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Amazon Basics High Performance AAA Alkaline Batteries, 1.5V, 10 Year Shelf Life, 20 Count

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Amazon Basics 20-Pack High-Performance AAA Alkaline Batteries, 10-Year Shelf Life, Easy-Open Value Pack
IN THE BOX: 20-pack of 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries for reliable performance on a wide range of devices
COMPATIBLE DEVICE: Ideal for game controllers, toys, flashlights, digital cameras, clocks and more.
BUILT TO LAST: 10-year leak-free shelf life; store for emergency or use immediately
EASY USE AND STORAGE: Shipped in certified frustration-free packaging
SINGLE USE: These batteries are NOT rechargeable; For rechargeable options, see Amazon Basics Rechargeable Batteries
For frequent/professional/industrial use, check out Amazon Basics Industrial AAA Batteries.

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Customers like the performance and value of the battery. They mention that it works as well as top brands, is impressive, and is worth the money. That said, opinions are mixed on the quality.

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10 reviews for Amazon Basics High Performance AAA Alkaline Batteries, 1.5V, 10 Year Shelf Life, 20 Count

  1. Sheri

    On the clothesline
    I’ve been ordering these for years and they’ve been so durable and the prices great and then now I’m noticing the prices going skyrocketing and they’re just not lasting like they used to. It’s just a sad world we live in how everything is changing into junk. Not sure if I’ll be buying again or not. I might give it one more try and see if I can find something at a better price or lasting longer. Most likely I will switch.

  2. Zackary

    Good stuff!
    They don’t last as long as I thought they would. Though a toddler can run the batteries dead from any toy. Really came in handy in the long run. Worth the money.

  3. Nina G

    Great batteries!
    These are great batteries and great price. Performs very well and holds the charge for just as long as the higher priced batteries. I like they come in sealed packs of 5 and a smell box to keep the unused ones in.

  4. C

    7 brands, 1 test: results
    AmazonBasics batteries are quite good in terms of capacity — pretty much tied for the top spot compared to the other 6 brands I’ve tested, but other brands have the edge in capacity per dollar. When I computed value by dividing capacity by the cost per battery of the cheapest package size, they took a respectable third place, and they have the advantage of being a trusted name compared to the value leader. In the images I have attached a graph and a table summarizing my test results for the 7 types I’ve tested, but if you’d like to know more about how I test … on to the in-dept test & review.I’ve been on a bit of a quest to test all of the top-selling aaa batteries on Amazon in a repeatable, precise way. This means the same equipment, same environmental conditions, and same slots in the equipment will be used for each test. For each test, I fully discharge 3 batteries in my Opus BT-C2000 battery analyzer at rates of 100 ma, 200 ma, and 400 ma (discharge rate affects usable capacity). I have also performed this exact same test (same equipment, same conditions) on the ACDelco, Duracell Procell, Duracell Coppertop, Energizer MAX, Maxell, and Rayovac. I have linked the other brands I’ve reviewed at the end of this review if you’d like to take a look at the other results for comparison purposes. For the Amazon Basics batteries, the capacity at each discharge rate was:Disch Rt | Capacity | Runtime | Sample use case100 mA | 997 mAh | 10 hrs | Low-power LED flashlight200 mA | 914 mAh | 4.5 hrs | Electronic toy / medium LED flashlight400 mA | 623 mAh | 1.5 hrs | Motorized toy / bright LED flashlightNote that these (and all other Alkalines) would achieve somewhat higher capacity (maybe 1200 mAh) in a low discharge application like a mouse, keyboard, remote control, etc because alkaline batteries have internal resistance that reduces usable capacity at high discharge rates.The capacity of these batteries is among the best I’ve tested — take a look at the attached data table for comparative data. For the cost (~$0.31/ea in a 36 pack right now), these are a decent but beatable value — the power supplied per dollar spent is very good, but eclipsed by other currently available options.Comparison:These batteries do well capacity-wise, but value-wise are blown away by the currently cheapest energy/dollar battery that I’ve tested, the ACDelco aaa’s. Their capacity results were:Disch Rt | Capacity | Runtime100 mA | 1005 mAh | 10 hrs200 mA | 864 mAh | 4.3 hrs400 mA | 670 mAh | 1.7 hrsAs you can see, the Amazon batteries were very comperable … but, at the current time the AmazonBasics batteries are $0.31/ea (36 pack), while the ACDelco batteries are about $0.21/ea (48 pack) — so the ACDelco are significantly cheaper per mAh. I did not test shelf life, so it’s possible that these may hold up better sitting in a drawer. Although both the Amazon batteries and the ACDelco batteries are certainly made on contract by a third party, I do think that I trust Amazon a bit more to provide consistent batteries than ACDelco … although I haven’t had any trouble with my ACDelco batteries so far. It’s also worth noting that the Amazon batteries come in clearly superior packaging – while the ACDelco batteries come in a horrible gigantic plastic blister pack, the Amazon batteries come in a closable cardboard box. If you don’t go through a lot of batteries & organization of your battery drawer is important to you, that could push them into the all-around winner category despite the ~50% price premium.Finally, because another review specifically mentions the Rayovac AA’s as being ‘good’ in some usage scenarios, I thought I’d share my findings for the Rayovac AAA’s. In short, they’re garbage – the Amazon batteries are better in EVERY case. It’s possible that the Rayovac AA’s are much better than the AAA’s, but I think it’s more likely that the version of the Rayovacs tested by the website that he got his results from is different than the most popular Rayovac on Amazon (I source all of my batteries from Amazon). I ran the Rayovac test several times because I couldn’t believe how poorly they did … here are some typical Rayovac results:Disch Rt | Capacity | Runtime100 mA | 908 mAh | 9 hrs200 mA | 590 mAh | 2.9 hrs400 mA | 443 mAh | 1.1 hrsMy other battery tests/reviews:I have posted reviews for Duracell Coppertop, Duracell Procell and ACDelco aaa alkaline batteries with capacity data gathered using the exact same method and equipment. To find those reviews for comparison purposes, go to the product pages linked below and search for ‘mah’ under ‘all reviews’ (or just browse to them on my profile). If/when I do additional aaa tests/reviews in the future, I will update this list.

  5. intelIT Solutions

    Amazon Basics AAA Batteries: Reliable Power for Everyday Needs
    I recently purchased the Amazon Basics 100 Pack AAA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. These batteries have become a staple in my household, providing reliable power for all of my everyday electronic devices.One of the standout features of these batteries is their long-lasting performance. Whether I’m using them in remote controls, wireless keyboards, or small electronic gadgets, they consistently deliver a reliable and consistent power supply. I’ve found that they have a longer lifespan compared to other brands I’ve tried, which saves me both time and money in the long run.Another aspect that I appreciate about these batteries is their compatibility with a wide range of devices. They fit perfectly into all of my AAA-powered devices, and I’ve never experienced any issues with compatibility or fitment.In terms of value, the Amazon Basics 100 Pack offers incredible bang for your buck. With a generous quantity of batteries included in each pack, I can always have plenty on hand for whenever I need them. Plus, the cost per battery is significantly lower compared to other brands, making them a cost-effective option for powering all of my devices.Overall, I highly recommend the Amazon Basics 100 Pack AAA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries to anyone in need of reliable power for their everyday electronic devices. With their long-lasting performance, wide compatibility, and excellent value, they’ve become my go-to choice for all of my battery needs.

  6. James B.

    I rarely need batteries as I really like using rechargeables, but I needed more AAA than usual lately and quick ordered these.They’re pretty handy to have around and I really thought I would use them all, but their literally in all my small devices now.

  7. Frank Columbo

    Longévité : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)Ces piles sont de véritables marathoniennes ! Elles alimentent mes appareils pendant des mois sans faiblir. Que ce soit pour ma télécommande, ma souris sans fil ou mes jouets d’enfants, elles tiennent la distance avec une énergie constante. J’ai même été surpris de leur durée de vie dans des appareils plus gourmands comme mon appareil photo numérique.Contrôle à distance : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)Grâce à ces piles, je n’ai plus à m’inquiéter de changer les piles de mes télécommandes tous les quatre matins. Elles assurent un fonctionnement impeccable, même à distance. Plus besoin de me lever pour changer de chaîne ou régler le volume, elles répondent au doigt et à l’œil !Rapport qualité-prix : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)Le rapport qualité-prix de ces piles est tout simplement imbattable. Pour un prix très raisonnable, vous obtenez un lot de 12 piles de qualité, offrant une excellente performance et une longue durée de vie. C’est un investissement intelligent pour tous ceux qui utilisent régulièrement des piles AAA.En conclusion, les piles Amazon Basics AAA sont une véritable aubaine pour tous ceux qui recherchent des piles fiables, performantes et abordables. Leur longévité, leur efficacité pour les appareils à contrôle à distance et leur excellent rapport qualité-prix en font un choix incontournable.Foncez, vous ne serez pas déçu !

  8. Bruno

    Prix intéressant pour des AAA de bonne qualité. Le prix est défressif en fonction du nombre, normal mais conséquent.Les précédentes ont fait leur job, pas de raison que celles-ci ne donnent pas entière satisfaction également.Bon achat donc.

  9. ulni

    Har ej testat dom.jar lagt undan dom ifall krisen kommer .nöd batterier.Jag ser inget läckage på batterierna

  10. alfred blum


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