BGment Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom with Black Liner, Double Layer Full Room Darkening Noise Reducing Grommet Curtain (42 x 63 Inch, Pure White, 2 Panels)


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bgment curtainsbgment curtains


BGment is a well-known brand specializing in providing high quality curtains to decorate your room.

Choose high-quality materials and advanced craftsmanship.Unique design brings a touch of color and elegance to your room.Create an intimate retreat to relax and sleep.

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More curtains view BGment

Why the purchased curtain size does not fit the home windows

To get the correct size curtains for your home windows, measure their height and width accurately, and choose curtains that fully cover them.

Why is there a color difference in the purchased curtains

Color difference in curtains may be caused by the following reasons.

1. Different batches of fabric color differences

2. Different computer screens and equipment

3. Variation of light

4. Effect of lighting conditions

EASY TO INSTALL: Includes white blackout curtains 2 panels set per package. Each panel measures 42 inches wide by 63 inches long, with 6 silver-colored metal grommets on top, fit rods less than 1.6 inch diameter. Suggest choose the right size after measuring your windows.
MAXIMUM BLACKOUT: With black lining backing, our 100% light blocking curtains are thick enough to completely block out sunlight. These room darkening curtains provide you a real dark environment to sleep even during bright sunny day. Protect your indoor privacy.
ENERGY SAVING: Our 2 layers insulated curtains help balance your room temperature by preventing summer heat or winter cold from entering your room. Ideal for saving money on energy bills.
SOUND PROOF: Our heavyweight double layer curtains panels are effective on absorbing sound 2 times than ordinary 1-layer curtains, to protect you from disturbing by outside neighbor or traffic noise.
MACHINE WASHABLE: These durable black out drapes are thick, soft, winkle free and easy to care. Wash in the water below 86F. Iron and tumble dry at low heat as needed. Do not bleach.

Customers say

Customers like the weight, performance, value, and quality of the curtains. For example, they mention that they’re thick, work great, and are good value for money. Some appreciate the appearance, blackout, and insulation. That said, opinions are mixed on wrinkles.

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13 reviews for BGment Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom with Black Liner, Double Layer Full Room Darkening Noise Reducing Grommet Curtain (42 x 63 Inch, Pure White, 2 Panels)

  1. Koleta Parsley

    Perfect light blocking
    Well made, beautiful, heavy fabric. EvenBlocks all the light with light blocking rod.Recommend 100%

  2. Felicia Gonzalez

    Great quality
    I received exactly what I wanted. I wanted something to block put the sun yet be pretty in my room. I got the best of both worlds with this set. The side facing out is black and keeps the sun out, and facing inside is pink. It makes my room still look nice and feminine while keeping the hot sun out. I was so happy with this purchase that u ordered another set for a different room.

  3. NIKKI PEArson

    Good quality
    Love the curtains. Blocks out the sun well. Very soft.

  4. louik

    Better than expected!
    I read the previous reviews – MANY of the reviews! My husband hung these for me. They were a little wrinkled upon receiving. We bought them for the living room because the TV is directly across from the West window making TV viewing nearly impossible in the afternoon.The price wasn’t bad. We needed two pairs to cover the double window in our double-wide trailer. Regardless of some of the reviews saying the colors didn’t match, all 4 drapes matched just about perfectly and I’ve not noticed any variation in colors. He hung them and there is NO sun getting through to cast light on the TV screen! Actually it makes so dark during the day that we have to open them during the day (when we’re not watching TV, of course) to let in a little light so I can navigate the room after coming in from outside. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  5. Bob

    Well Made Curtains
    Good light blocking curtains. The are nice and heavy and hang straight. We found a color that works well with the decor in our bedroom.

  6. Cory Maffeo

    Elevate Your Bedroom
    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ (4/5)The BGment Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains make it simple to transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Having used these curtains myself, I can vouch to their capacity to improve sleep quality, improve the appearance of the room, and lessen the amount of noise that can be heard outside the room. These curtains are an all-around option for individuals trying to create a quiet and elegant home because of its modern style, thermal insulation, and noise-reducing qualities.Five-Star Blackout and Thermal Insulation:The BGment Blackout Curtains’ excellent blackout capacity is one of their most striking features. With these curtains pulled, nearly no outside light will enter the room thanks to the double-layer construction and the black liner. Those who are photosensitive or who need total darkness to have good sleep may appreciate this amenity. The drapes’ ability to insulate heat also helps keep the space at a pleasant temperature. Over time, you may be able to save money on your utility bills thanks to their ability to keep the area at a more comfortable temperature year-round.Reducing Background Noise (4.5/5)The BGment’s ability to dampen ambient noise The added allure of blackout drapes is notable. Despite their limitations, they do an excellent job of dampening outside noise and making the inside of a building more peaceful and relaxing. Those who reside in congested cities or in close proximity to busy thoroughfares would benefit greatly from this. The environment is more relaxing and pleasant because to the noise-cancelling features.*Design* and *aesthetics* (4 out of 5 stars)The greyish white color of the BGment Blackout Curtains is a modern and versatile choice for any home’s decor. Curtains with grommets are lightweight, simple to hang, and simple to slide along a rod. The curtains have a soft texture that is just noticeable enough to be eye-catching. The design is adaptable and elegant, but it may lack the complexity and visual appeal of other curtain choices.Coverage and Dimensions (4.5/5):The BGment Blackout Curtains are perfect for ordinary windows, as each panel is a generous 42 inches by 84 inches. There are two panels in the set, so most windows may be covered in full. The space looks more refined thanks to the elegant drape created by the ample dimensions of the drapes. Keep in mind that more panels may be needed for floor-to-ceiling or particularly large window installations.Maintenance and Setup (5/5):The BGment Blackout Curtains’ grommet design makes them compatible with a wide variety of curtain rods, making installation a breeze. The curtains can be taken down quickly and easily, whether for cleaning or to be replaced with something else. The curtains are machine-washable, so there’s no need to spend time hand-washing them to keep them looking good.Pricing/Value (4.5/5):The BGment Blackout Curtains are a good buy because of the multiple benefits they provide, including total darkness, warmth, and quiet. Although they may be more expensive than standard curtains, the room’s comfort, appearance, and sleep quality will be greatly enhanced by their installation.**Summary:**The BGment Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains are the perfect addition to any bedroom because of its fashionable design, practical features, and cozy construction. The blackout and thermal insulation properties, as well as the noise reduction capability, make for an ideal sleeping environment. The curtains are a sensible option for anyone wishing to spruce up their living area because of its adaptable style, simple installation, and low maintenance needs. The BGment Blackout Curtains are a solid option for individuals looking for an all-in-one solution for their window treatment needs, despite the fact that the design isn’t the most detailed and some users may prefer even more noise reduction.

  7. lora

    If you want a dark room on the cheap, these curtains r for u!
    Love these curtains. They have a nice slick feel to them, they hang pretty and they really darken the room. I used the stick on curtain rod holders that grasp the rod and they held up just fine so the curtains aren’t extremely heavy.

  8. Donna S Young

    Lightning blocking
    My dog is scared of the flashes of light during a lightning storm. These have worked perfectly to black them out! I feel like they definitely help with the temperature in keeping the heat out. Good quality for the price.

  9. Susan Bolton

    The curtains are perfect, so pleased with the colour lovely soft grey. The size of the curtains is perfect. I needed a small width and not too long I tried quite a few places and were all too big for my window. I will definitely buy from you again.

  10. Crowsong

    My first curtain purchase (living dangerously in my later years). Given the price of competing products, wasn’t expecting much. Was very pleasantly surprised with what arrived. The size was perfect for what I wanted. I am not really expecting much thermal benefit, but I’m sure these will take the edge off walking past the wood and glass doors to my conservatory. If a suitable size was available, would purchase for some windows.

  11. Mark

    For the money they are good value – they work – all good – you’ll still get a bit of light round the edges but you will with any curtain unless you go oversize on every perimiter

  12. Becky

    blocks light and nice color

  13. jh

    The material is nice, and the colour very vivid, but the curtain lets through sunlight. It needs another curtain or blind behind it for it to be absolutely dark.

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