AIDEA Laundry Detergent Sheets, Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent, Wash Sheet Detergent, No Plastic Pitcher, Laundry Soap Sheets for Travel, Home Washing, Fresh Scent (160 Loads) 80 Sheets


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Heavy-Duty Cleaning Capabilities: AIDEA laundry sheets’ special formula contains powerful cleaners and stain removers that activate quickly during the washing process, quickly penetrating clothing fibers. Additionally, the low suds of laundry sheets makes them ideally suited for efficient washing and easy rinsing, eliminating the need for additional rinse cycles. More water efficient!
Gentle on sensitive skin: The special formula of AIDEA laundry sheets has been carefully developed to exclude common skin irritants (paraben-free). And are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Additionally, the low suds generated by the sheets during washing reduces skin exposure to detergent, reducing the risk of allergies.
No plastic pitcher: One of the significant advantages of AIDEA laundry detergent sheets over traditional liquids is the elimination of plastic pitcher packaging. This helps reduce plastic jug waste and helps preserve the environment.
Easy to Store and Carry: AIDEA laundry sheets are lightweight and small size require less space. It is easy to store and also convenient for portability. You can easily carry them to the laundromat, while traveling, or when visiting friends without adding much weight or taking up space.
No measuring and no mess: Traditional liquid laundry detergent can be messy and take up space. Dosing detergent, whether liquid or powder, can lead to spills. AIDEA laundry sheets are compact and lightweight, 1 sheet = 2 loads, no measuring and nothing to spill.

Customers say

Customers like the eco-friendly, quality, value, portability, scent and ease of use of the laundry detergent. They mention that it’s good for the environment, works great for laundry and that it saves them a lot of money. They are also happy with ease of storage, and ease to use.

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8 reviews for AIDEA Laundry Detergent Sheets, Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent, Wash Sheet Detergent, No Plastic Pitcher, Laundry Soap Sheets for Travel, Home Washing, Fresh Scent (160 Loads) 80 Sheets

  1. Janese Killebrew

    No waste, works perfectly in cold water wash.
    I’m blown away by how many plastic jugs I never have to buy again. It washes the same as my tide pods did in cold water. And it smells so fresh. Even the cardboard envelope it came in is recyclable / biodegradable. High quality & portability is so easy and convenient. Less clutter and no sticky spills ever again.Each sheet is hand sized. Easy perforated line, tears apart to drop the right amount inside for the load size. Cleaned well and load is soft & static electricity free.

  2. George

    Great product idea
    I am sold on these washer sheets. Compared to conventional liquid detergents, it beats them hands down. Does every bit the job of cleaning the clothes, no harsh scents or aromas, easier to use and less messy, and the amount of storage space needed in the cabinet is 1/10th of those giant jugs of detergent. Plus, the box is recyclable once the product is gone, unlike those giant plastic detergent jugs. Do I even need to get into cost? This is half the price or more of conventional detergent on a load for load basis. I can’t see ever going back.

  3. kathy ga

    Space saving, convenient, inexpensive product that actually works. There’s no plastic jugs to throw away either. Dissolves in wash.

  4. Pamela

    Compact, works, and environmentally correct
    I liked the unscented. It left my clothes clean smelling but not perfumed. I had a fairly large load, but not a huge load so I used a half sheet, plus a half of a half. I noticed that a good part of the 1/4 sheet ended up stuck to the front rubber seal on my front loader where it did not completely dissolve. This is something you want to be aware of with the front loader, do stick that sheet towards the back and under the clothing maybe so it doesn’t get stuck in the front and not dissolve, but I don’t think it is going to be a problem. My clothes did get clean. I have learned to use the controls on my front loader and set it for “heavily soiled” if I have stains or more dirt and it will run for longer and get things cleaner. It works. These detergent sheets are a great product for camping, van lifers, tiny housers and other off grid folks and any one that wants to do a favor for the environment. No spilled detergent and no big plastic bottles. Just make sure those sheets are placed where they can dissolve completely

  5. Amazon Customer

    Not as good as would like
    I wanted to like this product so much. The first couple times I used it, it was great but my washer spins a fee times to loosen the clothes and balance everything out. It doesn’t always stop right under the water spout. Sometimes when the load is done there’s still pieces of the product stuck to the side of the drum. Worked great the first couple times and does dissolve pretty quickly. I would only recommend if your washer fills first then spins, not like most newer machines. Not a product defect more of a machine defect. Smells great too.

  6. Kaitlynn Johnstone

    Friendly, safe and gentle
    I love these laundry sheets, simple to just throw in, kids can help with laundry, nice for sensitive skin as well, eco friendly, and I’ve even used them in water for mopping floors, a gentle scent that’s not overpowering. Bought them a handful of times and will continue to buy them!

  7. Barbarajfulton

    Pleasantly Surprised
    I must say, I was hesitant to buy this product. How could such a small amount of detergent possibly get my clothes clean? I have limited mobility and those big bulky bottles were getting to be a little much so I figured it was worth a shot. I first washed a regular size load and threw in 1 full sheet (1 full or2 halves). No spills or messy measuring. I was surprised that my clothes came out as clean as they did with the expensive name brand. I didn’t notice any scent, the clothes just seemed fresh and clean, which is fine with me. For smaller loads one sheet seems to do the trick. Everyone in my home is adult, so I don’t know how well this would work on children’s clothes, as they seem to get dirtier, but I would say give it a shot because this product really impressed me (not only by it’s cleaning power but also size and eco-friendly packaging). Storage is so easy and takes up much less space. Also, the box is divided into four smaller packages which makes it perfect for travel or even going to the laundromat. I will definitely buy this product again. I am even going to gift some to my relatives who struggle with those big bulky plastic bottles for size , storage or economic reasons.

  8. Emma

    Smells great
    It smells really good. Cleans just fine. My clothes are never really dirty though so I don’t know how well they’d work on super soiled clothing.

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