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90L Large Storage Bags, 6 Pack Clothes Storage Bins Foldable Closet Organizers Storage Containers with Reinforced Handle for Clothing, Blanket, Comforters, Bed Sheets, Pillows and Toys (Gray)

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Budding Joy

Storage Make Life Easier


Budding Joy is dedicated to offer home storage & household solutions, which makes your life easier and healthier.

Storage: Every storage bag is designed for your home organization.

Hooks: Robe and towel hooks make your stuffs in their place.

Health & Household: Shower handle is very necessary to advoid slipping and falling.

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Budding JoyBudding Joy

👍【Large Capacity】Each storage bag measures 23 x 16 x 13in (60 x 42 x 36 cm). The clothes organizer capacity is 90L which is designed for travel essentials. It is spacious for your bed sheets, comforters, blankets, pillows, toys, jackets or other clothes.
👍【Soft Material and Reinforced Handle】The storage bag fabric is soft and strong. The handle is sewn with two layers of thick fabric, and the load-bearing capacity is doubled. Reinforced seams are also implemented for added strength, which are hard to be broken, and can be used for a longer period of time.
👍【Portable & Zipper Closure】 2 Strong zippers closure, and allow it to easily slide along the closure when in use. And two-way zippers allow it to easily slide along the closure when in use, regardless of how full the bag is. See-through window in the front for quick viewing what are stored inside the container.
👍【Upgraded Material】 The storage organizer is made of high-quality, odorless, three-ply composite non-woven fabric which promotes ventilation and protects your stored things.
👍【Multifunctional & Foldable】 Foldable Clothing Organizer Bags, The storage bags set can be used for closet or under the bed. It is suitable for dormic, attic, basement and bedroom, or more. The beautiful design is also for room decor.

Customers say

Customers like the size, performance, portability, appearance, and visibility of the storage bag. For example, they mention it’s sturdy, takes up less room, works well with lighter stuff, and is easy to carry. That said, opinions are mixed on the zipper, value, and quality.

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13 reviews for 90L Large Storage Bags, 6 Pack Clothes Storage Bins Foldable Closet Organizers Storage Containers with Reinforced Handle for Clothing, Blanket, Comforters, Bed Sheets, Pillows and Toys (Gray)

  1. Dallas Electronics Fan

    Look no further. Five for less than $20.00. Large enough for an overstuffed 90″ x 90″ comforter.
    For the price, I didn’t have high expectations. Given that I need them only for indoor storage of blankets and clothing, it seemed like a reasonable gamble. I wasn’t disappointed. At about $4.00 each, they exceeded my expectations. Great for moth and dust proofing clothing and blankets.Note that the material is not rigid, will not stand on it’s own. They’re thin-walled zipper bags. Probably obvious to most but given the advertising showing them free-standing, the smooth sides and perfect form, some may think otherwise. In my case, a good thing. Compressible to fit in a wider range of storage areas, under beds, in cabinets, etc.They’re not stackable like plastic containers but if packed evenly can be stacked 2-3 high. I knew this going in so no problem.Large enough for an overstuffed comforter measuring about 90″ x 90″. You’ll need to fold it tightly vs stuffing but very do-able. I also managed to fold and fit a round and springy 48″ x 4″ dog bed.The plastic window is a welcome feature. This makes for a quick ID of the contents. Time and frustration saving.You’ll need to be careful about over-stressing the zippers. They aren’t YKK quality but better than I expected at this price point. Handled and used carefully, they should last for years.The containers aren’t air tight so best not to store in a damp or musty environment. If a basement is the only option, I suppose you could use plastic contractor-grade debris bag to over-wrap and seal.These aren’t duffels and won’t stand up to that kind of handling. Not for long anyway. Given their intended use and price point, expected.Unconditionally recommended *at this price point*. Great value. Note that after purchasing, I noticed that they put these on sale in 6 packs for $19.48 dropping the price to about $3.25 each. I bought the 6 pack as well which will be used for pillows and some additional blankets. Definitely look around for best value.Happy customer..

  2. Ladyj

    Large storage containers
    Got to love these storage containers. 6 healthy containers. They are excellent and not flimsy at all. The are packaged so well from the shipper. Individual wrap and so beautiful just as described. I Ordered two sets and I will order one more so my closest looks organized. Zipper very nice. Easy to pack all my bedding covers in and wide enough that not balled up. I am truly impressed by size, sturdiness of each bag and handle are awesome and easy to handle. My containers are everything I hoped for and pricing is certainly well worth it. I’m one happy customer and will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

  3. Brenda

    Very large bags
    These storage bags are very large and are perfect for bedding, comforters, etc I am concerned about the zipper which doesn’t seem very sturdy and splits apart every time I open it. I was able to zip it back together, but time will tell if it holds up. I would like to find a similar bag that was 1/3 the size and suitable for storing sweaters and smaller things

  4. Eric L Kingsbury

    You get what you pay for I guess.
    They serve it’s purpose. Just the zipper and material of bag is not good quality it feels like it is easily ripped or torn apart if it gets snagged or anything to much.and material is cheap. Now besides that it works fine and they are nice size to store items inside.

  5. Rachel E. Battaglia

    Mediocre solution
    These are a mediocre storage solution. They do not hold their shape, so the items inside do not stay folded very well. It is also difficult to load items in here at first because the cubes come folded and initially don’t want to take on the cube shape. I over packed the first cube and the zipper immediately broke off. That was probably my fault, but shows that these are not designed to hold heavy or bulk items. You must also move these by holding both handles or else the cubes just sort of roll and tumble, thereby shuffling the contents inside. If you neatly stack your items inside, just so, the cubes do look nice and organized, so it makes your closets and space look better and appear more tidy. Having the option to transport clothes and laundry or blankets in the cubes with the handles is easier than one by one, so it was helpful to have these. Just don’t over load them or expect them to keep your items perfectly organized and folded inside.

  6. MorwensCat

    Attractive Storage Bags
    These storage bags are just that – bags. There are no firm, cardboard type inserts to help retain shape. These are just as they are billed – storage bags – which is exactly what I was looking for. I have some clear storage bags but I wanted something more attractive. These are perfect. Soft side all around, attractive color on ends, clear front so you can see what is in them, zippered top, and a bonus of handles on each end so you can move them easily. They worked perfect for extra pillow storage, out of season sweaters, etc.

  7. Mr. Mike

    A surprising good storage product with a nice window to see what is in side.
    I am using this product for storing blankets and other bedding materials as they take up a lot of space. These worked well, had good strength and the window is large to see what is inside. Two handles made them easy to move around, Since I am downsizing my home these will be helpful for longer term storage and access.I may buy another set for other items that I will be storing in my garage.

  8. Rebecca Addington

    Easy way to organize
    These are great for organization! They fit a lot of items, such as clothing and bedding. Was really impressed by how much they fit, as well as how easy they were to use!

  9. Pipinsky

    Ideal for packing out of season clothes and linen.The handles would probably not resist long on a fully packed bag to carry around.But works really well for storage.

  10. wendy roberts

    These are so much bigger than expected. The material is a bit thin and the zipper isnt the grestest quality. They hold an entire summer wardrobe in one bag!

  11. María Guadalupe Sánchez y Rojas

    Resistentes se ven bien, protegen del polvo y muy útiles para tener todo organizado

  12. Dirceu e josi

    Achei q era mas firme , a estética está tudo lindo

  13. JJknows

    Perfect bags for storage great space very sturdy and comes with heavy duty zips and appearance is great fits well under bed and wardrobe this product comes with great sized handles which makes this product easy to carry on journeys. Highly recommend this product great value for money!

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