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Hefty Slider Gallon Storage Bags, 66 Count

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Get better value and strength you can trust with these Hefty gallon size slide-out storage bags. The patented MaxLock rail and click-close features let you know when these BPA-free slide-in bags are securely closed. The top-fill expandable bottom makes it easy to load food, craft supplies, or other household items into these plastic storage bags. Large writable labels allow you to identify and organize the contents of each of these gallon-sized slide-out bags in your refrigerator, freezer or cupboard. Take these gallon bags on the go; keep clothes fresh and wrinkle-free in suitcases or protect camping supplies from mess. Hefty’s premium quality and super strength comes with superior savings and a 100% guarantee.
Is stopped by the manufacturer: No
Product Dimensions: 6 x 3.25 x 11 inches; 8.47 ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ Slider storage gallon
Date of publication on Amazon ‏: ‎ August 6, 2016
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Reynolds Consumer products
Country of origin: United States

GALLON SIZED SLIDE BAGS – This pack includes large 66 gallon size slider storage bags
CLICKS CLOSED SO YOU KNOW IT’S SEALED – The patented MaxLock Track system ensures your food stays fresh; just listen to the click of the extra-strong seal on these gallon bags
SUPER EASY TO USE — Our unique design makes it easy to open and close these BPA-free food storage bags with a simple sliding motion
EXPANDABLE BOTTOM TO LAY AND FILL — The sturdy gallon storage bags are expandable; place them on your counter, table or refrigerator shelf for easy filling and storage

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13 reviews for Hefty Slider Gallon Storage Bags, 66 Count

  1. Nikki N.

    What Can’t You Do With These Bags?
    Well, I’m sure there are some things you can’t do with these bags but they truly are versatile.I use them for leftover pizza since the pizza box takes up too much room in the fridge. I use them for other leftovers rather than putting it in a bowl that my lazy behind has to wash lol.I am going to list below all the ways I can remember anyway, that I have used these, hope it helps you out.1. Leftover pizza storage in the fridge (mentioned above).2. You know what a hassle it is to get rid of a pan or a frydaddy full of old used oil? Clearly you cannot pour it down your sink unless you want a permanently clogged up sink. You can’t just pour it into the trash bag because if your bag even gets a small hole in it, my goodness, what a mess when you take the garbage out with dripping that oil all the way through your house to get it out the door to put in the trash can, ask me how I know. So, I pour my old and used frying oil in this and slide the slider closed and I’ve never experienced that mess ever again.3. I put leftover parts and manuals for appliances or gadgets or electronics or furniture, etc, in these bags and write on them with a marker what it’s for. Keeps them handy and dust free and clean if you ever need them in the future.4. Perfect for storing messy items if you are going out of town, with things like body powder (don’t even get me started on what a mess that stuff makes), bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash. That way if anything were to develop a leak, at least it will prevent it from leaking all over your clean clothes.5. Any miscellaneous junk you don’t have the junk drawer space to store but have no place else to put it, if it fits in one of these bags, that’s where it’s going. Again, keeps it organized and dust free. Yes, I talk a lot about dust because I think my house must be the dustiest on the planet because when I dust my furniture within hours it has dust on it already, yuck, don’t get me started on that either, I hate dusting, yet, here we are.6. Also, great for storing extra panties or socks or bras if you have run out of drawer space and yes, ask me how I know that too! I think I have a buying problem, because I have more of these than I can wear in a month of not doing laundry lol.7. These bags come in handy for holding your pooper scooper contents when you are out walking your dog, they keep the odor in check until you can get to a garbage can.8. I have a large container that I keep our doggie biscuits in but if I buy a really big box and there is not quite enough room for every doggie biscuit, these slider bags hold the extra and keeps them fresher that way too.9. Use them to store and crush ice. If you are someone who loves crushed ice and you don’t have an ice crusher in your fridge, fill one of these with ide and then take a rolling pin or the side of a hammer and crush it up in as large or small pieces as you can.10. I have used this trick many times. If you are painting some trim on your walls and around doors and you have to stop for a break or whatever, and you really don’t feel like cleaning out that paint filled brush and if you don’t, it’s going to harden and ruin your brush and you will have to buy another one, the pain and inconvenience of it all! So, what I do is simply put my paint filled paint brush inside one of these, slide it closed and squeeze out as much air before closing it all the way, then when you come back to do some more painting in a few hours or even days, you have a paintbrush that still has wet paint and you can just continue on.There are probably many other things I’ve used these bags for besides the normal thing you think of with storing food in them, but this would be a whole book of a review if I wrote any more about it lol. Hope this review helped you in some way or gave you some ideas about how to use your slider storage bags.

  2. Betty C.

    I love my storage bags by Hefty because they are durable, easy to open and close, and they protect food from freezer burn! The price is very reasonable for the 66 count!

  3. Ms G

    Good product
    Okay price easy to open and to close has sturdiness and is thick and reliable to be put in freezer or fridge I would recommend

  4. Monpetite

    Great bags !!
    Love Hefty storage bags. They are very roomy, zipper stats locked, no leakage. I use them to freeze leftovers & repackage meats

  5. sandra s mcarthur

    Good Product
    Great way to buy it!!

  6. TexasTaxMan

    Great bags – durable, easy to use!
    The Hefty package was damaged beyond use; all the bags were just thrown into the Amazon bag. Whoever packed this should be either looking for another job or have better OJT (on the job training). Really sloppy packaging.The product, on the other hand, is excellent for storage of food items – the gallon size bag with sliders is easy to use and the bags hold a lot of food stuffs.

  7. DJ Ferrell

    Love them.
    I love hefty products. They are the only ones I use. They never disappoint with the quality of product.

  8. Charlene smith

    It holds the items I put in and the zip makes it easier for me to use

  9. ANON

    Good quality, made in USA, easy opening and closing.

  10. Imanol De Alba

    Buenas bolsas para guardar alimentos

  11. hmd

    Having now used these zip closure bags, the press together to seal type bags, don’t get a look in. Zip closures are, by far, vastly superior to the press to seal type bags that are more readily available in the supermarkets. More manufacturers need to start making these, and also in bigger sized bags for storing larger quantities in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

  12. E Aron

    It’s usable but there is no expandable bottom as advertised. Took photos but can’t seem to upload them here.

  13. Rain Brule

    How can the price go from $13-$32??????? That’s insane and will not order again which I’m very upset about because these were great!!

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