Doeean Let’s Eat Wall Decor Letter Signs Acrylic Mirror Wall Decals Decorations Stickers for Kitchen or Dining Room (Silver 26.3 X 13.2)


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Uncover the brown paper surface is the acrylic mirror. Please tear it off when installing.

Made of quality acrylic and the surface is reflective like a mirror (but please note that they are not real mirror).

The acrylic plate is thickened, has a better reflective effect, pasted firmly, and is not easy to fall off.


1.【MATERIAL】: This wall sticker is made of acrylic, The surface is reflective, Letter and Knife, Spoon, Fork are Silver mirrors
2.【DIMENSION】: Size: Medium; width 66.8cm (26 IN), height 33.6cm (13 IN), Thickness: 3mm (0.12 IN). Acrylic plate is thickened, pasted firmly, not easy to fall off.
3.【NOTE】: The pictures shown are only for showing purposes, the big size is to show all the details of the product, not the real size, please measure your wall to choose the most suitable size.
4.【Enjoy the Process】: There are Model Paper, Number Map ; It may take some time to complete, Just like a jigsaw puzzle, the installation process itself is full of fun, you will be happy when you see the results of your work.
5.【Buyer Feedback】: Uncover the white paper surface is the adhesive, uncover the brown paper surface is the acrylic mirror. Each box comes with a card pin. After the edge of the brown paper is moistened, the card pin can be used to easily peel it off.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance of the sticker decal, saying it looks good and is authentically appealing. However, some customers report issues with durability, size, and value. They mention that the product is fragile, can break easily, and is extremely small. Some customers also are disappointed with ease of installation. Opinions are mixed on adhesion.

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8 reviews for Doeean Let’s Eat Wall Decor Letter Signs Acrylic Mirror Wall Decals Decorations Stickers for Kitchen or Dining Room (Silver 26.3 X 13.2)

  1. vettie

    Very Tedious/time consuming
     After reading the reviews I decided to go ahead and purchase this and I’m glad I did! I love it! It’s the perfect size for my space. I love the mirror look. It was a little time consuming having to put up the template carefully poke out each piece then stick the mirror piece in its position then peel the brown paper backing off🤦‍♀️🙄 But my husband got the job done lol. I supervised! If you would like to hire him to put it up for you let me know. I call him my project man shhhhh don’t tell him I told y’all. But overall I’m satisfied with this purchase. And to agree with other reviews they can break easily if you’re not careful.

  2. Crowned By Ocie

    Good Product. Very Creative but poor quality. Very Cheap Material.
    flabbergasted 😭 It’s horrible. Came in 100 different puzzle pieces. This definitely needs to be a dollar store item. Sorry.

  3. Pattie B.

    Great focal point of our kitchen!
    This was a great accent and something different to put up in our home. It does require a little patience and time to put it up. I am a little OCD so I wanted it lined up and near perfect. A great team project or it can be done alone. A second eye is useful. The price was great for this. And, the size is also great. There is a paper stencil included for placement on the wall. I would suggest measuring placement out using a tape measure and don’t press the pieces all the way on the wall until you are completely satisfied with where they all will go. The glue/adhesive is very strong. Once it is on the wall you will ruin the paint to have to move it. There is a protective film to take off after it is in place, to complete the mirror look. The acrylic pieces are also not flimsy. This is so cute – great product!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Easy assemble
    Looked better in the picture

  5. C. Mclean

    worst decal to apply to wall
    This was the worst decal project I’ve had any issues with in all my years of using them. First one of the pieces was cracked. The sticky back was hard to get paper off, also the brown paper was horrible too. after reading some of the reviews just now I realize my decal never came with any directions at all!!!!! Other than a paper for taping up the diagram to follow where to place forks, etc. Had I had the directions I am sure it would’ve been a much better outcome; instead it is currently in the trash. I would NEVER buy this again. Poor way to package an item with no instructions to wet the brown paper and use a needle tool to get the rest of the white paper off. I am so frustrated and disappointed. Money wasted.


    Although it took quite some time to assemble the end result was beautiful!! And it appears to be very durable. I would def recommend this to family/friends. But ONLY if they have patience lol

  7. NikkiIsPicky

    You pay for what you get.
    Package came in a sketchy box, but that’s expected. The item came with no instructions just product, set up time took me about over an hour, I had to first tape the template then carefully tear the template spots to then place the stickers onto the template, and I mean carefully. do not be rough with this or it will shatter, once I was finished I peeled back the protective layer. This product is a good product and I would recommend it, just know that this will be a long process it will be over an hour long and you will have to be gentle and patient.

  8. Alicia Hamlin

    Not worth it very cheap
    The whole process was tedious, it’s very small and the picture makes it look a good size not 3d at all. Cheaply made materials most of my pieces cracked and it’s super hard to get of the wall when I tried more pieces cracked so I just left it alone and hope no one notices it from far away. I definitely would not recommend this product. If it was made better and bigger like the picture shows it would be pretty

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