16 Pcs/Lightweight Duvet Cover Snaps Fasteners Comforter Holder Clips Keep The Corner Safe in Place (White)


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Have you ever had to sleep with a duvet cover that has the duvet scrunched up down the bottom,or maybe a duvet with the cover only half on?
If so, this lightweight duvet cover snaps can help you to keep comforter inside duvet.
Duvet snaps fasten your duvet to your covers making it easier to make the bed and maintain your beds integrity.
Duvet clips are ironed on to the corner of your duvet and the inside corners of your covers,each fasteners has a snaps on,the for the duvets a blue snaps and the for the covers has a white snaps.
Just iron these small fabric circles on to the corners of your bedding and the covers turned back the correct, way round snap the comforter to the cover,now your duvet is securely held in the top corners of your covers.
Once together, the duvets clips can barely be noticed on the inside of the covers,however their impact is immediately felt,when you need to change your covers, simply hold a duvets fasteners in each hand, and pull away from one another.
No more messy duvet;bedding that solves the problem of bunchi!
Note: do not clean at high temperatures.
New and old packaging are sent randomly.

65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton
Secure your duvet to your cover, eliminates your comforter from bunching up or shifting inside your duvet,duvet clips helps making beds easier, holds corners in place while shaking duvet inside cover.
Easy iron on,use an iron with ironing board for a few minutes to complete,fits duvets of all thicknesses.
Product material:white stretch fabric(65% polyester/35% cotton) and small snap(pom plastic),metal free does not rust,makes it so much easier for your to get the duvet cover on after washing it.
1 Set to use with 2 duvet and 2 cover,comes with 8 comforter snaps and 8 cover snaps(one in each corner),compact size it’s hard to feel its existence,not bulky or hard like other corner clips.
No more scrunched up duvet at the bottom of the cover,plus it lays flatter on the bed and the duvet doesn’t drift away from the cover in the night!

Customers say

Customers like the ease of use, performance, and velcro of the bed and bath product. For example, they mention the directions are clear, the snaps and fasteners iron on easily, and the duvet stays in place. That said, opinions are mixed on quality.

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13 reviews for 16 Pcs/Lightweight Duvet Cover Snaps Fasteners Comforter Holder Clips Keep The Corner Safe in Place (White)

  1. SMG

    Easy to use!
    These are easy to “install” and worked perfectly for our duvet & duvet cover. The duvet doesn’t slide around inside and get bunched up anymore.They’ve even held up great after washing, really impressed with the quality given they were so inexpensive.

  2. tmc

    Excellent product; be sure there is available stock if you want to receive it using Prime.
    This is an excellent product and works just as it’s supposed to. The fasteners iron on easily to both the comforter and the duvet cover—just take care that you are placing the fasteners on the underside of both comforter and cover (which can be confusing since the duvet cover will be turned inside out when you’re ironing). Another tip: place the pointy end of the heart-shape into the corners and at the edges of both the comforter and the duvet covers as this will help ensure that everything lines up. The fasteners really keep the comforter nicely placed inside the duvet cover. My duvet cover did not have internal ties and it has always been a pain keeping the comforter from shifting around and bunching up inside the cover; these fasteners took care of that problem completely and I’m extremely pleased with them! One important caveat when making this purchase: if you plan to buy this item on Prime, be sure that there is available merchandise in stock at the time that you purchase it. Otherwise the seller will divert the order directly to the manufacturer overseas (China) and it will take weeks (as in 4 to 6 weeks!) to arrive, even if the seller receives more stock stateside in the interim. I ran into this exact problem the second time I ordered this item. The first time I ordered, I received the package within the two-day Prime window. Since I liked the product so much, I ordered a second package using the ‘Buy Again’ option on my order list. Though this second order came through the same vendor and was advertised as Prime, it has been over 4 weeks and the ETA through tracking is not for another two weeks. Amazon ended up sending out another package (which did arrive promptly) and I will have to return the delayed package for refund once it (finally) arrives.

  3. Flavia Tanaka

    It kind of works
    It’s easy to apply and they do keep the duvet and cover together for a while, takes some time to place the parts in the correct position though, but the thing is they keep separating, so it didn’t really kept the cover and duvet aligned properly, which was what I got them for. So I wouldn’t buy again, or recommend this to anyone.

  4. amy

    Works great
    I wish I would have taken a little more time on placement

  5. Katelyn Ray

    Great snaps
    I feel like these would have been great if I had ironed them onto the right side of my duvet! I realized my mistake too late!! It’s a tragedy, because once ironed on, they do not come off! I also feel like it would have been difficult to make sure they line up properly to snap together without any bunching of the duvet.

  6. Sunshine

    Lasted 3 nights before breaking.
    Difficult to apply- have to go over it with the iron several times to get it to stick. Even when I got it to stick- it bunched up around the snap. Finally got all of them on and 2 of them have now unstuck from my duvet cover leaving it once again saggy. Do not recommend

  7. stephanie

    Easy to apply
    Very impressed at how well this stuck to the fabric once they were ironed on.

  8. Judyroolala

    Does What It’s Supposed To Do
    I’ve always had trouble keeping my duvet in place, even with the loops and the strings the duvet and cover come with. After looking around and reading the reviews I decided to go with this system. After almost a month of use I am happy with how this system has held up. Considering that I had a king size duvet and cover, it took a bit of maneuvering to try to get things properly aligned and placed – but really, any system would take the same amount of effort. The snaps and fasteners ironed on easily and has held onto place. No ugly things poking out of the cover, no sewing involved, and it’s really pretty intuitive to apply. Over all am pretty happy with this purchase and will definitely purchase a couple more sets for my other covers and for my children’s duvets.

  9. Amazon Kunde

    Habe die Herzen aufgebügelt in Kombination mit dem Prym Flickpulver, das ich immer Zuhause habe und die Bettdeckenhalter Clips halten schon seit mehreren Wäschen tadellos… Finde die Bettdeckenhalter Clips sehr praktisch. Weis aber nicht, ob sie gehalten hätten ohne das Prym Flickenpulver.

  10. Anon

    I bought these for my sons bedsheets. He would only pull the sheet and not the sheet and duvet, which he always seems to get tangled in at night. Saw these on tiktok or Instagram somewhere and thought genius…. And my impulse purchase did not disappoint.Was so easy to iron on, I couldn’t be bothered to get my iron out so used my hair straighteners instead and it worked an absolute charm. His bedsheets look great every night they’re still in tact and my child is neither tangled nor cold.Bit pricey but you can’t put a price on quality sleep.

  11. marie p.

    Pour fermer divers tissus

  12. NN. Vancity

    I previously purchased the clips and they never held my duvet in so I decided to order these and I’m happy I did. My duvet stays perfectly together with the cover and it’s easy to snap on and off for washing. I also like the fact that I don’t notice these. I was scared at first because my duvet was really expensive and I didn’t want to ruin it but I’m super happy that I got these and they work like a charm

  13. Delfinata


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