Chef’s Path Kitchen Storage Box – Set of 14 Airtight Food Containers – Kitchen and Pantry Organisation – BPA-Free Plastic Food Storage Box – Labels, Marker and Spoons


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Chef’s Path is all about providing pantry solutions via food storage containers of all types and sizes to make your life more enjoyable in kitchen. You will find something perfect for you in our kitchen organization range

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To help everyone bring harmony and uncover hidden potential of their kitchens through organization

Chefs Path Food Storage Containers Brand ValueChefs Path Food Storage Containers Brand Value


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[Top Notch Kitchen Storage & Organisation] – Organize your kitchen with stackable food containers! These space-saving and efficient cupboard organisers will keep every inch of pantry cabinets neat, organized, clean and ready for whatever you need.
[Versatile] – Includes 2 extra large airtight containers (2.5quart /2.8L/11.83 cups), 4 large containers (1.8quart /2.0L/8.45 cups), 4 medium containers (1.2quart /1.4L/5.91 cups), 4 small containers (0.7quart /0.8L/3.38 cups). Covers Everything!
[Improved Design] – The 4-hinge locking system of these food storage containers forms an airtight, watertight seal between container and lid to ensure no spilling! Best for dry food storage like cereal, pasta storage, rice, flour, dog food storage and even liquids like gravy
[Superior Bundle] – The perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about, this set of 14 BPA-free premium Tupperware canisters and chalkboard markers will help keep everything organized. Plus you get chalkboard labels and plastic spoons as a bonus
[Our Promise] – We know you’ll love Chef’s Path Storage Containers. They are clear, easy to clean and use. So click on add to cart today and get started on your pantry organisation project!

Customers say

Customers like the quality, appearance and label quality of the food storage containers. They mention that they’re well made, sturdy and unbreakable. They appreciate the cute chalkboard labels and the airtight seals. Customers also say that the containers keep their pantry well organized and the contents fresh.

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10 reviews for Chef’s Path Kitchen Storage Box – Set of 14 Airtight Food Containers – Kitchen and Pantry Organisation – BPA-Free Plastic Food Storage Box – Labels, Marker and Spoons

  1. MilliCait

    Pantry must-have!
    If you’re going to get anything for food storage, get this! I live in Florida and am completely grossed out by the thought of any bugs getting into my food. I also have a husband who doesn’t know how to properly close original packaging and three kids who take what they want and leave a trail of disaster behind. And worst of all, I am the type of person who takes forever to finish anything. These containers solve ALL of my problems. They make my pantry look way more organized and have an airtight seal – no bugs! Yay! My husband and kids both can easily grasp the concept of putting the cover back on. AND the food stays fresh for MONTHS. I’m not lying when I say I enjoyed a box of cereal for several months, taking a few bites out of this container every so often until it was empty, and even on the day I finished it, the cereal was as fresh as the day I opened the bag.I love that this comes in several different sizes. I don’t get much use out of the smaller boxes, but I expect they would be great for candy (which we don’t buy much of or we finish it right away) or nuts (which we usually buy in its own resealable container). The larger containers we typically use for cereal or large bags of chips. Aldi’s cereals fit perfectly, but popular brand cereal boxes are slightly too big, so I suggest waiting to transfer until you have at least one large bowl. With a little tapping to shift the food in the container, we can usually fit entire boxes/bags of food into the appropriate sized container.I also like that these are so easy to clean. The rubber seal comes out with the back of a straw cleaner and then there’s only three parts to clean.I prefer not to use these to store leftovers, but guests have mistaken these for this purpose and I can confirm that these are watertight and don’t leak.We do not use the labels since we are always changing the items out, but the labels are good quality.After three years, we have two lids that are showing signs of wear. The part where it clicks over the container is starting to separate, but only slightly and they still work fine. We’ve dropped these countless times and they’ve been subjected to the wrath of two young boys and held up without damage. I am so happy with the quality.Don’t waste your money on the pretty looking ones those social media influencers say are the best. They don’t keep food fresh like these do! And the price for this product can’t be beat!

  2. April

    Great quality!
    These canisters are great. They come in 6 sets of 4 and have black chalk labels! They seal tightly and keep your food fresh. I have them in my pantry right now and it had not only freed up space but it looks great as well! It’s definitely worth the buy. If you are looking for cereal canisters you may want to buy a bigger size. I can fit half a family sized box in the biggest size.

  3. Honey Bee

    Great for pantry organization!
    Bought these for my pantry to keep the ants away and was really surprised with the quality! Plastic and lids are durable with an airtight seal. The containers are stable when stacked and are very easy to organize. The variations in size are convenient too. Will definitely be purchasing more.

  4. Amber Denham

    Excellent product
    I initially ordered one set of these just to try. I’ve purchased a few different types and they just weren’t exactly what I was looking for.I was immediately impressed with the quality. They were by no means “thin” plastic. They are hearty and held things like heavy flour and oats and beans with no issue. There are several sizes and that was very convenient. I have had them drop with items in them, and tip on the shelves (I didn’t set it down stable) and they took the falls no problem. No breakage or spills. I immediately tried to call the company to praise this product, I was very impressed. However out of the 10/15 times I’ve called I’ve never gotten through, even when I did actually have an issue. Their phone number doesn’t seem to be in service or something. No worries though, they had a handy dandy email. After a few failed attempts at emailing them (user error since I’ve never sent an email via my iPhone before) I finally got through to let them know one piece had a broken top. It ended up being no big deal, it still sealed it just didn’t seal liquid proof, and if that one drops the lid pops right off. No worries again, I just put prepackaged items in that one. I digress, I emailed them and they emailed back right away, refunded the full amount of that one items and it was so quick. I wasn’t expecting that at all, I was about to order a second set (yes they are indeed that good) anyway so I was hoping they would throw a replacement bottom in. Nope refunded the one piece and I applied that to my next order. Ordered again, and this time they came in with zero broken pieces and just as excellent of quality. The customer service was great, fast and quality. The product is definitely quality. I think two might be sufficient for our pantry (we have a family of 11. If it’s not this is definitely the product and company I will order from again. Random fun items that accompanied this product. adorable labels! They are reusable and are easy to pull off and put back on! A chalk pen that was very easy to use and read, no mess. They also sent fun little colorful measuring spoons. Excellent!Thank you!Things that were important to me:Water tightAir tightBpa freeSeveral sizesLabels that you can restick.Handy chalkCute measuring spoon set

  5. sandy Rosales

    Great Storage container with one minor issue.
    I really like these storage containers for their durability and airtight seals, which keep my food fresh and organized. The clear sides make it easy to see what’s inside without having to open them. The black labels provided are a great touch for keeping everything labeled and tidy.However, my only complaint is that no chalk was included for writing on the labels. It would have been helpful to have chalk or even better, a chalk marker, included with the containers. This minor addition would make these containers perfect.Overall, I’m very satisfied with the functionality and quality of these containers and would recommend them to anyone looking to get organized. Just make sure to have some chalk or a chalk marker on hand for the labels!

  6. Linda

    I love these containers. They are easy to clean and keep an air tight seal. Bought more and customer service was great when one was delivered broken.

  7. Ashleigh Diffin

    This is my third time buying this set because they are so handy/useful/well made. I use them in the fridge, cupboards, laundry room, and in the garage. Will likely buy more.

  8. Kari Forbes

    A little smaller than I expected but works great and lots of different options for stacking. Hopefully they will remain airtight and keep baking ingredients fresh!

  9. Brenda Franco

    Son buenos y muy funcionales, sellan bien, no hay derrames, se apilan entre sí y ayudan a ahorrar espacio.faciles de limpiar y lavar

  10. Gouche

    I bought a bunch of these to keep my protein powders in. They are the perfect size to hold a bag of Keto Chow protein/meal replacement powders so I do not have to mess around with resealable bags that get the powder in the zipper and cause it not to seal well. It makes my pantry look so organized and neat and I can easily see how much of each flavour I have left.

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