Cottonelle® Professional Standard Roll Toilet Paper, Bulk (17713), 2-Ply, White (451 sheets/roll, 60 rolls/case, 27,060 sheets/case)


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For office and corporate environments where only the best measures up, Cottonelle® is the premier choice. Cottonelle® Professional Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue provides a soft feel and quality experience for all your guests. This premium toilet paper is a good choice for high-end restrooms in a variety of environments, including hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, retail, small businesses and more. Each roll of 2-ply white toilet paper is individually wrapped in attractive packaging, keeping the rolls clean and hygienic. It meets minimum EPA standards and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, so you can be proud of your choice. When you want to treat your guests to a touch of luxury in a restroom away from home, choose Cottonelle® Professional Standard Roll Toilet Paper.
Is stopped by the manufacturer: No
Product dimensions: ‎24 x 20 x 15 inches; 8 ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ 92145
Service: Concierge / Dining room maintenance and supplies
Date of publication on August 17, 2005
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Kimberly-Clark Professional
Reference ‏ : ‎ B0014C440U
Country of origin: United States

451 sheets/roll, 60 Cottonelle Professional standard toilet paper rolls/case; 27,060 sheets/case; 2 thicknesses; white
Cottonelle Professional 2-ply Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue is an ideal choice for your business (retail, offices, hospitality, restaurants) when you want to make a first-class impression.
For a premium experience you can trust, Cottonelle toilet paper is a must-have; Superior softness means a superior experience and reliable cleaning
This premium toilet paper fits universal standard toilet paper roll dispensers; hygienic standard rolls, individually wrapped, come in handy cases for easy storage
This premium toilet paper is FSC certified and meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste content (at least 25%). Safe sewer and septic tank.

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10 reviews for Cottonelle® Professional Standard Roll Toilet Paper, Bulk (17713), 2-Ply, White (451 sheets/roll, 60 rolls/case, 27,060 sheets/case)

  1. Squirrel

    I’m very happy with this purchase.
    No, this Cottonelle is not of the same thickness and does not have the same texture as the residential Cottonelle you find in grocery stores, because it isn’t residential Cottonelle you find in grocery stores: it’s commercial Cottonelle, produced for a different market with different priorities.Aside from any hoarding people may have been doing once upon a time, the main reason that paper products disappeared from grocery store shelves when this whole COVID thing started is that there are two production streams for paper products: one for residential paper products and one for commercial paper products. And when the COVID thing started (and still now, to a slightly lesser degree), everybody started staying home…which meant that there was basically 100% demand for residential paper products and 0% demand for commercial ones. The paper product production streams and capacities were not set up with this situation in mind – the reality at the time was more of a 50/50 deal – and so when COVID-19 hit and everybody started staying home, demand for residential paper products suddenly far exceeded any production capacity that had ever been needed for them previously, while demand for commercial paper products dropped to basically zero. People using way more residential paper products than could be produced resulted in those products disappearing from grocery store shelves, while commercial paper products started filling warehouses to capacity as far more were being produced than were actually being used.That’s why this lovely stuff remains available (rather a big plus, you’ll note) while “regular” residential-grade Cottonelle is still thin on the ground if indeed you can find it at all (I haven’t actually looked for paper products in a grocery store in quite some time so I don’t know what the actual state of all that is right now).Anyways: that’s our modern history lesson for today. The point is that this (readily available) version of Cottonelle is the *commercial* variety, with each roll intended to last longer than the residential kind, so changing out the rolls is less labor-intensive. This, in turn, is why this version is thinner (and, you may note, more tightly wound on the core) than the residential variety: there’s a lot more actual product here, and a lot less air.Given those facts, the resultant cost-effectiveness, and the remarkable softness and absorbency of this commercial version, I can’t understand why anybody would want the residential version anymore. I know *I’m* never going back.

  2. jojobean

    Soft, Weak, and Slightly Linty
    I ordered this TP after experiencing it in a hotel room – it was soft, thin, and didn’t seem to leave much behind on my behind. I also chose it for the environmentally friendly packaging, as opposed to the plastic all other tissue is wrapped in at the store.I hesitantly ordered the “used” package that was available, to find it delivered in perfectly new condition. Glad I stocked up because it seems most people cannot keep toilet tissue in stock these days (March 2020).If you like Scott Tissue, but desire more softness, this is the roll for you.If you like Cottenelle for its strength and softness, this is not the roll for you.

  3. hazel folks

    Better than expected
    They are thin sheets, but they don’t tear or feel too flimsy to get the job done!

  4. Lauren

    Professional quality
    This definitely wasn’t my pick for toilet paper. I bought this during the toilet paper shortage because it was literally all I could find, and I felt lucky in doing so.In general I have never liked cottonelle. It’s just personal preference. Usually I buy soft toilet papers and I found that cottenelle tended to leave fibers behind when you wipe anything wet. This TP doesn’t seem to leave so much behind, but it is a super thin 2Ply and it tears easily. It isn’t very soft either, but certainly better than other commercial toilet papers I have used.It’s nice that they are individually wrapped, so I can store them for some time without having to worry about them getting dusty or dirty. Now that other TP is available, this is going in the closet as emergency backup because it’s really just not that great. It’s pretty much what I expected though and I can’t fault it for that. If I’d bought it for a business where I am not the one using it, it’s a good toilet paper for relatively cheap. I just wouldn’t buy it for myself unless I absolutely had to again.I tried to be fair in my rating based on that. It’s certainly professional or commercial grade and not what I am used to for home use.

  5. Jacopochi

    It does the job – nowhere near Costco quality
    I was hoping I would like this because when Costco’s website said don’t even bother trying until June 1, I figured I needed some kind of TP plan. This box, with 60 rolls at about $.83/roll is a relatively good price. Still more than Costco, but not a price gouging.I was hopeful when the box arrived. Each roll is loosely wrapped in paper, giving it greater apparent volume than the roll actually provides. In reality, the shipping box could be smaller and each roll could be smooshed in the box tighter, but the loose wrap job kept the rolls safe, not flattened, not crushed, evenly stacked and in good shape through shipping.The roll is narrower than Costco TP and definitely thinner even if each roll has more squares. With Costco TP and our bidet, I could get by using the dryer and then 3 squares, folks. With this industrial Cottonelle, I do the same and need to use about 6 squares to have an appropriate barrier between my hand and parts and stay dry myself.It is 2 ply, but it is a thin 2 ply. It’s soft, but not super soft. Its strong, but not super strong. If it were being graded for home use TP, it is a solid B-. If you’re getting mildly concerned about the hoarders and lack of TP, it’s a reasonable solution, but maybe one kleenex would do the same job. I don’t know, that would require me to do some math and a B- box of 60 rolls is not enough to make me.If you use Costco toilet paper, you know there is a difference between theirs and some of the super soft grocery store TP that feels like pillows on your rear. It’s not like I have super high expectations of TP, but watched a documentary a while ago about how much R&D goes into Costco TP so in my view, they have a better balance of quality, softness, strength, absorbancy, and low dust that this stuff just does not match. And it’s cheaper on a normal day…but hey, what’s normal anymore. Certainly not people’s TP buying habits…It’s fine and should last the family through the summer at least, given current usage patterns.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Good quantity for the price. Is thin and tears, especially when starting a new role and so it can’t be mistaken for 3 ply – if that is what you want steer clear but in our household it does the job.

  7. Maria F Carrera

    Muy bien que no lleva nada de plástico pero el papel se rasga…

  8. Northern Mini Storage

    Great Value. I just reordered.

  9. Mauricio Garcia E.

    Son muy chafas, no valen la pena.

  10. Doug Clark

    We have an issue with roots in our sewer line and toilet paper was getting snagged up on the roots and blocking the drain from our house to the main line. This and a bidet is an excellent temporary action that is keeping the line flowing well. May eventually have to spend $1000s to rip up or line the sewer line but, for now, this is doing the job. Does what toilet paper is supposed to do, and doesn’t mess up my sewer line.

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