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Home Techpro 12 PCS Gripper for Rug for Hardwood Floors, Double Sided Reusable Under Rug Carpet Tape Stickers, Rug Anti Slip Grips for Area Rugs, Non Slip Rug Pads

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Home TechproHome Techpro

Home TechproHome Techpro

Home Techpro started in 2018 , the simple goal is to provide innovation gripper for rug.

Every year we sold about 2.4 million pcs grippers for rug on amazon platform. We are committed to bring innovation to solve the rug roll up issue.

Two types of items for you : vacuum tech rug pad gripper and dual-sided rug pad gripper.

Innovation Rug Pad Gripper

What problem are we solving?

Your rugs curl up or slide issue.

What makes our products unique?

Not only do the job well, but also protect your floor!

Vacuum Tech rug pad gripper uses vacuum tech instead tape to grip floor firmly !

Dual-sided rug pad gripper use unique resuable tape and square design to grip floor firmly !

How do you choose between vacuum tech or dual sided rug pad gripper ?

For heavy or large carpet or outdoor use, suggest to use the dual-sided rug pad gripper.

If you remove the rug often, suggest use the vacuum rug pad gripper.

New gripper for Rug: To prevent your rug sliding or curling and keep your rug in place. Home Techpro pvovides a new upgraded design of double-side grippers for rug.
Design Feature: The strong adhesive side sticks to your rug firmly, the resuable adhesive side stick to the floor, can be removed and reused when need. Design the square shape to increase the contact area to max the grip power.The tape for rug for hardwood floor for area rugs is very thin and inconspicuous after installion. The tape for rug adds extra comfort underfoot owing to the slightly bouncy nature of soft design.
Easy to install: Install it in one minute , it fits all corners of all rugs or carpets. Even you can cut them off to different shape to your rug edge or other need. It is suitalbe for hardwood floors, wood floor, title floors,laminate floor,concrete floor,marble floor, vinyl floor and all other hard smooth floor.
Removeable and Resuable: The unquie upgraded resuable tape for hardwood floor is safe for your floor but with strong adheisve.With the square shape which gives more power grip to the floor instead of using strongest gule. So no more harm and mark worry for your luxury floor.
Service: A 1-YEAR Money Back accompanies this product. If you are not satisfied, send us a message and we will make a refund without any question. Please do not use them on rubber or jute rug or carpeted floor.

Customers say

Customers like how easy it is to install the rug gripper. They say it is simple and adjustable. They appreciate that it keeps the rug from moving. Customers also appreciate the performance, and durability. However, some customers differ on value, ease of removal, corners, and adhesion.

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13 reviews for Home Techpro 12 PCS Gripper for Rug for Hardwood Floors, Double Sided Reusable Under Rug Carpet Tape Stickers, Rug Anti Slip Grips for Area Rugs, Non Slip Rug Pads

  1. A.f.R.

    These work well
    Easy to apply, stick well, and they do restick when pealed back to clean under the rug. A bit of care and caution should be applied when plealing up after applying thes carpet is very adhesive and could pull out carpet thread and damage the carper or rug.

  2. Austin Trost

    These babies work
    I have a Loloi runner rug in my kitchen and it was sliding like crazy and we tried using a non slip thin pad under and that still didn’t work. My roommates and myself were tripping over it still. So I decided we to give these a try. I only used 6 of them and it worked PERFECTLY. The rug is stable and hasn’t moved since. & the adhesive is so strong that you can actually take the rug off to clean under it and then stick it back without wasting any of the pads. Awesome product.

  3. Alley McNally

    They work well with a caveat
    These work as described. They do grip tightly to the rugs and keep them down. And I can see that they would be able to come right off the floor super easy. Which is great. There’s little possibility of damage to your floors. Which was what I was looking for with robot vacuums. I wanted the rug to be kept down and not bunched up. This product does that. But there is a couple of caveats:1. First and foremost, what did adheres to your rug adheres to your rug. I don’t think this is going to come off your rug afterwards. It kind of stuck to it forever. It’s very unlikely to come off. So I don’t recommend using this with family heirlooms or very valuable rugs or rugs that you’re concerned about taking to another location. The rugs that I used it on were relatively cheap and are not precious to me at all. So I was good. However you may not be. Consider this before purchasing.2. The pads are a bit big for area rugs. I think these were designed for large area rugs or full size rugs. For these pads are humongous. You do not need to use for pads to hold down one small rug. You can cut them into four put them in the four corners and it works just fine. That’s what I did with my two rugs that I’ve attached to my floors. And my robot has run over it many times without a problem. Depending on the size of the rug though you might need to add a few more on the sides. But I could get away with the corners. But that’s something you have to decide for yourself.This is a very nice product even though it does have the potential to damage your rugs. For my particular circumstance that doesn’t matter, but if that is a concern for you I would be cautious before using this. I also probably would not use this on a rug outside. Something tells me that if it gets wet it will release on you. It’s not a perfect product but few things are. And for the price it’s fairly good. It really has helped a great deal with my situation.

  4. TheLeveques

    Works Better Than Expected
    I didn’t want to have to purchase a large carpet pad to go under my living room carpet. I decided to try these as they were cheap and had good reviews. This carpet is next to my couch and my 75lb German Shepherd dog always jumps off onto the carpet and causes it to slide. I put 6 (one in each corner and 1 on each side in the middle). Six may have been too much but it hasn’t moved an inch. It stays nicely in place and doesn’t move when I vacuum either. Would highly recommend!

  5. Judith M.

    Order them!
    I just received my second order of these strips. They are easy to apply and hold my runners in place. When I need to clean under the rugs, they are easy to remove, rinse and reapply, although with repeated use they lose some sticking ability. For me, they are affordable to replace as needed.

  6. CC

    Easy to add and durable
    These worked out very well. Easy to add to the rug and floor. Rug stays put.

  7. MO

    Saved my health hazard of a rug!
    This is an awesome product if you’re like me and have a rug on a tile floor. I got a new rug that didn’t have any rubber gripping on the back, just a plain carpet runner. I nearly bit the dust multiple times a day, like something out of an old cartoon. Something had to change, this was the solution. Now I can do backflips over the runner with impunity.I used 6 total for an 11 foot runner, one on each corner and one in the middle on both sides. It has held up well for over a month of daily use. I repositioned it a few times during the initial install and it stayed super sticky. I have 6 more left over, maybe I should get another rug. One thing is, I don’t know if it’ll ruin the finish on your hardwood as it is super super sticky, so I’d be careful of that. It is great on tile though.

  8. BoyGregor

    Perfect solution!
    I had three ‘no-slip’ bathroom rugs that slipped when catching a corner while passing through. Also, my robovac kept pushing them around and getting stuck. These pads fixed that. Pay attention when putting them on your rug. One side is meant for the rug, the other for the floor.Once I installed them, all was perfect.When I needed to pull the rugs up for a good mopping, they came off the floor cleanly and stayed attached to the rug. Definitely a good buy!

  9. Amazon Customer

    They are thin profile and very sticky. Do recommend.

  10. Achi

    The product was good, very sticky they do not stick to the floor or anything when you try to remove them, however they are not reusable.

  11. The Whittakers

    After a few years of trial and error with making rug runners stick to hardwood long term, we finally found these and they work really well. Standing up to kid, adult and pet traffic and it’s been a few months now. Would purchase again.

  12. AngelHH

    It helps my small rugs to stay in place! Very good !!

  13. petpsychic/Franki

    LOVED HOW EASY THESE WERE TO PEEL AND STICK! It took a bit to separate the grippers from the covers but what beautiful grippers! Thin, not bulky, enough for the size of rug I have; they can be removed and repositioned should the need arise, LOVE how they are marked rug or floor sides, a good size, just a really, brilliant idea over all! Needed these for a vinyl desk mat with a chair that is not a rolling chair. I was tripping on the rug as it would bunch up under the chair every time I shifted the chair around. Now therug lays flat, and no bunching, no more tripping hazard, a nice, clean look. So happy with these grippers!

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