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Cocorrína Premium Reed Diffuser Set with Preserved Baby’s Breath & Cotton Stick Cashmere Vanilla | 6.7oz Scent Fragrance Oil Diffuser for Bedroom Bathroom Home Décor

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COCORRÍNA: Fresh Scent For You

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We believe in the power of scents and how a wonderfully fragrant aroma can instantly boost your mood and make your space feel more comfortable. At Cocorrína, we made it our mission to create reed diffusers and scented candles that anyone can enjoy. When we develop our home fragrance lines, we take pride in selecting quality ingredients and eye-catching decor that look and smell amazing.

Flower Reed Diffuser

Scented Sachet

Reed Diffuser Summer Special

Cashmere Vanilla Scent: Warm and comforting, the sweet scent of vanilla enhances the feeling of coziness on lazy days.
Includes: One fragrance diffuser glass bottle, 6.7 fl oz mixture of essential oils combined with fragrance, one pc. of real preserved baby’s breath flowers, and 8 pure cotton sticks. Adjust the amount of aroma released by adding or removing the sticks.
Long-lasting Scent: Enjoy up to 90 days of fragrant aroma. Once the reeds absorb the fragrance and release it in the air, it will subtly diffuse the scent across the room for weeks.
Enhance in Any Room: Enjoy pleasant aroma and decorate your indoor or outdoor space, including your home, office, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.
Ideal Gift: Perfect for yourself, family, and friends for any occasion, including holidays, birthdays, housewarming parties, dinner parties, and thank you gifts.

Customers say

Customers like the ease of use, size, appearance and versatility of the aroma diffuser. For example, they mention it’s easy to put together, perfect for smaller rooms or larger rooms and that the sticks with flowers add a cute decor element. That said, opinions are mixed on quality, smell and value.

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13 reviews for Cocorrína Premium Reed Diffuser Set with Preserved Baby’s Breath & Cotton Stick Cashmere Vanilla | 6.7oz Scent Fragrance Oil Diffuser for Bedroom Bathroom Home Décor

  1. Diane G

    Strong scent!
    This diffuser is such a great quality because the scent lingers through my whole room and smells like fresh laundry!! I love the design of the bottle and the flowers it came with, it looks so fancy and is great decor as well! I think it is worth the money and packaging was also great and sturdy.

  2. Terri Lynn

    Lovely diffuser
    This diffuser is lovely all the way around. From the overall design to the pleasant scent, it truly hits the mark. I love the fresh smell of the clean linen. It is just enough without being overpowering.

  3. Eleanor Wagner

    Smells great
    Fragrance smells great and is long lasting. They would do best to leave the flowers out, though. They’re ugly and color doesn’t match the scent. U actually threw the flowers out.

  4. Becky D Mc

    Nice gardenia scent for small bathroom
    It is cute but the scent is so light you can only smell it if you’re less than a foot away.

  5. Maggie

    Smells so good
    i love it! super cute and it smells so good, the flowers held up really well in transit too

  6. Gundamom

    Let’s just say it’s not going to overpower you with the scent
    I love the scent of bergamot, but most ‘essential oils’ are too viscous to carry through reed diffusers. So I thought, “Hey let’s give this product a try!” When it arrived, I opened the bottle, fanned it toward my face so I didn’t get a nose full of fragrance. Nothing. Fanned harder. Still nothing. Moved closer, drew a deeper breath.. and why, yes! There was a scent. Very faint. I mean VERY FAINT. Stick your nose inside the bottle if you want to smell something levels of faint. And not bergamot. Maybe something sweet and perhaps a touch green – fruit of some sort, perhaps, maybe a hint of a herb – but not bergamot. But what the heck, I thought, maybe it needs to warm up or something – so I pour it into the diffuser, stick in the reeds – and walk away for a bit. I returned an hour later ( or so), and the reeds are beautifully moistened with the diffuser liquid. Still no scent. Stick my head into the center of the reeds and drew in enough breath to catch any hint of anything – and yes! There is the faintest hint of a thought of a suggestion of a scent. It’s still not bergamot, though. But at least it carried through the reeds! One out of two!That said, maybe this was an ‘off’ lot – or maybe this is what they intended. But if you want bergamot, or something you can smell – or best of all bergamot that you can smell, I would suggest trying something else first, ’cause this ain’t, it, guys.

  7. Dakota

    Stylish and nice smell
    I got the for two reasons. One to add a nice fragrance to my entry way and two to add some color. This did both of those things. I received the package carefully packed and no leakes or broken flowers. The quality great, the scent is nice and not over powering. I want to get more for other rooms around the house.

  8. Niki. T

    Smells amazing
    I love this scent. It’s undeniably beautiful. It adds such a pleasant touch to a room. My only beef is with the flowers. They are just falling apart. I opened the packaging and many of the flowers fell off immediately. It’s a design flaw that doesn’t detract enough from the actual product for me to care to remove a star from the overall rating. The reason I gave 4/5 stars is because I wish there was more space to put the sticks and flowers into the bottle. It was a bit of a fight for me and it causes me to get oil all over my fingers when I flip the sticks to refresh the smell.

  9. Beth B

    We have a selection of these diffusers now and they all have amazing scents. They’re a great price, they look lovely, the scents are always pleasant and they last a very long time. I find the scent is quite subtle and not at all overpowering which is perfect for our home and they last many many months. I will keep buying different scents.

  10. Pierre Gagné


  11. Daniel

    Yo creía que sería una buena compra por su presentación y su apariencia y la verdad si se ve igual a la de la foto solo que no se persive su olor yo creía que debía estar más tiempo en el cuarto o llevarlo en algún lugar más encerrado para poder persivirlo pero no, debes de estar muy cerca para poder persivir el olor quiero creer que el aroma que escogi no es tan fuerte así que no les recomiendo el aroma lima de coco solo estoy calificando este aroma ya que no he probado los otros

  12. Anna de Jesus Relva

    Riecht eigentlich gar nicht, nur ganz leicht wenn man direkt dran schnuppert und etwas süßlich definitiv kein Olivenduft. Total schade, dir 2 Sterne gibt’s für das Design, das Glas mit den Blümchen ist ein richtiger Hingucker.

  13. Rukshana

    I have a small bedroom usually smells dull. The scent of this reed is wonderful right now in summer and it’s such pretty color too. I got it to gift someone but I’m keeping it for myself 😀

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