Holikme Mop Broom Holder Wall Mount Metal Pantry Organization and Storage Garden Kitchen Tool Organizer Wall Hanger for Home Goods (4 Positions with 4 Hooks, Silver)


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✔ LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: Made of tecnological metal. This high-quality material is super lightweight and extremely sturdy. NEVER RUST, and guarantees a long service life.
✔ SPACE SAVER: No more messy closet or loose items laying around. Our tool organizer combined with 4 slots and 4 hooks allow you hold various household objects, can be used in the laundry, kitchen, bathroom, utility room, garage, garden and ect. And it’s worth to mention that all slots and hooks are movable.
✔ NO-SLIDE GUARANTEE: 4 spring-loaded slots with rubber grips that hold tightly to tool handles to keep them firmly in place. And 4 hangers bear totally up to 40 pounds. You can use this rack to hold everything from brooms & mops to gardening & hardware tools.
✔ ORGANIZE YOUR HOME IN 5 MINUTES: This broom holder wall mounted is perfect for keeping your tools neatly stored, organized, and accessible on the wall, helps to beautify your living spaces and create a cozy environment.
✔ AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Any problems with the mop holder during the use, please contact the seller Holikme in time, the after-sales team will handle your problem as quickly as possible. Just “Add to cart” and buy it now for your convenient life.

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Customers like the quality, ease of installation, performance, size and value of the storage hook. For example, they mention it’s sturdy, easy to mount and holds everything snugly. That said, they appreciate the low-cost solution and say it’ll last for a long time.

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12 reviews for Holikme Mop Broom Holder Wall Mount Metal Pantry Organization and Storage Garden Kitchen Tool Organizer Wall Hanger for Home Goods (4 Positions with 4 Hooks, Silver)

  1. Wayne Kaauamo

    Finally organized the clutter
    Very sturdy contraption to hold your mops, brooms, etc. Installation was a breeze and fit perfectly in the garage next to the door. Easy to remove objects and put them back. Keeps the objects tightly in place organized and off the floor. Some simple things make life so much better.

  2. Johanna

    Wow I’m amazed
    I bought this because I have a laundry room and it’s not as spacious so basically I have the washing machine and then the dryer and then a little space so every time I walk by the broom the mop the duster you know just whatever you have in the corner would fall down on me and every time you pick it up it was just so annoying so when I came across this I read the reviews and I said well this seems really good the price is right and I saw the video and I said this this would work cuz it’s not too big and it holds four things so if you want to do your your vacuum in the little portable one there mine weighs about what 3 lb, plus your broom and the duster and it has three hooks so I put the dustpan which is the one you know you hold and you sweep it into it where the hook is the only problem with that is not with the product the dustpan is not it’s a cheap one doesn’t fold in but with all that when I walk by I don’t hit it it doesn’t bother me or if I was to bend and I try to pick up something that falls on the floor it’s not in the way so there’s three hooks like I said you can hook like the duster on there or if you have like a little scrub brush and I like I said it holds my eureka three and one vacuum it’s very very strong it really holds I mean and it’s so easy to install too and and for what I paid for it it didn’t break the bank and like I said if you have a small area I mean it doesn’t take up much space and it just looks much better on the wall up against there not just everything all in one corner falling on you I Am so satisfied with this I’m glad I got it I’m definitely this is a keeper for me so yeah I definitely recommend this.

  3. Safin jamil

    The Holikme Mop Broom Holder Wall Mount in black is a lifesaver for keeping my home organized.
    With its simple installation and durable metal build, it’s a functional addition. Four positions and hooks offer versatile storage for cleaning tools, kitchen utensils, and more. Its space-saving design enhances my kitchen and pantry, and retrieving items is effortless. Beyond functionality, the sleek black finish adds a touch of style. Overall, this organizer is a must-have, decluttering my space and making it more efficient. It’s a fantastic purchase, highly recommended for its practicality and aesthetic appeal.

  4. Giuseppe

    Broom holder
    This product is made of aluminum and its construction is quite good, meaning that it meets my expectations in my case.It is strong and good, it has a very practical system to place the broom or floor mop without any problem, it keeps them in their vertical position for when you need it and it’s all too easy to place your broom or mop back into the device, again.Very good product and does what you want to keep everything in order in your garage.

  5. DonMarcquez Sanders

    Easy Installation
    Great quality . Very stable quality product. Inexpensive. Installation was easy as hell. Fits.

  6. Mark from Texas

    Hang the broom and mop
    This works well so far. Easy to put up. The weak point is the plastic instead wall anchors, but it is holding up so far.

  7. J. S.

    A little smaller than expected, but love the automatic handle holders. Great for a small house.
    Overall, this broom holder is a good buy for the price. When it arrived, I honestly though it was going to be a little bit longer than it actually was. Its close to about 15” long, comes with 4 hooks and 4 automatic tightening rubber handle grippers. The handle holders are the BEST part. They’re spring loaded and hold the handle to the broom very well. It was super simple to install, and came with all the necessary to hang it on the wall. Installation was simple, the size pops off to remove the 4 hooks and the handle holders. Then you place the handle holder on the wall, high enough up so that your brooms will hang nicely without touching the floor. Use a small picture level to make sure it level on the wall. Mark the two holes you need to drill. Drill your pilot hole, insert your plastic drywall anchors (which are included) into the holes and lightly hammer until they’re flush with the wall. ( If you manage to center the holes on a stud, then the anchors are not needed. ). You then place the holder frame over the holes and attach it to the wall using the two included screws. Slide your hooks and handle holders back onto the frame. Then click the end cap back onto the holder. To operate, you simply slide handle of the broom upwards pushing from the bottom, continue pushing upwards until the broom is where too would like it, then simply stop, and give a slight downward pull on the handle. This makes sure the handle is secure. To remove the handle, grab the cleaning item, Bush up on the handle while pulling the handle towards you and away from the mounting holder.The frame is grooved and designed so the back side of the hooks and handle holders will easily slide into the grooves but not get caught on the screws, as long as they screws are screwed in all the way.It’s a study, thick rigid Matte aluminum frame and hooks that’s super light weight but durable.The only two complaints I have are: 1. I wish it were about 3 inches longer to better space out the brooms better, and 2. initially the broom holder left rubber marks on the broom handle similar to what you see on a wood floor. But with use, these have disappeared.

  8. Colleen Har

    I liked it all!

  9. varijanadh

    Quality product with lot of options to hang mops. It is strong and sturdy. Definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for mops storage

  10. Wade P

    what more is needed to be said

  11. Sue

    This is amazing! Holds 2 heavy, wet commercial mops and our brooms and nothing slips or slides. Plus we finally have hooks to hang damp cloths. Great tool holder!

  12. J.Rupesh k.

    This is not just a mop holder but also a hooker.it will help you arrange lot of home cleaners

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