13 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Large Kitchen Trash Bags, White Scent, Lavender and Sweet Vanilla, 80 Bags


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Trust heavy-duty 13-gallon trash bags to keep your kitchen waste contained, from can to curb. With Triple Action Technology, these heavy-duty 13 gallon trash bags resist punctures, leaks and tears, providing the highest protection available in flexible trash bags. This expandable strength means you don’t have to worry about unexpected bag breakage and annoying messes when using these large trash bags. Don’t be afraid to use these kitchen trash bags for tougher jobs, such as garage, basement, and construction cleanup. An unbreakable drawstring allows the bag to be easily closed and transported without incident. As an added bonus, these scented trash bags include patented Arm and Hammer odor neutralizer and sweet lavender and vanilla scent to keep unpleasant odors away. All Hefty trash bags are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. *The ARM & HAMMER trademark is owned by Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and used under license by Reynolds Consumer products LLC.
13 Gallon Trash Bags — This package contains 80 heavy duty 13 gallon trash bags in white, lavender and sweet vanilla scents.
STRENGTH YOU CAN TRUST: Hefty’s strongest large kitchen trash bags offer strength you can trust with a secure, unbreakable drawstring and superior durability.
Arm & Hammer Odor Neutralizer: Patented odor neutralizer with lavender and sweet vanilla scent harnesses the power of Arm and Hammer to fight bad odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.
Triple Action Technology: These large kitchen trash bags stretch and expand to accommodate oversized loads without punctures, leaks or tears.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee — We want you to be happy with your 13 Gallon Large Trash Bags; If you have any problems, please contact us via the helpline number on the back of the package so we can help you

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Customers like the value, capacity and performance of the waste bag. For example, they mention it’s a great value, holds a lot of trash and is functional. Some like the smell. That said, opinions are mixed on fit and elasticity.

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12 reviews for 13 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Large Kitchen Trash Bags, White Scent, Lavender and Sweet Vanilla, 80 Bags

  1. Andrea

    Great trash bags
    I have been using tall white trash bags for quite some time now, and I must say, they have been an absolute lifesaver. These trash bags not only do their job efficiently but also exhibit remarkable strength and durability, making them a reliable choice for any household.One of the standout features of these trash bags is their exceptional resistance. I have never encountered any issues with them breaking or tearing, even when filled to the brim with various types of waste. Whether it’s sharp edges, heavy items, or wet garbage, these bags hold up exceptionally well. I can confidently say that they have never let me down, no matter the type or weight of the trash.The durability of these tall white trash bags is truly impressive. I have used other brands in the past that would often disappoint by tearing apart or leaking, causing a mess and inconvenience. However, these bags have proven to be a cut above the rest. They are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, providing peace of mind knowing that my garbage will stay contained and secure until disposal.Apart from their durability, these trash bags are also incredibly convenient to use. The tall size allows for ample space to accommodate a significant amount of waste, reducing the frequency of bag changes. This not only saves time but also minimizes the number of bags used, resulting in less waste overall. The ease of tie closure ensures a tight seal, preventing any unwanted odors from escaping and keeping our living space clean and fresh.Furthermore, the white color of these trash bags adds a touch of cleanliness and neatness to our surroundings. It gives a sense of organization and order, making the trash area look tidy and well-maintained. Additionally, the white color makes it easier to identify any potential leaks or spills, allowing for prompt action and preventing any further mess.I appreciate that these tall white trash bags come in a generous quantity, providing great value for the price. With a consistent performance and longevity, I find myself not needing to purchase them as frequently as other brands. This not only saves money in the long run but also reduces the environmental footprint associated with excessive waste generation.In conclusion, the tall white trash bags have proven to be a reliable and durable solution for my household’s waste management needs. Their resistance to tearing, overall durability, and convenient features make them a standout choice. I highly recommend these bags to anyone seeking a hassle-free and efficient way to handle their trash. With these bags, you can trust that your garbage will be contained and managed effectively, without any issues or unexpected surprises.

  2. Freya Loki Fynn

     Y’all I know what it’s like to have a full trash bag of kitchen garbage and it tears or rips while you’re taking it out of the trash can & it spills all over your floors…or even worser it breaks on the way out to the street trash can and breaks spilling everything onto your driveway or grass and you have to pick it back up! 😡 I also know that the price of everything has gone up and spending more $$ for quality trash bags just isn’t in the budget; it SEEMS cheaper to just go buy those Dollar Store bags that are actually more than a dollar now! But in those your only getting 5-7 bags for a little over a dollar and I know desperate times but those are just looking like they’re a bargain! They’re really not! For an example say you buy a box of 5 kitchen trash bags at $1.25…that comes to 25 cents per bag…a box of 7 bags about 18 cents per bag…and then they won’t hold a lot and of course they rip, tear and just make another mess for you to clean up. BUT now hear me out…IF you put in the price for these HEFTY brand bags you will see that for 110 bags they average 18 – 21 cents per bag depending on the price as of today they’re $23.83 for regular purchase and $20.26 on Subscribe & Save! Now if you were to buy enough of those Dollar Store bags to make 110 trash bags at let’s say $1.25 per box you would have to buy 22 boxes of 5 trash bags each that would cost you $27.50 or 25 cents a piece for trash bags that are thin as tissue paper!These Hefty trash bags are TOUGH!They will hold A LOT of kitchen garbage, they don’t tear (now unless you just put very sharp objects in them but it has to be something VERY sharp) but I have put broken glass, cat food cans & lids, canned food cans & lids just most of whatever kitchen trash includes food scraps, empty milk & egg cartons, food scraps, used cooking oil, and these bags hold it with No leaks no breaks no spills and they are stretchy! When you think they’re full inside your trash can when you take them out you can press down on the trash inside and you will see that you have room for more trash maybe leftovers from your fridge or whatever! And these are Odor Control they have just a very light scent not overpowering at all! They are also available in unscented if you prefer. But why pay more for cheap dollar store bags that break & don’t hold up but trick you into thinking that they’re the BEST buy just because they’re a little over a dollar? You actually in the long run end up paying MORE for the cheaply made thin trash bags than you do for these HEFTY bags! And 110 bags will last you considerably longer than those boxes of 5-7 trash bags will! Again I know times are hard right now and we’re all doing the best we can to just get by with the basics and yes I know spending $20-$23 for trash bags seems really expensive but just look at the numbers and see that you’re getting way more trash bags for your money! And these are high quality trash bags on top of the price! They will last you a long time! And they won’t let you down or leave you having to pick up trash off your floors or even worse picking up trash off your driveway or curb with all the neighbors watching & thinking “Yep they didn’t buy the good trash bags!”Please don’t let this happen to you anymore! I get it I truly get it…why spend a lot of money on trash bags because I’m just throwing it away? I used to think the same way exactly… but I just got so tired of having to pick up the trash all over again because of the cheap tissue paper thin bags that I thought were a bargain while the makers of those cheap bags are laughing all the way to the bank! Now you know they don’t use those cheap bags either! So IF you can I highly highly recommend these HEFTY kitchen trash bags…I have no doubt that you will be amazed at the world of difference they will make for you! These are really strong sturdy stretchy trash bags and they’re DRAWSTRING and they’re just amazing!!! I hope that you try them and see the difference!Y’all have a blessed day!

  3. Lyla Mae

    Great bags! They just don’t fit my trash can…
    I ended up buying these Hefty Kitchen Trash Bags because they were a great price. I just didn’t realize that they were tall, so they don’t fit my kitchen trash bin, unfortunately.The bags are great! They are durable/strong and didn’t break for me, fit a lot of trash and have a good stretch to them, functional drawstring, smell so good, and are a good price. Again, unfortunately, they just don’t fit my bin so if you have a small trash can, just be aware they might not fit well. Overall, I would recommend.Hope this helps!

  4. Cara

    A must have dual box! 👍🏼⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I’m happy I found these! Extremely quick shipping & excellent shipping/product packaging. Great price for 80 bags! 👏🏼 Items sizes, colors, & durability as described. They smell great! They are easy to install, thick, sturdy, no leaks or holes, it’s portable, & doesn’t take up space under my Kitchen Sink. I love this dual box, it’s perfect. Hefty has always been my favorite choice for Trash bags.

  5. Julie Diaz

    Best trash bags!
    I’ve been buying these bags for years and won’t ever change. Not only is it a great value compared to other brands when it comes to cost but they are great quality. They smell good and hold in smells from the trash. It’s the perfect size for regular kitchen trash bins and the elasticity and drawstring are made perfectly. They don’t break on my or stretch out because of being full so I will continue to buy this brand!

  6. lisa

    Love the smell: BUT…..the bags are super easy to tear!
    I mean when I said these smell amazing! My reason for 3 stars is because the sacks rip sooooo easy!! (I’m not even stuffing it). These are NOT HEFTY strong, these are more like a super super thin sack that js EASILY ripped).

  7. bluedancer

    Strong and Smell Good!
    Nice size boxing, large enough to last for a while, but not as big as what Costco makes you buy. This is appropriate for apartment living. These are strong trash bags and have a light pleasing odor.

  8. Atsirk

    Love these bags. They have a nixe and not over powering scent.

  9. Cadinimx

    Muy buen producto

  10. MarMar

    Dejaron de vender en Costco México unas bolsas buenisimas y probé estas desde entonces y me encantan. No hay derrames, aguantan bien el peso y el mejor plus es el aroma.

  11. Carmen Collado

    Las bolsas son muy resistentes

  12. Gerardo


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