little old pack of what equated to washcloths and the label read towels. My father had the nerve to crack a joke and say where the rest of the towels at did they cut them off and are they shipping it to you because they forgot to put it in that big old box? Now don’t add insult to injury here I was in a position where I couldn’t send the (I’m calling them what they are) washcloths back as I needed them for my kitchen. I had to make do with them since they came. I went to praying Lord please let these washcloths work out because I have no time to return them. Now won’t the Lord answer your prayers right on time, yes, he will. I went in the kitchen and was washing my dishes and came time to dry them I opened that pack up of those washcloths took one out and use it. Don’t you know that thing dried my dishes up and I put those dishes away. I’m now on my third dish washing and still using the same cloth for drying. The rest of the pack is in the drawer. I even hand washed the cloth and hung it up to dry. My suggestion is if you need a bigger size that’s an actual towel then find something else but if you are looking for one to wash your dishes this is a great one as the size is amazing for it.

  8. Nina Carol

    Cute but small
    Cute, well made but small

  9. Sandy H.

    Bought these as a new baby add on gift, turns out they are wonderful. I bought 4 packages. Handy in the kitchen and fresh and pretty looking.

  10. Lupita Perez

    Excelentes para limpieza, un poco chicas pero cumplen bien su función

  11. Bill Friesen

    Love the softness and absorption. Washes well and very durable. Highly recommend

  12. Cliente de Amazon

    Son bonitas y funcionan bien, solamente fíjense en el tamaño que está indicado porque a mucha gente le parecerán pequeñas.A mí me gustan.

  13. Mary Rose

    It’s just too small.

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