EZ Off Jar Opener for Seniors – Under Cabinet Jar Openers for Weak Hands, Easy Grip, One Handed Gadgets & Bottle Opener – Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Home Assistance – White


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EZ Off Jar Opener LogoEZ Off Jar Opener Logo

Jam jar EZ Off Jar Opener with packageJam jar EZ Off Jar Opener with package

EZ Off Jar Opener with hand and jam installed in kitchenEZ Off Jar Opener with hand and jam installed in kitchen

EZ Off Jar Opener AloneEZ Off Jar Opener Alone

EZ Off Jar Opener Alone InstalledEZ Off Jar Opener Alone Installed

Easy Operation

It’s easy to use the opener with one hand thanks to its simple, V-grip design. Minimal effort and exertion make it ideal for all those with limited hand mobility.

Easy Installation

1. Remove the adhesive cover

2. Press firmly to affix to surface

3. Fasten with screws (included)

Convenient Design

Mount it beneath your cabinet to keep the clutter to a minimum. You won’t see it, but it will always be at your reach. The jar opener hides neatly out of sight under a cabinet, cupboard, counter, or shelf, taking no valuable storage space.

kitchen gadgetkitchen gadget

quality materialsquality materials

1 pack and 2 pack1 pack and 2 pack

Open Any Jar with Ease: Our one-handed bottle opener makes opening even the tightest lids effortless, whether they’re factory-locked, vacuum sealed, childproof, or just stuck
Perfect Gifts for Seniors: Say goodbye to struggling with jars and hello to easy access with our jar openers. It’s designed to be easy to use for those with weak hands or arthritis. A good choice as a Father’s Day gift.
Under Cabinet Mount: Efficiently saves counter space, always within reach. We utilize double-sided adhesive for a seamless cabinet attachment and provide a pair of screws for added reinforcement.
Non-Slip Grip: Our bottle opener is made with durable materials and features a non-slip grip that ensures a firm hold on any size lid. It requires less strength while providing more security.
Essential Kitchen Gadgets: Our bottle opener is an essential kitchen gadget that makes opening jars a breeze. It’s perfect for children, elderly, amputees, those with carpal tunnel, and handicapped individuals.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, fit and ease of installation of the jar opener. For example, they say it’s durable, works well and is easy to install under a cabinet. Customers are also impressed with the ease of use, saying it helps arthritic hands manage simple tasks.

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13 reviews for EZ Off Jar Opener for Seniors – Under Cabinet Jar Openers for Weak Hands, Easy Grip, One Handed Gadgets & Bottle Opener – Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Home Assistance – White

  1. Laura Groat

    Wish I had this years ago!
    Works exactly as described, can open small water bottle or big mayo jars to coffee creamer containers. Easy to use!

  2. Racheal

    Easy & Convienient
    I purchased this product because I’m a stroke patient that can only use my right hand and wanted to be able to open my twist top bottles without help. Works as described. I am able to successfully open my protein shake bottles alone. Be very careful when using the teeth grippers are extremely sharp

  3. susan

    Don’t hesitate, buy this!
    I was afraid this would be a cheap product that didn’t work, and boy was I wrong. My hands have gotten weaker as I’ve aged and opening jars and bottles was getting very difficult. This product is so easy to Install, it doesn’t show underneath my cabinets, but most of all it really, really really really really really really works! Game changer!

  4. Rebecca Thompson

    Does a great job but watch out for the teeth marks!
    I like it and it does just what it says it will. However, the teeth are metal and when opening a metal lid, the teeth dig in and leave sharp little shards poking out of the lid. The first one caught me off guard but now that I know, it’s not a deal breaker. Just something to be aware of.

  5. Roberto Fratarcangeli

    Bought for my grandma & she loves it!
    I am always on the look out for products that will help make my grandma’s life a little easier. She has arthritis, and she has had trouble opening jars for as long as I can remember. She is a very independent woman who would like to do everything on her own. This product has helped tremendously! It was super easy to install under her cupboard. She is now able to open all different size jars with ease. The only thing wrong with this product is that I wish I would have found this sooner for her!

  6. CC

    Wow, definitely awesome opener – but with a bit of a catch
    I first spotted a jar opener essentially like this EZ Off under-cabinet opener – although quite different in its construction details – in some home store way back in the early 1980s, thought it looked promising, bought it and installed it in my then-home, and found it to work amazingly, wonderfully well. It totally grips the jar lid, allowing the user just to hold and turn the jar, using two hands if necessary, which turns out to be marvelously easy.Now, almost 40 years later, and in a different house, I didn’t see that same opener for sale any more, but saw and bought this essentially similar EZ Off. And it works as well overall as my old original, hooray!However, I am pretty sure that my old original, similar opener had one very interesting, significant difference: This EZ Off opener, and the one main, current, extremely similar competitor opener, both have two very thin, saw-toothed gripper blades, about 1/8th of an inch apart. Whereas I think I recall that my old opener had only one toothed blade, but individually much thicker.I’d guess that the two thinner blades on the current models provide a more certain, no-fooling bite/grip on the lid than the one old thicker blade, because the knife-thin blades are wicked sharp, better able to bite into the lid. But I’d also guess that it’s the thinner blades that cause this EZ Off, and probably too the similar current competitor, to tear very thin gouges in the out-sides of the jar lids, especially metal, producing small, sharp, jagged burrs on the sides of the jar lid, where you can then hardly avoid slightly jabbing and tearing your fingers on them, when you go to close the lid, or if you then try to re-open the jar by hand. The resulting skin tears aren’t likely to be more than superficial, since the jagged edges this opener digs into the sides of the jar lid are small and shallow – but they are ragged, sharp and nasty, and they produce very real skin tears that do hurt a bit.Whereas I am pretty darn sure that my old original similar opener, with a single, thicker blade, didn’t cut any such rips into the jar lids. But it probably also didn’t quite grip the lid entirely so incredibly well and easily as this double-thin-blade EZ Off either. I don’t honestly remember such detail from back then, but I suppose I probably on occasion had to push the jar lid a little more firmly into that old opener to get it to grip so it could be opened.It might be that you can try to minimize this tearing up of the jar lid edges by trying to be gentle in pushing the jar lid into the opener and turning it – although, if you push it in too little, you could easily instead create the very problem you’re trying to avoid, setting up the lid to slip/slide and thus be cut up by the opener blades because it’s not being held firmly enough. Your damage may vary.If I had a choice of the old, thick-blade version vs. the current, double-thin-blade models, I would probably choose the older, thick-blade version. I would probably prefer to, on occasion, have to press the jar lid a little harder into the opener than have jagged nicks cut into the sides of the lid. But that’s just my preference. And I don’t currently seem to have the choice at present anyway, it looks like only this double-thin-blade style is currently made and sold. Oh well. Still a pretty darn good jar opener. Just keep in mind to watch out for the small, sharp cuts that may be sliced into the sides of the jar lid by this opener.In rating this EZ Off opener, I would take off a half star anyway for its sometime cutting up my jar lids and thereby my fingers. But since half stars aren’t accepted, I reckon I’ll be nice, round back up to 5 stars, at least for now.

  7. Brad Glaser

    Easy install hidden under cabinet. Works great, so easy.

  8. EPS

    Wife Loves It
    Mounted under a cabinet. Works great. Makes opening jars a snap for the wife. Works on any jar even soda bottles.

  9. Jane Matthews

    I bought one of these in Canada and liked it so much that I sent one to one to my brother in England. Well designed for us people with arthritis. It fits under a drawer – out of the way but always handy. Great , buy one without hesitation.

  10. Sean

    Bought for my parents, then such a simple design bought a second.Install under the high cupboard, would not install low under bench as small child could hurt themselves as sharp.

  11. dc5rola

     Easy to installGood quality and not flimsyWorks well with little effortWas initially worried that the sharp blades would shred up the metal lids making sharp edges but it will generally just leave some teeth marks on the side that you can avoid putting your hand on

  12. larry

    Once you use it there’s no going back sending for another for my mobile can’t go wrong at this price. Larryboylan78@gmail.com

  13. Tracey

    What a great product Ive been needing as for the jars too hard to get lids off but having this makes life so much better and not having sore hands and wrists from the struggles any more. The screws in the packets you need to get two just a touch longer than the ones that come with it. But other then that all good

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