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Bamworld brings modern designs to transform your home that will surely space saving need for your home. In addition, we offers a variety of furniture for different families. We believe that quality material and unique design can get more customers love. so we design and produce different furniture for you to live a more comfortable and stylish life.

Bamworld Plant Stand

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🌞🌱【>7-Pots Plant Stand】 Featuring a ladder design that allows unobstructed sunlight, this plant rack accommodates more than 7 pots, making it an ideal decorative piece for organizing your plant collection. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
🌺🏠【Multifunctional Application】 Natural Living Space: Transform any space – living room, bedroom, office, or balcony – into a vibrant paradise. This versatile plant stand not only serves as a decorative and storage shelf but also showcases your precious plants.
💪🌳【Durable and Sturdy】 This plant stand requires no screws, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts. Utilizing the clever application of the triangular stability principle, it enhances stability. Additionally, plastic joints reinforce the structure of the plant stand, ensuring its durability.
🌲💧【Carbonized Natural Wood】 The eucalyptus wood, treated at 300°C for carbonization, enhances waterproof performance and extends the lifespan (though outdoor lifespan may be slightly shorter).
🛠🌻【Easy Installation, Detailed Instructions】 Simple setup with clear instructions. Enjoy the beautiful decoration and functionality of this plant stand right away – perfect for beginners!
😊🌸【180-Day Worry-Free Warranty】 We provide a 180-day warranty and 24-hour friendly customer service. If there are any issues with the product, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide a free replacement.

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Customers like the quality, value, and appearance of the plant stand. For example, they mention it’s sturdy, stable, and good value for money. Some are happy with the weight. That said, opinions are mixed on ease of assembly, size, and missing parts.

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9 reviews for Bamworld Plant Stand Indoor Plant Shelf Outdoor Wood Plant Rack for Multiple Plants 3 Tiers Ladder Plant Holder for Living Room Patio Boho Home Decor for Gardening Mom Gifts

  1. Molly

    Easy to assemble, lightweight, not tacky looking, great size & price
    Definitely a great purchase. No regrets. Took me about 30 mins to assembleI was originally reluctant to buy this product because many of the reviews mentioned the assembly to be a real pain, but I liked the price and how it looked, (especially from pictures other reviewers posted), so I decided to try it and I am very satisfied with this product.Great size, especially for the price & it doesn’t look tacky. The way the little plastic connectors blend in with the color of the wood is a really nice touch. I honestly would have been okay with the plastic pieces being white/black or just obviously a piece of plastic, as I care more about functionality than looks, so that’s a nice detail.It’s very lightweight and it’s easy to move around without becoming flimsy or wobbly. If it does, then your plastic connectors are probably not fully snug.Definitely use the gloves that come with this product during assembly for a couple reason. My main reason for using them is to protect yourself from potential splinters, not that I got any during the assembly, but this product is made of wood and you’re required to hammer each piece into its corresponding connections, so therefore, potential for splinters. Just a safety precaution.Also, the gloves are kind of mesh like (in a sense) so some of the black stuff still got my hands during the assembly process, but it easily washed away with soap and water. I did notice a faint lingering smell on my hands that went away in about an hour (smell was from how wood was treated, normal & expected), but I would suggest also using disposable gloves in addition to the gloves that come with this product if concerned or sensitive to smells.The other reason for the gloves is to protect your hands from getting black and dirty (due to how wood was treated).This took me about 30 mins to put together. Incredibly faster than I was anticipating as many of the reviews mentioned the assembly process to be a pain and take a long time. Product comes with a little mallet hammer that works well for for this assembly. I thought I might need to use a more heavy duty mallet or hammer but I did not, what came with this was perfect. I was weary the fact this product only uses plastic connectors instead of a screw but it’s sturdier than expected. Definitely took way less time to assemble than any kind of allen wrench screw assembly. This was not stressful to put together.My advice for assembling, first make sure the plastic connectors are oriented correctly, because once you get those little connectors snug with the wood, it’ll be very difficult to take off. (Picture)Also, because you’re required to use the mallet to hammer each piece snug into place, I highly suggest attaching both sides of shelves before hammering tightly in place. And if connectors don’t connect, the plastic piece is not snug enough on the wood. This is not difficult to assembly nor does it take a long time, if you struggle, it’s very likely you didn’t hammer the wood into the connector far enough.Also would like to mention, this product comes with 3 extra wood pieces (small, medium, large) and 2 extra plastic connectors- I did not need them but I’m assuming they’re included in the event one of the wood pieces or connectors splits/breaks during assembly.It’s a great size and I’m very happy with this product, especially for the price! I can’t comment on it’s longevity as I have not had this very long, nor can I say much about the weight limits, but it’s much more supportive/sturdy than expected! (See picture with plants)Worth mentioning that the picture with the plants, all the planters are made of terracotta, ceramic and the 2 small brown are plastic. So that’s a good amount of weight in total being placed in this product. Unit does not sway or feel wonky with plants, surprisingly doesn’t seem wonky without plants too (even with 15 mph wind in Texas according to the weatherman).I probably have too much weight in total being used on this product but it’s holding strong. I ended up buying a second one because I liked it so much. I would definitely recommend this product.If you’re looking for something bigger and for heavier plants, or even just expanding after this, I would suggest looking at heftier and larger products, note with that, comes a higher price tag, but otherwise, this product is a solid purchase, 5 stars. 5 stars especially because the product description tells you everything without any surprises.Hope this review helps you!

  2. osubuckeyes

    Plant shelf
    I bought this so my plants could be spread out more than they were and be closer to the window. I always intended it to be an inside shelf. I’m not sure if I like it blocking my windows the way it is but it’s fine for now. There was some operator error in the assembly of this so I don’t recommend building it while you’re tired. We’re calling it creative liberty because I’m not taking it back apart anytime soon😅 I was skeptical it was the right size unit because it was a suspiciously small box but apparently they just know witchcraft, I mean, how to pack things correctly. I thought this had 17 shelves but it is 14 with some open areas for tall or hanging plants. I just repotted my hanging plant into a floor pot so I don’t know how useful this is for hanging plants or how heavy they can be. I also missed the part where they include gloves and tools but that hammer was handy when assembling this. The instructions were mostly easy to understand and follow if you’re not half asleep and they have a helpful video you should watch before assembly and don’t say “eh, I’ve got this, it’s just simple push bars into connectors“. One step told me to build one of something and then four steps later I found out I needed two of them so why tell me to make one? I should have videoed assembling it because it was pretty funny. My kids helped and we had a good time with all our errors. I wanted the whole big plant home so I don’t know if you can only assemble some parts and not others but I feel like there were a few steps when I could have just left it the way it was and not finished. The connectors on top have some holes like I could buy another set similar to this and stack it on top but it’s already pretty tall, too much taller and I won’t be able to water the plants, let alone get the plants up there. I think it’s just for ease of assembly so you don’t have to keep track of special pieces that are only for the top row. The slats are about an inch and a half apart so no super small pots. It transferred carbon all over my hands when I was taking it out of the box so I used gloves to assemble it and so far it’s not rubbing off on the curtains but I didn’t think it would come off on my hands either. It washed right off my hands with soap and water. Some reviews said it didn’t come off their wood at all, some did, I couldn’t tell you why mine did. I had four extra pieces, one connector and one of each size bar. I have 14 plants currently on it of varying sizes and weights but it’s sturdy enough to hold it all and it’s not sagging I can definitely put more on it, I still have open spots. The shelves are big enough to fit three or four pots depending on how big they are. I have four pots on one shelf. Two small 4 inch pots, one two inch pot and one medium 6 inch pot and there is still room for more. The open slats allow for airflow and good sun exposure. I don’t water any plants in that room I bring them all to a sink and water them let them drip and then bring them back so there’s no water to see if it would damage the shelves. I don’t know what kind of wood it is, I assumed it was bamboo or something similar but I also thought it had 17 shelves so clearly I can’t be trusted to make assumptions or to look at all the pictures. I put plants where I wanted them to be and how much light they would get, not how heavy it would make one side or another and the shelf isn’t unbalanced or going to tip over, it seems sturdy. Overall I like the concept, it would have been easier to assemble if my brain was working correctly at the time but even so it was only about an hour, it looks nice, it has plenty of space, and it’s big. I would definitely buy it again. If I need another plant shelf in the future I’ll probably buy another one of these. I just hope the black stops coming off it at some point and doesn’t get on my curtains.May 17, 2023 update: can confirm this will hold a 30 pound tiny human on a shelf, plus all the plants and won’t tip over while said tiny human climbs in and out of the “great hiding spot”. Don’t recommend trying that out but you do you. I have also added more plants so almost every shelf has multiple pots I think I’m up to 24 plants on it plus still some open spaces. The bottom shelves don’t get enough light for most of my plants so keep that in mind when deciding if this works for you. Either place it so everywhere gets the light you need, get a plant light or put dark loving plants down there. Still love this so much. Great purchase.August 2023 update: y’all, I bought another one! I now have two of these and so much room for plants I need more plants 😂 I’m up to 25 plants across the two shelves and plenty of open space for more. I also got a plant light to go along with it. Few minor differences between this package and the last, these connectors actually do say “up”, I still had extra parts but I ended up needing the extra part because one of the short bars was too thin to fit into the connectors, and it really was faster to build this time probably because I’ve already done it and knew the general idea. THIS time it’s built correctly 😅 Black still came off on my hands and the gloves and it’s still packaged with witchcraft. Black is still coming off the first shelf but only when you grab it and apply pressure not just brush up against it. I moved the shelves so they’re side by side on a different wall. I’ll add pictures of the second shelf too (don’t mind the empty spaces I took this opportunity to water most of my plants). Sturdy fantastic shelves

  3. belvo

    As described
    Nice plant stand. The bamboo shelves are solid and look nice. Assembly went quickly once I figured out the process. It’s just the right size for my bedroom and very sturdy. The only problem with it is you can’t pick it up to move it if you want to vacuum under it because the shelves all lift off too easily. They don’t snap in place, they slide in place. Nice stand though for the price.

  4. LTW

    Love love love it!
    I’m so happy I decided to order this plant shelf for our Gazebo; it adds such a nice touch, and gives me a place for my plants. I’d happily use this indoors or outdoors, and am always getting compliments on how nice it looks, especially with the unique design.It was really easy to assemble, and the pieces are well labeled, but the instructions weren’t great, but using a photo made it pretty easy to figure out. When I had some corner pieces attached in the wrong direction, they were easy enough to take apart. I appreciated that it also came with a small rubber malet to make sure everything was connected well. It’s really sturdy, even though it’s on a rug over small rocks. It was a nice touch that they included small garden tools as well (a little dirty in the photo because I’ve used them).The only downside I can think of is that the plastic corner pieces aren’t the most attractive to look at, but unless you look closely, you don’t notice.

  5. Indigogolf

    I wanted this for my patio door so my plants would be off the ground. Perfect size! No too tall or wide. I still have space for a couple more! Easy to put together and looks amazing! Very happy with this purchase 🙂

  6. Fiona

    Super easy to set up and light so easy to move around. Beautiful colour and love the space so that I can move my plants around the different spaces!

  7. Steph

    I bought two of these and made my own design. Much easier and cheaper option if you’re considering building your own from scratch. Pieces are consistent which is sooo important. Just ordered a third so I can build onto the wall side a bit more.Fyi these are pretty light, but corner builds make the shelf super stable if you have critters.The black looks really sharp irl! Was worried about it showing dust but they made a good choice on the paint and nothing really wants to stick to it.

  8. lexie2

    This plant stand was fun to put together. As others have said, it looks daunting with many small pieces; however, the directions are very good, the parts well made, and it goes together nicely. My plants are looking terrific in the sunny window on their new stand.


    Queda muy bien en exterior y es muy fácil de armar. Aún no es temporada de lluvia, no se si se deteriore en esa temporada, pero por el momento estoy muy satisfecha con la compra.

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