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Filtered Shower Head with Handheld Shower, High Pressure Water Flow and Multiple Spray Modes Shower Head with Filter, Pressure Wash for Hard Water, Shower Head with On/Off Switch for Pet Bathing

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Pweran is committed to providing a superior shower experience to consumers around the world. Our shower head series uses the most advanced design concepts and engineering technologies, combining functionality and aesthetics. Whether modern or classic, our products fit perfectly into your bathroom space.

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High Pressure Handheld Shower Head: This handheld shower head features micro-technology with unique structure for enhanced pressure. With 150 small nozzles close together, it ensures a constant water flow, saving up to 30% water and providing a powerful jet for an anti-fatigue massage.
Upgraded Filtered Shower Head: Removes 99.99% of chlorine to reduce dryness and irritation to skin and hair. This shower head softens hard water, protecting against skin and hair damage, with an 18-layer filtration system removing various impurities. Replace the filter cartridge every 4-6 months depending on the water quality. To avoid buying the wrong replacement filter cartridge, please purchase the filter element link in the store: B0CPV542QG.
Multi-Mode Shower Head: This detachable shower head with hose features a handheld design with four convenient spray settings: full-body rain mode, powerful mixed mode, spray massage mode and water-saving pause function. It meets various needs without complex settings for easy operation.
One-touch water stop design: When taking a shower, you no longer need to fiddle with the water heater switch or struggle to find it while shampooing. Enjoy the convenience of bathing your child or pet while sitting, without having to constantly get up to adjust the water. The one-touch water stop function allows for quick shutdown in an emergency, improving safety.
Pressure Adjustment Function: Shower pressure control allows for a personalized shower experience tailored to individual needs and preferences. No matter what the local water pressure is, the full pressure adjustment shower head ensures a consistent experience. Different flow patterns and pressure settings enhance comfort and satisfaction while showering.
Unique Power Wash Mode: Ideal for personal showers, kids and pets, and even cleaning bathtubs and walls. The POWER WASH mode of this high pressure shower head excels in cleaning after showering, providing a refreshing experience while keeping the bathroom spotless.
High-quality materials: This filtered shower head is made of premium ABS plastic with a chrome finish, providing impressive durability and wear resistance. The material ensures a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Easy to Install: Featuring a sleek design, this shower head allows for DIY installation and removal without the need for a professional plumber. It comes with a universal G1/2 thread interface. Installation only takes a few minutes. Professional customer support is readily available for any installation or usage issues, with a commitment to resolve within 24 hours.
Note: If any parts are missing or you need replacement parts after receiving your order, please contact us promptly.
!!!Purchase information: The spray mode is recommended for facial cleansing in cold weather because it produces a cool mist. The reason why the spray mode produces a cooler mist is that when the water evaporates quickly in the air, it absorbs some of the heat, making the mist feel cooler than the original water temperature. This cool mist is especially refreshing in hot weather, helping to reduce heat and invigorate the senses.

Customers say

Customers like the value, quality and ease of installation of the shower head. They mention that it works well, is well built and easy to install. They also like the pressure, and appearance. However, some customers have mixed opinions on spray, and settings.

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10 reviews for Filtered Shower Head with Handheld Shower, High Pressure Water Flow and Multiple Spray Modes Shower Head with Filter, Pressure Wash for Hard Water, Shower Head with On/Off Switch for Pet Bathing

  1. harley langhans

    This is a must have
    I recently purchased the dual-function shower head with a built in filter, that transforms into a power sprayer, and it has exceeded all my expectations. Installation was a breeze, taking just a few minutes without any need for special tools.As a shower head, it provides a luxurious, even spray that makes each shower feel like a spa experience. The water pressure is perfect, offering a relaxing yet invigorating wash.The real magic happens when you switch it to power sprayer mode. It delivers a powerful, concentrated stream that’s perfect for a variety of tasks around the house. I’ve used it to clean my shower, wash out trash cans, and even clean my patio furniture. The power sprayer feature saves me so much time and effort compared to using a regular hose.The build quality is excellent, with sturdy materials that feel like they will last for years. Switching between modes is seamless and intuitive, making it incredibly user-friendly.Overall, this shower head is a game-changer. It’s versatile, durable, and performs exceptionally well in both modes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their shower experience and tackle cleaning tasks with ease!

  2. Susanne Schweitzer

    ✨️ Amazing Shower Head ~ a must have 👍
    This handheld Shower Head is truly amazing ✨️ It comes with everything you’ll need and installs in just two minutes. It doesn’t leak at all and it is well build. It comes with 3 different settings plus a high pressure shower cleaning stream and an easy temp shut off/on button.Always having had low water pressure, and trying out many different power enhancing shower heads before, this handheld shower head is a true game changer 👍. The truly enhanced water pressure is awesome and produces a spa like spray feel ✨️ I’m now looking so forward to taking a shower everyday. The included water filter is fantastic as well, and it doesn’t reduce the water pressure at all, like so many others. I always had very dry itchy skin and dry frizzy hair (lots of natural curls) Now my skin and my hair feel so much softer and the itching is gone. I would highly recommend this amazing shower head ✨️

  3. rramos

    Great shower head and will recommend!!
    Got the shower head with all that is need to install!!! Easy set up and a world of a difference in pressure and water quality in the water for sure!!! The three modes works wonders when you are using it! To clean the shower with the pressure hose that detached makes clean ups so easy!!! Will recommend for sure!!!!

  4. Mary G.

    Incredibly strong water pressure
    This is the first showerhead I’ve purchased that actually holds up to the claim of being extremely powerful. So much so that it’s actually kind of painful. My only complaint is that mine does not have 4 settings, only 3. The little dial on the back only works for 2 settings.The cord is adequate length and the showerhead wand is comfortable to hold. It feels high quality and sturdy and it’s most definitely well worth the money spent. 10/10 would recommend if all the settings worked, which is why I took off one star.

  5. concernedconsumer

    Better Hair. Better Skin. Better me!
    This shower head has been life changing. I didn’t have bad water pressure, but now I have great water pressure! And the mist setting…oh the mist. I live in WI where it’s hot and humid in the summers. I find myself taking 2-3 showers a day with the mist setting and cold water. It’s like being at a water park, in the privacy of my own home, and I can stay for as long as I want. I’ve always purchased a shower head with a mist function because an old roommate of mine installed his and it was the most amazing thing ever. When he took it after he left, I’ve never been able to find one that works as well. Until now!The water is also extremely hard here and having the filter was noticeable right away with my hair. I had to condition every day before, and now I just do it once a week, like I should and did, before I moved here. My skin is also softer and requires less soap. Not making this up. The effects on you will vary depending on your water conditions, but if you have hard water, do yourself a favor and get this!Also, cuz of the water pressure, it’s also so much faster to quick rinse my shower when I’m done. Less deep cleans for sure. It’s the little things.Edit: my shower head had a developed a slight leak after about 6 months. I contacted the company directly and told them about it. After some legit confirmation emails and pics, Anna sent me a new shower head next day delivery and checked back to make sure everything was OK. It’s always hit or miss with the multitude of items here on Amazon. So glad this was a Hit! Don’t let the price fool you, this thing, and the company behind it, are legit! Highly recommended!

  6. RobertF

    Great product
    It comes with everything you need to install providing you already have a handheld shower in place. This means the part that holds the handheld, the hose to connect and the handheld itself with some extra washers if needed.Easy to install but do not use a wrench to tighten. Hand tight only.Performance is superior. It has a built in filter for water that might need it. An adjustable head with silicone around it and a shut off so temp does not need to be adjusted each time if you tend to shut off and turn on during the same shower. This shutoff also acts to adjust the spray force.I have a walk in shower that is very white and I chose the black. Yes the accompanying hose is color matched. The experience was really nice. It performs as expected. Easy to hold and shutoff and adjustable spray worked great. This has a great retail price. If you are looking for an alternative to the giant hunks of chrome sold as shower heads then this is the ticket for you.

  7. Julia

    It’s legit.
    I was ready to pack this back up and return it but it’s legit. The water pressure on this thing is amazing the filter seems to work …my skin isn’t as dry. Easy to install my husband did it in 2.5 seconds.

  8. Connor

    great shower head
    This shower head is great. It increases pressure and the more are good. Mist is a little cold but I was expecting that. The only problem it has is you have to turn the temperature up because it’s a little colder than what I was used to.

  9. Giuchici Gina

    Ich liebe diese Duschkopf. Der beste Entscheidung von allem.

  10. Wolfgang Arnoldt


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