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HYER KITCHEN Microfiber Kitchen Towels, Stripe Designed, Super Soft and Absorbent Dish Towels, Pack of 8, 18 x 26 Inch, Gray and White

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HYER KITCHEN is one fast growing business company has products in the category of Home and Kitchen. Our goal is to making new design of kitchen products.

If you like to try new dish towels, you would better choose our dish towels since we promote products according to the feedback of our customers all the time.

Checkboard Kitchen Towels Set

Stripe Kitchen Towels Set

Big Check Kitchen Towels Set

Stripe Dish Towels Set

Stripe Dish Towels Set

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

SUPER ABSORBENT – Microfiber material provides super absorbent ability of the kitchen dishcloths which could absorb water 6 times of itself. They give streak free and lint free finish.
GENEROUSLY SIZED – Each towel measures 26 x 18 inches perfect size. This dish towel is oversize and good for kitchen as kitchen napkins.
LINT FREE – Ideal for drying dishes, glasses, or any other tableware without leaving streaks behind, no lint and scratch-free.
VALUE PACK – Set includes 8 dish towels with four gray striped towels and four white striped towels, the classic combination of gray and white will never go out of style in your home.
SPECIAL TIPS – Recommend to wash before first use. Do not use these towels on high temperature surfaces.

Customers say

Customers like the softness, washability, absorbency, color and value of the towel. They mention that it feels and looks nice, it’s great value for money and that it goes with almost any decor. They are also happy with size, drying time, and quality.

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13 reviews for HYER KITCHEN Microfiber Kitchen Towels, Stripe Designed, Super Soft and Absorbent Dish Towels, Pack of 8, 18 x 26 Inch, Gray and White

  1. Jasmine K

    These Are The Best Dish Towels I’ve Ever Owned
    I am very picky when it comes to quality items. I expect to get what is promised and these towels deliver! First: These dish towels look classy in my kitchen, which is important when you see them in the kitchen or are having guests over. I love the subtle stripes with both the grey and white striped towels and they go with almost any decor.Second: They are super absorbent for big or small spills. You can literally soak it in water, wring the water out, lay the dish towel on a flat surface and the entire towel dries relatively quickly; then it’s good to reuse it. This is especially important so you don’t have to go through all the towels when you have a spill, reducing the amount of laundry you need to do. They can handle more water or liquid than any other dish towel I have ever owned.Third: They are extremely soft but very durable. I washed them all ( a couple of towels several times) to check the durability and to see if the color would fade. There is no shrinkage and they are still very soft and look brand new., no fading at all. I have only had to use two of these towels in rotation due to the quick absorption rate and how fast they dry out and one over the handle bar of the stove. The rest are in the drawer waiting to come out to be used.Overall, I highly recommend these Microfiber Kitchen Towels to put over the handle bar on your stove as an added decor (which I did) or to wipe your hands on while cooking on the range top, to use at the kitchen sink ( where I mostly use these) and you can even use them at the bathroom sink to dry hands if you want too. I would snatch these towels up while they are still available and you shouldn’t need to buy any other new kitchen towels for a very long time.

  2. MachoBunny

    These things rate as the best product and value I have purchased in a couple of years. They absorb INSTANTLY. They are softer than cotton can be. They are flexible and immediately wipe away water or liquids with no effort, no streaks or smears. Perfect every time. EVERY kitchen needs these. As a stocking stuffer for a cook…JUST DO IT. If you get things wet, you want these. These things are truly great and so very low priced. Amazing.

  3. Ja’Henna & Classy Entertainment

    Soft & Sturdy
     I love these, I keep a set in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The are very absorbent but also dry quickly. Get yours today!

  4. Simon Yang

    Great value kitchen towelettes
    I use these as kitchen rags, the gray ones to clean and white ones to dry things. They have been working pretty well. The rags absorbs liquid well but saturates quickly, so likely will take multiple rags or runs to dry up a moderate spill. But for small splashes and messes these rags work very well to clean them up. You can also dry dishes with them okay. Anyways these are good value. I have machine washed these a couple of times now and they hold up okay. I can see them falling apart if you machine wash them very often but for me I think they will last me more than long enough to justify the price.

  5. o v

    Great hand towel
    Simple for small cleanups or something I need to wipe down quick. The grey is a really pretty color. I even have them in the kitchen as a hand towel for the kids.

  6. L. E. Butler Jr.

    Great towels for the price!
    We have had these towels for several months and they work great…hold up good…nice big size… really absorbant…seems like the more you wash them the better they get!

  7. Miranda Wehr

    It’s the simple things
    If you would ever told me how happy a nice dish towel could make me…….My mother gifted me a few for a stocking stuffer. I immediately was abnormally excited for one just receiving a half a package of dish towels (gave the other half to my SIL).Anyways, these things are the right size, absorbent, super soft, wash up well, I could go on.Spend the money and get them. I’ve already ordered another set and am slowly making myself throw out my old towel that are ugly and subpar to these beauties.

  8. Barry Mc

    They work well
    I love the color and size. I use them in the kitchen to wipe up the water spots and microfiber cloths are great for that. But, each cloth I have used has at least one tear along the white line.

  9. Julieta spelz

    Un poco grandes para ser de cocinaPero buena calidad de las telas

  10. Bad quality

    Best quality of towels ever bought !Perfect for kitchen use.

  11. lyn brolan

    love these very soft and dries really well

  12. EDI

    Excelente productos secan a la perfección 100%recomendables

  13. Nikki

    I bought both the kitchen towels and dishcloths (8 each). They were well packaged and came vacuum sealed. I immediately washed and dried them on medium heat settings, using dryer balls and absolutely NO fabric softener products. (That was a mistake I made with my last set of microfiber towels.) These fluffed up nicely and are actually pretty thick. The dishcloths wring out easily and dry quickly. That should help to avoid any unpleasant odors from developing. The towels look nice in my kitchen and the quality seems to be good. The price is reasonable for a set of 8. Pleased with this purchase.

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