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Cord Organizer for Appliance – Useful Kitchen Gadgets for Kitchen Organization, Kitchen Accessories for New Apartment, New Home Must Haves Kitchen Gifts for Women Adults Mom Wife

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cord organizer for appliancescord organizer for appliances

Animal Gifts Cord Organizer Stick OnAnimal Gifts Cord Organizer Stick On

Cord Organizer for Appliances

1. Appliance cord winder to help you easily organize your kitchen appliances wires.

2. Cord winder for appliances uses high-quality silicone, the material is moderate in hardness and softness, which can hold the wire well.

appliance cord winderappliance cord winder

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NO MORE MESSY KITCHEN APPLIANCE CORD: Our cord organizer for appliance keeps your kitchen wires in order and organized. Easy to use cord winder for appliance saves your time & effort, make your kitchen tidy. Kitchen accessories essential for organizing the kitchen. House warming gifts new home.
PREMIUM MATERIAL: Each appliance cord organizer stick on is made of high quality rubber, durable and deformation resistant. The sticky adhesive pad is non-toxic, odorless, and will not leave marks on kitchen appliance surface.
WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Our cord wrapper for appliance fits most small kitchen appliances wire. Use our kitchen appliance cord holder on blenders, coffee makers, air fryers, toasters, pressure cookers, microwaves and juicers. Is a useful kitchen gadget.
EASY TO INSTALL: Sticky adhesive pad ensures quick install on your appliance. Wipe clean, remove any grease, dust or oil on appliance before applying our kitchen appliance cord winder, place 48hrs before using for better effect. Please note that if the surface temperature of the object to be used exceeds 176 ℉, it will cause the adhesive to melt, which will affect the adhesion of the adhesive, so do not use it on hot surfaces.
GREAT GIFT: Our Compatible appliance cord winder is 4” x 1.13” and fits most appliances. Perfect gifts for your mother, girlfriend, wife, or anyone who needs to cook in the kitchen often and frequent kitchen organization! If you find that the adhesive is not strong during use please contact us and we will give you a full refund.

Customers say

Customers like the cord organizer for its ease of installation and convenient design. They say it’s a breeze to install and keeps the cords out of the way. They also appreciate the value and accessibility of the product. However, some customers have mixed opinions on its adhesion and quality.

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10 reviews for Cord Organizer for Appliance – Useful Kitchen Gadgets for Kitchen Organization, Kitchen Accessories for New Apartment, New Home Must Haves Kitchen Gifts for Women Adults Mom Wife

  1. Priscila

    No More Cord Chaos in the Kitchen
    I recently got my hands on this cord organizer for kitchen appliances, and it’s been a total game-changer! I was always frustrated with cords getting in the way whenever I had to store my appliances, but this little gadget has solved that problem beautifully.The quality of the rubber material is top-notch – it’s strong and feels very durable, showing no signs of wear or deformation so far. Initially, I was skeptical about the adhesive strength. Right after applying it to one of my appliances, the organizer fell off when I wrapped the cord around it. However, after reading the instructions more carefully and waiting a few hours before using it, I haven’t had any issues with it falling off. It’s been sticking firmly to my air fryer, toaster, blender, and juicer.Installation was a breeze, aside from that initial hiccup. It’s really as simple as it sounds – just stick it on, wait a bit, and you’re good to go. Aesthetically, it blends in well with my appliances, not really something that catches the eye or looks out of place.While I wouldn’t gift this cord organizer by itself, it’s definitely a handy add-on for someone who loves kitchen gadgets or spends a lot of time cooking.Overall, I’m super satisfied with its performance. It’s made a noticeable difference in keeping my kitchen organized and cord-free. I’d definitely recommend it to others, especially if you’re tired of trying to hide or deal with messy appliance cords. Plus, I haven’t even needed to contact customer support, which speaks to how user-friendly and effective this product is.

  2. Shakti.Alessandra.Bella

    Cord Chaos No More: This Kitchen Gadget is a Total Game-Changer!
    I recently purchased the Kitchen Appliance Cord Organizer, and I must say, it’s a total game-changer for my kitchen! Gone are the days of tangled cords and cluttered counters. This simple yet effective gadget keeps all my appliance cords neatly organized and tucked away, which really helps maintain a cleaner and more orderly space.The stick-on installation is straightforward, and for the most part, the adhesive holds up well. I did have to resort to a bit of super glue for one of the organizers, but once secured, these organizers don’t budge. They stay firmly in place, keeping everything exactly where it should be.If you’re someone who appreciates a tidy kitchen and wants to eliminate unnecessary clutter, this cord organizer is definitely worth considering. It’s a small investment for a clutter-free and visually appealing kitchen setup. Highly recommend for any kitchen enthusiast looking to streamline their space!

  3. Tanya Dobbelaar

    Great way to store the cord
    love this idea. Works great on some of the appliances. Does not stick to a few appliances I have. Would buy again

  4. Dale

    Subtle and organized
    Easy to apply adhesive that keeps cords out of the way and not dragging/hanging as you’re moving appliances around. This has helped me move/transport my kitchenaid, crockpots and instapots with ease and keeps the cabinets organized and untangled when stored away. The thinner cords for toasters and such didn’t hold as well in the little lock/holder, but being able to wind the cables back is more than sufficient

  5. colten appleby

    It does its job!
    As a PhD student, I know firsthand the struggles of managing cable clutter. Between laptops, printers, chargers, and other electronic devices, cords can quickly become a tangled mess, resulting in frustration and wasted time. That’s why I was excited to try this organizer, and I have to say, I’m impressed.First of all, let’s talk about the design. This cord organizer is like a little hook that your cords can wrap around, which is both cute and functional. The hook is made of a sturdy material that can accommodate multiple cords of varying thickness. Plus, the hook shape makes it easy to identify which cords are which, which is great for those of us who have multiple devices with similar cords (looking at you, USB-C).But the real test, of course, is whether the cord organizer can actually reduce cable clutter. And the answer is a resounding yes. Wrapping your cords around the hook creates a more organized workspace and prevents tangling. It’s like having your cords give each other a group hug, which is a nice change from the usual cord wrestling matches.One thing to note is that the cord organizer is easy to install! Just peel the back and stick it anywhere! Then just wrap your cords around it and you’re good to go. It’s like a low-maintenance lab partner who always does their fair share of the work.In conclusion, the Cord Organizer is a useful tool for managing cable clutter in academic settings. Its hook shape is both cute and functional, and it really does reduce visual distractions, which can help increase productivity. So if you’re tired of dealing with cable clutter, give the Cord Organizer a try – your cords (and your sanity) will thank you.

  6. Kelli

    Pourrais coller un peu plus, il faut pas peser fort sur le fil en l’enroulant.Livraison rapide, prix abordable et l’article est tel que vu.Je recommande.

  7. Kp

    In description it’s written pack of 6 but I have received only 4 pieces in pack ..

  8. Kerryn Ring

    Poor design . Unless the power cord is thin the plug holder is a waste of time. The adhesive gives way fairly quickly. Waste of money

  9. Charlee

    I like these but got three without adhesive. What good are they without the sticky part? How can I get the three that were defective sent to me?

  10. Amazon Customer

    Again only 4 numbers were sent although it shows 6 numbers/ please be careful while ordering from this seller

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