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Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids, Clear Pantry Canister Set for Kitchen Organization, Stackable Organizers for Food, BPA Free Plastic 14-Pack with Different Sizes Dark Gray

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Product Description

transparent materialtransparent material

different sizes fit your needsdifferent sizes fit your needs

for all kinds of dry goodsfor all kinds of dry goods

sealable tight locking systemsealable tight locking system

clear at a glanceclear at a glance

designed for long-term storagedesigned for long-term storage

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5 stars


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100% sealed

BPA Free Non-toixc Plastic

【Pantry & Kitchen Organization】Stackable food containers make it so easy to organize your kitchen countertop. Perfect for long term storage including dry food, flour, rice, cereal, baking supplies, spaghetti, pasta, nuts, sugar, oats, coffee, tea, snacks, pet food and other dry goods.
【4 Sizes Available】Our food storage organizer set comes with 4 different sizes: 2 Tall Container (3quart/2.8 liters), 4 Large Containers (2.1quart/2.0 liters), 4 Medium Containers (1.5quart/1.4 liters), 4 Small Containers (0.85quart/0.8 liters).
【Airtight Locking Lid】These canisters are designed with sealable and airtight lids in order to keep your food fresh. Not only are our containers anti-leaking and moisture-resistant, but their flip top feature also ensures easy opening.
【BPA Free Material】Made of BPA free and food-grade plastic, these storage containers are durable and reusable with a long lifetime. Qualified material makes the containers highly transparent and clear, easy to see through, and are DISHWASHER SAFE.
【Labels, Marker and Spoons】You will receive 16 reusable labels, 1 marker pen and 1 spoon set within the package. Simply write down content for easier organization; whenever you would like to change, just wipe clean with a damp cloth, peel, rewrite and re-stick.

Customers say

Customers like the size, value, freshness and seal of the food storage container. They mention that it’s good for the price, keeps food fresh and that the lids seal. They appreciate appearance, organization, and quality. That said, opinions are mixed on the lid.

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8 reviews for Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids, Clear Pantry Canister Set for Kitchen Organization, Stackable Organizers for Food, BPA Free Plastic 14-Pack with Different Sizes Dark Gray

  1. babbette

    Love these containers!
    These containers are perfect. Comes in 4 different sizes. Lids snap on tight, and all the lids are the very same size for each different sized container. No more searching for the right lid for each one! Great space savers for my small house pantry. I am getting ready to order another set. I definitely recommend!

  2. Betsy

    Airtight and sturdy
    Love love love these!! They are airtight and great quality I store all my pasta,breadings,pancake mix and cereal in these and it all stays very fresh!! The only thing I don’t like is the marker and stickers that come it,the marker wipes off if u touch it so that sucks and u have to be very careful when handling them

  3. Marilyn Cusson

    I love these containers. Perfect size, and great labels. I look forward to buying larger ones for chips, cookies, and pasta.

  4. Tim Parton

    Air tight
    I love the air tight containers. Great for organization.

  5. Bryan Olimpo

    Love the look of them.Packaged nice, but tight. Very hard to get them apart. Lids are a bit difficult to apply. I’m sure they’ll “break in” in time. My cereal and staples will be well preserved and look tidy ! Great buy.

  6. Embrace Life

    Great Product!
    I needed Containers for my Pantry and found these on Amazon. I absolutely love them! They snap closed easily, and seal very well. I’m about to need more of them, so I’ll definitely be purchasing another set!

  7. emily labella

    I absolutely love these!.
     These have to be one of my favorite things right now. We are cleaning and organizing our kitchen, and finding containers that are all different sizes that have the exact same lid is the best thing ever. I have 4 kids so keeping snacks on hand is a must, they are easy for my older kids to get into but my littlest kids can’t. The lids don’t pop off if they fall off the shelf, and they are stackable. Even stacked up they are sturdy so they don’t fall over.

  8. Mickeyprint

    Absolutely Air-tight & Non-Leaking
    I ordered these containers hoping that they would work as advertised and they really do! I filled several with water, placed the lids on and vigorously shook them upside down and sideways and not one drop of water came out or dripped down the sides. What’s really great is that this is truly 14 containers. Unlike most storage container sets that say 14 pieces but are counting the lids, so you really get seven, this set is 14 containers and 14 lids. I will definitely be ordering more of these as they are worth every dime of the price!

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