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Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet and Counter, Bronze

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Product Description

Keeping Life OrganizedKeeping Life Organized

DecoBros 5 Tier Wire Organizer, Bronze

Here at DecoBros, we are dedicated to providing quality products and solutions that help transform your space just the way you want it. The Wire Organizer series is designed to declutter and arrange your items in an easy way. Whether it’s in the kitchen or office workspace, having a method to organize the essentials can enhance your everyday living. Keep life organized!

Many Ways To Use

Inside Cabinet (Vertical)Inside Cabinet (Vertical)

Inside Cabinet (Horizontal)Inside Cabinet (Horizontal)

Kitchen CounterKitchen Counter

Study RoomStudy Room

Cabinet (Vertical)

Stack vertically inside your cabinet to make the most of the height of your space. Best way to utilize that fifth tier.

Cabinet (Horizontal)

Lay across horizontally to easily sort and organize different types of cookware. Get rid of all clutter!

Kitchen Counter

Arrange your pans, cutting boards, and bakeware at an easy-to-access location on top of your kitchen counter.

Study Room

Place one on your desk to keep and separate various documents, folders, envelopes, and notebooks.

RK-038-1 OfficeRK-038-1 Office

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RK-038-1 RK-005-2 RK-004-2 RK-15B-K RK-06B-K

Bronze Bronze Bronze Black Black

Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel

5 Vertical / 4 Horizontal 3 3 3 + 3 3

Vertical + Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal

Store up to 5 pans or lids for saving cabinet and countertop space.
Free Stranding includes Vertical or Horizontal installation.
Allowed to be secured to a fixed position by inserting a screw into the bottom screw hole (screw included).
Dimension: 9”D x 9.5”W x 11.75” H.
USPTO Patent USD778642.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, performance, organization, and ease of assembly of the storage rack. For example, they mention it’s sturdy, functional, and useful. That said, they’re happy with appearance, fit, and value. Opinions are mixed on size.

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13 reviews for Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet and Counter, Bronze

  1. Nana

    these make my cabinet so organized!
    this was easy to put together. It holds all my pans. I can not use th top shelf due to my cabinet is too short. I tried to use it holding my cooking pans but I need a solid devision. My husband even had a positive comment about them!

  2. Penny Blackburn

    Oganized my cupboard!
    This rack worked well for me. It fit my cupboard and holds my frying pans apart son they dot scratch each other.

  3. Linda M

    I still need to screw into the cabinet base but happy with the construction

  4. Erin

    Very good, sturdy
    This rack is great and holds all of my frying pans nicely. I put a cast iron pan on the bottom which anchors it in place. This fit perfectly in the large cabinet under my island cooktop (there’s no shelving) and this saves steps to another cabinet to grab a pan.

  5. Alyssa

    Strong and Sturdy
    This product was super easy to assemble we only had to screw in a couple of things and everything was in the package to do it. This fits perfectly under our kitchen island and is strong enough to hold all of our cast iron pans.

  6. Amazon Customer

    useful to stack small flat pans
    We bought two and was hoping to use it to stack the pots sideway as shown in one pictures. But there is not enough clearance below the base. We ended up to use it with vertical stacking. We have a set of fry pans. This works great for the small and maybe the medium one, but definitely not the large one. Here are our observations and suggestions:1. If you have a set of small pans less than 12 inch in diameter, this will work well.2. The metal wires are not sturdy enough to carry the weight of pans bigger than this size range. The weight of pans can tilt the stand3. This stand can not be used as side stack unless you have small pans. My guess is smaller than 10 inch. The edge of pan will hit the floor to carry the weight.4. The space between different layers is too small for pots I have. It is about 5 inches. I can put one small pot on the top, but it has to be very light. Otherwise the stand will tilt and actually fell for us.I wish they can improve the design to:a. make the base a bit strongerb. increase clearance on the bottom so it can be used on the side.c. make the metal wire thicker to support the pot for each layer.the concept is good, but it was not useful for my kitchen. i won’t buy it. i will save the money to get something better quality.

  7. Laura

    Space saver
    This looks just like the picture. It holds several pans and really saves some space.

  8. Amber

    Such a space saver
    This is easily the best purchase I have made lately. We have pans everywhere in out cabinets. My husband found this holder online and decided we should give it a try. I’m so glad we did. The pans fit in the slots easily, even our biggest one. It was a snap to to assemble and looks nice in the cabinet. We have told others about it and everyone that ordered it has also loved it. Highly recommended this one.

  9. Carolina

    Me hizo muy buen apaño

  10. Kc

    Amazing thing to organize kitchen

  11. Johny joseph pindis

    It is ok

  12. María

    Cómo se describe, fácil de montar y, sobre todo, muy práctico. Se puede poner en horizontal y en vertical.

  13. Monique Chouinard

    Très satisfaite c’est pratique

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