HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins – 8pcs Clear Plastic Bins For Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry Organization, BPA Free Fridge Organizer, 12.5″ Long, Clear


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organizer binsorganizer bins

Making your home and kitchen organization more easier with hoojo clear storage bins

Package Includes 8 pcs refrigerator storage bins (12.5’’ L x 6.3” W x 3.5” H ), ideal for kitchen pantry organization and storage.These clear fridge organizers make it easier to find items and nice looking over all.Keeping your refrigerator, freezer, pantry, cabinets or cupboards neatly organized with these fridge organizer storage bins.Ideal sizes for fruits, vegetables, yogurts, snacks,sauces, jellies, also good for storing condiment bottles,dry goods in the pantry. These versatile storage bins also work well for organizing items in room of the home – use them in kitchens, craft rooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, garages, toy room, playroom and more.DO NOT place in dishwasher, clean with mild soap and water.

organizer binsorganizer bins


organizer binsorganizer bins


Built-in handles make it easy to pull out the bins in order to reach items at the back of your refrigerator or carry the bins from the fridge to the counter.


All of our fridge storage containers are made of durable, shatter-resistant clear plastic that is food safe and BPA-free!


These storage containers help reduce clutter and contain spills in the fridge and kitchen,keeping items in order. If spills happen, you just remove the bin and clean that,so easy to clean.

Multi-Use Organizer Bins

organizer binsorganizer bins

organizer binsorganizer bins

organizer binsorganizer bins




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4.7 out of 5 stars

4.8 out of 5 stars



12.5’’ L x 6.3” W x 3.5” H Mixed size

Plastic Plastic


Built-in handle

BPA free

8 Pieces Fridge Organizer Bins Set: Each refrigerator storage bin measures 12.5’’ L x 6.3” W x 3.5” H. Use these clear fridge storage bins make your fridge organized and neat and gain much more space.
Making Storage More Easier: These sturdy and medium capacity bins are great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry. Ideal for fruits, meat, milk, salad dressing, drink bottles, canned food, and packaged food ,condiments, jelly and more. So easy to keep clean and contain spills.
Clear View: You can easily find what you want with clear view. Significantly cuts time from looking around,saving your time.Keep items used on a daily organized. Centralized storage used in kitchen pantry, fridge or freezer, cabinets, shelves, counter tops, craft rooms, laundry, bathroom,bedrooms,offices and more.
Easy To Access with Built-In Handle: Clear bins with built-in and easy-grip side handles make it easy to transport items; Getting things in the back of the frig a breeze. No more removing things one by one to get to things in the back.
Durable and Food-Safe Design: These freezer and pantry organizers are made of durable high quality shatter proof BPA free polyethylene material. Easy to clean! Wash by hand with mild soapy water. DO NOT place in dishwasher!

Customers say

Customers like the versatility and size of the storage bins. They say they are great for pantry or fridge and can be used for just about anything. Customers also appreciate the clear design that makes things easy to see.

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13 reviews for HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins – 8pcs Clear Plastic Bins For Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry Organization, BPA Free Fridge Organizer, 12.5″ Long, Clear

  1. JLCMahoney

    Great to organize freezer & pantry!
    Needed something to organize freezer as plastic freezer bags fall & slip every time you try to get something. This is perfect for standing up bags in each bin. I marked each bin with freezer tape to show what’s in it & fit 6 bins between the 1st & 2nd shelf in my freezer.Used the rest in pantry with same results. Much more organized storage space, easy to use, clear color is perfect & very sturdy. Bins are easy to pull out with the cut in handles. You can stack together for shorter items also. Great value for the money.

  2. Hadis Safic

    Sleek and usefull!
    These clear fridge organizer bins are a kitchen game-changer! Not only do they add a touch of organization and elegance to my fridge, but they also make finding and accessing items a breeze. The transparent design allows me to see exactly what’s inside without having to rummage through cluttered shelves. They’re versatile, fitting perfectly in both my refrigerator and pantry, helping me maximize space and keep things tidy. Plus, they’re easy to clean and durable, making them a long-lasting solution for keeping my kitchen in order. Say goodbye to food wastage and hello to an effortlessly organized fridge with these fantastic bins!

  3. CHAR

    these bins are great storage help. I have a need due to eyes. Using them for the fridge. Keeps me very organized. They could be used for anything that needs storage and organization. Sturdy. I have zero complaints and the price is decent.

  4. JoahJ

    Very nice bins, but one was cracked.
    These were exactly what I wanted- perfectly clear, sturdy, bins for organizing my refrigerator and pantry. I even had one bin left over. Today, I unwrapped the last bin to use in the laundry room and discovered that it had a cracked corner. I’m not going to empty the other 7 bins to return and exchange them because of one cracked bin. I would have given this purchase 5 stars if the last bin wasn’t broken. My advice to you is definitely buy these bins but inspect each one before you use any of them.

  5. Amazon Customer

    A little flimsy but easy to stack and useful. Worth the price.
    A little flimsy but easy to stack and useful. These are light weight and stackable. The top one arrived cracked because they are a little thin/flimsy but they are a good size and allow me to stack things closer to be bed instead of having small things spread out and falling off. Don’t plan to store cans in them unless you’re not going to move them.

  6. justyoureverydayshopper

    Love these! (8 pack clear stackable)
    Bought these for my new RV fridge, and I cannot wait to use them. I just unpacked them to make sure no damage and very happy to say they were packaged very well, undamaged and beautiful clear perfect fridge containers. Really happy with them, perfectly sized, love the handles, they feel very sturdy and appear to be very very good quality! I definitely highly recommend these! I love how they feel, such nice thick plastic, and very clear. They remind me of the high quality plastic containers that fridge drawers are made of. Not cheapies!

  7. Lois

    Great for the pantry, too!
    I used it in the pantry this time but have also used it in my fridge. Everything looks so nice and clean and organized.

  8. Trinidad

    Love it !
    Use to organize drinks and fruits. Comes in handy and makes it more spacious. Definitely recommend!

  9. MAAR R.R

    Esperemos lo mantengan a buen precio ya que si son necesarios para organizar el refrigerador

  10. Lynne B.

    These bins are exactly what I was looking for to help keep my new fridge organized.Very happy with this purchase!

  11. ttc72

    Generous size and quite sturdy. Recommend.

  12. Sel

    Product had scratches

  13. Haydee A.

    Hace días compre unos similares pero resulta que eran mas grandes. Estos recipientes tienen buena calidad aunque son un poco mas delgados de los que compré anteriormente. Lo que más me gustó fue su tamaño, ya que se adaptan perfectamente a cualquier refrigerador, sobre todo si tu refrigerador no es muy grande.

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