Bali Comfort Revolution Wireless Bra for Women, Full Coverage Wireless Bra, Cool Comfort Fabric


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Bali Comfort Revolution Wireless Bra for Women, Full Coverage Wireless Bra, Cool Comfortable Fabric
Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 7.5 x 1.4 inches; 2.4 ounces
Item model number ‏: ‎ 3463
Department ‏: ‎ female
Date of first availability ‏: ‎ April 8, 2017
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Bali
ASIN ‏: ‎ B06X1BWH4S

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Customers like the comfort of the bra. They say it’s incredibly comfortable, soft, and easy on the skin. They appreciate the support and value of the product. However, some customers disagree on elasticity, stability, support, quality, appearance, and fit.

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11 reviews for Bali Comfort Revolution Wireless Bra for Women, Full Coverage Wireless Bra, Cool Comfort Fabric

  1. gigibird

    Amazing. Great for those of us who don’t spilleth over…
    I read several reviews before purchasing this bra in one of the day’s “Best Deals.” I think that the other reviewers were right-on in their assessment that these bras fit on the smaller side. After reading that, I actually decided that it would be the PERFECT bra for me, and I am planning on ordering another one just because I love it so much.Some background information: Bear with me, I’m longwinded and probably going to give too much information for a bra review. I’ve always been small chested, 32-34 B at the fullest. You know how some people are like “I’m a C cup!” and their breasts are completely overflowing out of the cups? Yeah, that’s not me at all. I’ve never been an “overflowing” kinda gal. My cups do not spilleth over. I’m 5’8″ and usually hover around 140-150 pounds with a thin, athletic frame. When I got pregnant in 2011 I gained 61 pounds and I’ve been working very hard to continue to get back to my pre-baby weight. At this time I am 160 pounds, extended breastfeeding my toddler, and still working (REALLY) hard to lose the rest of the baby weight.Now for the bra. It’s wireless, which makes it excellent for breastfeeding. You can pull it down and not pop a seam. Its stretchy and comfortable beyond belief, and its cups are not too huge. With my extra weight (not much, but still more than my normal) and with breastfeeding, I still have larger breasts than I’m used to having. At the start of my weight-loss journey I wore a full D cup, but as I’ve gotten smaller and closer to my goal weight (and as I breastfeed much less frequently than when my daughter was an infant) my breasts have gotten smaller. Smaller yes, but not as small as my original bra size. That’s why this cup size fits so nicely.I would highly recommend this bra if you are like me, and tend to have breasts on the smaller side of your size. Important to note is the back size (34) fits true to bra size recommendations. As per many bra fitters I’ve seen in stores, on shows, etc., they recommend that when you buy the bra you put it on the loosest clasp (the first one). As you wear the bra down and the elastics get loser and worn out, you start to move inward on the clasps. That outer clasp is your true back size. Along with that, I need to say that the back straps are not too skinny, which make it a great bra for holding in back fat and giving a smooth look under your clothes. I love this feature.I would not buy this bra if you are looking to have a va-va-voom look. The bra is functional and holds the “girls” in place nicely. It is not going to make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel or anything. The padding is very minimal, but enough to not give anything away that you don’t want to show off. I purchased the bra in “nude” color, which is pretty much my exact skin tone. I’m of mixed race and have yellowish-medium tone skin color. Again, not a va-va-voom color either. No lace, no frills. Just a great bra.As I said before, I’m going to order another one of these bras as soon as I finish breastfeeding and my breasts change yet again. It is, in all reality, the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn.

  2. Kindle Customer

    No two boobs are the same, but this works for me, so it might work for you!
    This is probably not the bra I will wear to seduce the prince into taking me to the ball. But I’ll wear it just about every other day. I tried taking pics without a shirt, but body flaws/strengths distracted from the fit. So I went with the next best thing; a tight white cami.I followed measuring instructions and it lead me to a 36DD, which is one of the sizes I’ve been wearing, so no surprises. I put the bra on the loosest setting (like you’re supposed to with a new bra, since they only stretch out). And it was the right fit. The bottom band does flip up, but it doesn’t hurt the comfort or support. I don’t notice any more comfort from it not having an underwire, but it has to be healthier for the girls.A big deal for me is that there is no cupping or spillage at the top. That’s always my issue. My cleavage is just as awkward as it is in any bra that isn’t push-up, so that’s a comforting familiarity. Little-to-no side-boob or back spillage (see photos).I’ve been wearing a lotttt of sports bras lately. Did you know that it’s recommended to replace your bra every SIX MONTHS?!?! And that’s when you aren’t wearing it every day! Well, I had a favorite that I wore 6 days a week since I got it for a bachelorette present. Soon after celebrating my 2-year anniversary with my husband, I had to admit that homegirl was hagard.This bra is not as pretty as her, but it is a lot more comfortable than she’s been for me lately. And it feels a lot like the sports bras that I’ve been wearing! It’s a little tighter because it’s brand new, but the coverage is similar. And no underwire.I’ll update if any flaws pop up, but this seems like a winner for my body type.Update: 10 months later and the only difference is that I now put it on a tighter setting (it’s stretched out a little, as any bra would). I’ve been careful not to dry it and it’s holding up very well. Still my staple “basic” bra.

  3. Cat

    Comfortable, but would prefer less padding.
    Fit comfortably from day 1 no break in period. I just wish it had less padding.

  4. PhillyBrat05

    Fits well, no real support
    Maybe i am just too used to underwires for support. I use these to sleep in when needed. Fabric is soft and comfortable. Well made.padding is thick.

  5. Marie Henricks

    Doesn’t flatten the girls
    I work at an elementary school, so comfort is more important than looks. I’m not trying to have perky peaks. I just need the girls held up, without a wire, and without the weird side boob roll sports bras can give you. I’m a 38DD/40D, and the 40D worked perfectly. I’ve had this bra for several months and it has stretched slightly. But this girl puts in the work everyday. I plan on getting a 38D for my next one.Let me tell you about the straps, cause they haven’t slipped down my shoulders once.Long story short:No wire but has visible supportNo nip slipsNo strap slipsNo side boobNo complaintsJust get one

  6. Justmy2centsworth

    Very comfortable (NO-Underwire) Bra that looks very nice under clothing
    I actually wear a 33C bra but we all know they don’t make that size. So, I purchased a 34C & it fit nicely the first few times I wore it. Then it got looser on me around the waist, so I think I will purchase a 32C size next time instead. “Because I really do love this bra!” It is very comfortable! Is very stretchy under the breasts. But stays in place fairly well all day! So, there is no pain like with other bra’s. But most all bra’s get looser after wearing a few times. It doesn’t flatten you, it is actually “flattering” under your shirt. It has became my 2nd go to bra! “My #1 NO-Underwire bra!” I have scars under my breasts so pain is something I deal with in most bra’s. This is not painful to wear & I love that! Most bra’s I have to take off by 5:00pm. But not this one. I can wear it much longer due to no pain. Love it!! Buy it!

  7. Susan O’Soup

    Exactly as I thought it would fit. Loved it!

  8. Jasmine f.

    This is hands down the best bra I’ve ever owned, I’ve bought them in the past and Was blown away by the fit & comfort, so when I couldn’t find them in store anymore, I was super excited to find them on Amazon! I bought two with prime & the first one came the very next day, I’m expecting the other tomorrow (3 days). I will never buy another brand. Bali is the only bra I’ve ever worn that I don’t need to take off as soon as I get home, it’s sooo comfortable, I could probably sleep in it. It separates the girls, gentle yet secure. I work a very physically demanding job & this bra keeps them in place all day, no having to adjust. It’s breathable & I just can’t get over how comfortable, no uniboob, no wires or plastic ribbbing, no worries!!!!You won’t regret this buy!It fits very true to size. I got measured at a retail store before purchasing online & it fits like it was made especially for me. I’m in love!!

  9. Wendy

    I have purchased several of these bras they fit great and are very comfortable.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Never having come across Bali bras before, I saw this brand reviewed online when searching for a comfortable bra with over 50s support! It cost more than I’ve ever spent on a bra before – possibly why I’ve never been particularly happy with previous choices. This is the best bra I have ever had! The fit is perfect, it’s really comfortable and the support is great.

  11. Victoria Lopez

    La copa es mas grande de lo que esperaba, he pedido misma talla de esta marca en otros modelos y todo perfecto pero en este caso la copa esta mas amplia

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