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At eufy, we believe that all great smart home products should be thoughtfully designed from the start. From whole-home security to smart cleaning solutions, eufy technology gives you expert protection and deep cleaning tailored to your lifestyle and creates human-centered technology that powers the lives of everyone who surround you.

Because care is what makes a house a home, everything we build is built with care for you.

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X10 Pro Omni






All-in-one station for hands-free cleaning: X10 Pro Omni mop pads are washed in clean water, then dried in heated air at 45°C (113°F) to prevent bad odors. Its dust bin empties into the station’s 2.5L dust bag, which only needs to be replaced every 2 months. The 3L clean water tank provides enough water to clean a 1,500-2,000 square foot (150 m²) home 2-3 times.
Powerful 8000 Pa Suction for Deep Cleaning: The eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum effortlessly removes debris hidden in carpets, including pet hair, for clean floors in just one pass.
MopMaster 2.0 for spotless floors: With 180 rotations per minute and 1 kg of downward pressure, the X10 Pro Omni’s dual mop pads easily remove stains and leave you with shiny floors. When a carpet is detected, the mops automatically raise 12mm to prevent it from getting wet.
AI.See Smart Cleaning: X10 Pro Omni offers an advanced obstacle avoidance system. It is able to identify more than 100 different objects like electrical wires, shoes and toys, even at night. Use the app to customize cleaning scenarios to tailor your cleaning routine to your needs.
Self-Detangling Roller Brush: The roller brush rotates in reverse and the Pro-Demangle comb flips out to loosen and remove hairs wrapped around the roller brush, so you don’t have to.
iPath Laser Navigation: Our proprietary technology creates efficient cleaning routes around your home.
Customizable AI.Map 3.0: Create no-go zones, virtual boundaries and more so the eufy X10 Pro Omni robot vacuum cleans your space the way you want.
Note: Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. 5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported.

Customers say

Customers like the maneuverability, ease of use, quality, and performance of the robotic vacuum cleaner. They mention that it does a great job of mapping out the house, it requires very little help from them and that the instructions are clear. They appreciate the convenience and performance, saying that it makes household chores a breeze and that it performs excellently.

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8 reviews for Eufy auto-fill

  1. xander

    A True Lifesaver! Absolutely fantastic!
    I’ve been a long-time user of robot vacuums, having owned one for years. This latest addition to my cleaning crew has truly blown me away.FIRST THINGS FIRST:its cleaning performance is exceptional. The suction power is impressive and works on both hard floors and carpets. What really sets this vacuum apart is it does good job on separating vacuums and mop. Plus, it self-cleans periodically throughout the cleaning process, saving a lot of hassle. it operates quietly, with noise only when dealing with accumulated dust in the machine.IMPRESSIVE APP AND EASY SET UP:Right out of the box, it comes well-packaged with comprehensive instructions, making installation a breeze. Components like the water tank are easy to install, and the app UI is straightforward. With multiple modes and customizable settings, it adapts to any specific needs. The quick map initialization feature is truly impressive – takes no longer than 10 mins for my 1000+ sqft rooms, allowing me to mark areas to avoid or clean more thoroughly.INTELLIGENCE:one of the biggest headaches with my old robot vacuum was constantly having to clear the path for it. I’m talking toys, cables, shoes. But here’s where it gets really cool – this new buddy is able to recognize obstacles like toys, cables, and shoes – it navigates around them like a champ. The app shows you all these obstacles neatly labeled on the map, which is a nice touch.overall it does a good job with both vacuum and mopping. The intelligence really sets it apart from others. If you’re on the hunt for a new vacuum buddy, this one’s definitely worth a look.

  2. Yutong

    Fantastic Performance! Highly recommend if you have pets!
     If you are a cat owner like me, you know the struggle of keeping up with all that fur. Over the past years, we’ve tried iRobot 9xx and Roborock S7+ — They worked ok but the cons are also obvious: e.g. hair always gets tangled in our iRobot and we had to manually pickup hairballs after cleaning. Roborock is better but it gets stuck on one of our bath rugs every single time and also sometimes gets confused when navigating through obstructions. That’s why we started looking for new upgrades in our vacuum device. Eufy X10 Pro Omni was by far the most expensive robot vacuum we’ve ever purchased so we were a bit unsure at the beginning, but after running it hard for weeks, I would say it’s definitely worth the price and exceed my expectations.– CLEANINGSuction power is superb. We use it in all areas including carpet, hardwood and tile, and it hardly misses anything that I would notice. The dock also has strong power suction to transfer from the robot to the dust bin, and it does an amazing job at self-cleaning the mop. Our house is not a small one so during the cleaning, the vacuum would return to the dock a couple times to clean the mopping pad and automatically resume the cleaning when it’s ready. This is a plus imo as it guarantees mopping around the house only with clean pads. I really like the fact the this vacuum is truly hands-free – all I have to do is add water and dump water.– SOUNDThe unit runs a lot quieter than our other vacuums which is very important for us cuz our cat is very scared of vacuum cleaners. Our previous ones were so loud that he would hide in corners waiting for it to finish, but with Eufy he barely feels the need to hide. We sometimes wfh so this is another big plus – we can run it while we are at home working without feeling disturbed.– OBSTRUCTIONSWhile the unit is compact enough to get under furniture like chairs / tables / bed to clean all the hard-to-reach areas, the sensors are really good at detecting obstructions and it barely bumps into furniture or knocks over anything (another reason it’s quiet!). Previously with our old vacuums, we needed to do lots of preparation work to remove rugs / cables so they won’t get stuck, but Eufy navigating through the house effortlessly so we no longer need to prepare the space before running it, but can still rest assured that we won’t need to rescue it during the cleaning session.Overall, we are extremely happy and satisfied with the purchase. I would highly recommend it to my friends and families, especially to those who have pets. It’s truly a game-changer.

  3. MAX

    Highly recommend!
    I recently purchased the eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop, and I must say, it has been an absolute game-changer in my home cleaning routine. The price point is incredibly reasonable for the plethora of features it offers. The design is sleek and modern, fitting seamlessly into my home decor while providing top-notch cleaning capabilities.Setting up the device was a breeze. The instructions were clear, and the eufy X10 Pro was ready to go in no time, requiring minimal effort on my part. The 8,000 Pa suction power is impressive, picking up dirt and debris effortlessly, leaving my floors spotless. The dual mops with 12 mm auto-lift and carpet detection work wonders on my hardwood floors and rugs, providing a thorough clean without any manual intervention.One of the standout features is the complete hands-free experience it offers. With auto mop washing, auto drying, self-emptying, and self-refilling functions, I can truly set it and forget it. This level of automation is a luxury that I didn’t realize I needed until now.However, it’s worth noting that the unit is a bit on the larger side, which might be a consideration for those with limited storage space. Additionally, while the dust collection process is efficient, it does generate some noise. Thankfully, the ‘no disturb time’ setting is a thoughtful addition, allowing me to schedule cleaning sessions when they won’t interrupt my rest or work time, which is a great compromise.In conclusion, the eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop is an excellent investment for anyone looking to upgrade their cleaning arsenal. The minor concerns about size and noise are easily outweighed by the convenience, design, and cleaning power of this device. I highly recommend it to others seeking a high-quality, hassle-free cleaning experience.

  4. Mike Lush

    The set up and app for this robot vac&mop couldn’t be simpler and it is tackling a busy house with lots of kids and pets with zero issues after a few weeks. The detangle feature seems to keep the brush clean and leaving the default setting at 15 minutes to return to base and empty the dustbin works well. Its hands off maintenance. The mop feature works very well and does an impressive job with the dual spinning heads. So far very impressed with the Eufy X10

  5. Vincent

    The X10 Pro Omni is a game-changer for home cleaning. Its mop feature works efficiently, leaving floors spotless and even reaching the challenging wall edges. The vacuum function is powerful, picking up dirt and debris with ease. Additionally, the maintenance is user-friendly; replacing the dirty water tank and dust bag is a breeze. Highly recommended for those seeking a hassle-free and thorough cleaning experience.

  6. Gus

    I’ve been using the eufy X10 Pro Omni robot vacuum and mop for a few weeks now, and it’s become an indispensable essential in our household. Before finally deciding to get this eufy, I spent almost 3 weeks researching extensively, and this was the result. It was the right decision hands down, this robot, at its price range, is simply incredible. Not sure why would anyone want to invest double the amount for potentially a few more additions that wont add a lot of value to the overall cleaning process. Here’s a summary of my experience so far.Note the current firmware on my X10 as I’m writing this review is v2.1.10Suction Power and Cleaning Performance:The X10 Pro Omni boasts an impressive 8,000 Pa suction power, which is more than enough for everyday cleaning on carpets and hard floors. It easily picks up hair, dust, and debris without issue. I have seen this level of suction power on higher-end models so its great that eufy opted to add it here. I did replace the included roller brush (with bristles) with the new all-rubber roller brush. It was available on the eufy website for around $20. The new brush doesn’t collect any hair but it will make vacuuming on hard floors louder, probably because of the sound of the rubber hitting on hard floors as it rotates. However, the included brush didn’t have a lot of tangled hair anyway and there is a new mechanism that eufy implemented to have the brush roll in reverse to cut the hair while emptying it’s dustbin at the base station.The dual rotating mops with 12 mm auto-lift is fantastic and probably the highest I have seen (aside from one Dreame robot that can leave its mops behind at the base station). The mop heads effectively clean hard floors, and the auto-lift feature prevents them from getting carpets wet when moving between surfaces.The AI obstacle avoidance (AI.see) is probably where the X10 Pro Omni truly shines. The robot navigates my furniture and obstacles with ease, rarely getting stuck or bumping into things. I haven’t had any incidents of it damaging delicate objects. The robot will take photos of objects that it identified while cleaning and will send you an alert on the app and it’s very accurate. In robot reviews that I watched earlier, this level of obstacle avoidance is only possible on the more expensive models, and even then it’s probably not as good, so kudos to eufy on getting this right. Note that it’s not possible as of now to use the camera on the robot to monitor your house. I guess after the issue with some eufy cameras and for privacy reasons, eufy has opted to disable this feature. It would be great they include an option in the app to turn it on or off in the future.Mop Washing and Drying:The self-emptying base station eliminates the need for constant emptying of the dustbin. The vacuum is very loud when it’s emptying the dustbin however, this only lasts a few minutes. The auto mop washing feature is fantastic. The base station cleans the mop heads after each cleaning cycle, keeping them fresh and preventing them from spreading dirt or bacteria. The built-in hot air drying ensures the mops are ready for the next use without leaving streaks or moisture on the floor. One thing that I hoped the eufy had, which is probably only one of 2 or 3 missing features available on the more expensive robot brands, is the ability to automatically add a cleaning detergent to the clean water tank. I bought the eufy-specific detergent brand from their website (they recommend using their brand) because it’s not available on Amazon yet. You only need to add 1.5 caps (15ml) to the entire water tank (3L).App Control and Scheduling:The eufy app allows for full control of the robot. You can schedule cleaning sessions, set no-go zones, adjust suction power and water flow for mopping, and monitor cleaning history. The app is user-friendly and intuitive, even for those not familiar with robot vacuums. The option to create specific cleaning zones within a room is a nice feature. For example, I can set the robot to focus on high-traffic areas like the kitchen or living room. You can also decide on how to clean each specific room separately by adjusting suction power, water level for mopping, deep cleaning, etc. The app also provides the ability to integrate with home assistants from Amazon and Google to control the robot with voice commands.Battery Life and Maintenance:The battery life is good, lasting for a full cleaning cycle on my apartment layout (around 1200 sq ft) on a single charge. It’s important to remember that this will hugely depend on the cleaning settings that you have, whether its deep clean, higher suction power, and so on, this will greatly impact the battery level.Routine maintenance is minimal. The dustbag needs replacement occasionally (maybe every 2-3 months), and the brush needs cleaning and eventually replacement from time to time. The app provides helpful reminders for all these tasks as it monitors hourly usage to determine the next robot item to service. One thing I noticed is that it takes around 2+ minutes to charge 1% of the battery. And in normal cleaning mode, it consumes, on average, around 1% of the battery every 1-2 minutes.Overall Impression:The eufy X10 Pro Omni is a powerful and feature-rich robot vacuum and mop. It offers excellent cleaning performance with its strong suction and innovative mop system. The self-emptying base station takes convenience to a whole new level. And while the price point might be on the higher side for some, it’s important to remember that the eufy is almost half the price of the higher-end models with identical features (some more expensive robots can’t even do proper object avoidance). It’s a worthwhile investment for those who value an automated cleaning experience with high-tech features.

  7. ShaunaT

    I have had this for about 6 weeks. This is my third robot vacuum. My 2nd Eufy. All of which did a good job. This is my third attempt at a robot mop and the first that actually worked. It took a few days to play with the settings, and ultimately settled on it vacuumed my carpet rooms in the morning and vacuuming and washing my hard floors in the evening after dinner. I have discovered it works best if you leave it alone. So play with the settings until you understand it and get to where you can live with and it works with your schedule. You can set the order of rooms you want it to clean, and what you want done in each room. You can set multiple schedules if that works best for you. I try to empty out the dirty water and rinse the tank after each use. I refresh the water every 3 days, alternating between water with a bit of solution and water only. Weekly I wash and air dry the containers and swap out the mop pads, clean the roller bar and tray. People considering buying this need to realize, it is not as good as a human, don’t expect it to do as good a job as you would. It’s great maintenance so you don’t have to do as much work. It does not do edges and corners very well. Instead of mopping weekly. I only have to do it monthly. While I won’t say the hair detangler doesn’t work, I will say it doesn’t work well. You will still have to cut that out every week or two. A little weekly maintenance is way less work than mopping and vacuuming weekly and my floors are always clean. I have a cat and a dog and an allergy sufferer in the house. For the price point, it’s a rockstar. I can not recommend this enough.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I have purchased by watching you tube propaganda about this flagship product . It works (Navigation) built quality is cheap. Good Customer support (amazing ) . But Omni station (base station) does not succession at all, I have seen decreased performance in couple of days (7-8) ..only dust / debris Vacuum unit only. Water tank is small after 2 cleaning cycle it finishes . Cleaning is ok , compare to Ecovack T20 Omni but navigation is way batter. I will not recommend this product 1) Built quality 2) Mopping Quality 3) Malfunction. I am returning the product.

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