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Iced Coffee Cups with Lids, Straws (18oz, Set of 4) Glass Cups with lids and Straws, Aesthetic Coffee Bar Accessories Home Essentials, Apartment Essentials, Housewarming Gift

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cups with lids and strawscups with lids and straws

Scoozee Drinking Glasses

100% BPA-Free, Dishwasher-Safe available

with and without Lids

Our premium drinking glasses

cups and lidscups and lids

At Scoozee, we’re not just a business; we’re a family-driven passion. Our expertise lies in crafting top-tier borosilicate glassware, designed for eco-conscious individuals who cherish both their drinks and the environment.

Sustainability is at our core. That’s why we’ve chosen borosilicate glass – it’s durable, lightweight, and 100% recyclable, designed to withstand high temperatures.

cups and lidscups and lids

Small-batch production is our pride, ensuring each piece meets our strict quality standards. Our glassware seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, making it the ideal choice for those who value beauty and the Earth.

Join us on this journey. Scoozee isn’t just about glassware; it’s about crafting a more sustainable and elegant way to savor life’s moments, one sip at a time.

borosilicate glassborosilicate glass

Iced Coffee Cups with Lids: Discover the ultimate glass cups with lids and glass straws, tailored for the modern connoisseur. Ideal for hot and cold beverages, our borosilicate glass coffee cups are not only BPA-free and recyclable but also dishwasher-safe. Elevate every sip with this essential collection for your coffee bar, perfectly blending functionality with elegance. A great Gift for Everyone. The perfect apartment essentials or coffee bar accessories or a housewarming gifts new home.
SMOOTHIE CUP PERFECTION: Unveil the pinnacle of refreshment with aesthetic style. Our glass tumbler with straw and lid set is sure to elevate your drinking experience. Including are our glass cups with lids, 4 bamboo lids, 4 glass straws, and 2 straw cleaners, each 18 oz glass coffee cups is crafted to enhance your smoothie glass drinking experience. Perfect for serving a variety of Iced Coffees, Smoothies, Infused Waters, just place any beverage in our iced coffee cups with lids.
AESTHETIC ICED COFEE CUPS: Join the sensation with our versatile iced tea glasses, celebrated on TikTok for their unparalleled clarity and sleek design. Not just for tea, these cups are ideal for your favorite iced coffee, or cold brew, presenting your beverages in style. Their smooth, rounded rims provide a superior drinking experience, making them a staple for any beverage aficionado.
STYLISH HOME ESSENTIALS: Enhance your home with these indispensable coffee bar accessories. Our iced tea glasses are not only functional but add a layer of sophistication to your space, serving as a versatile addition to your collection. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or searching for the perfect housewarming gift, these glasses are sure to impress.
GIFT OF ELEGANCE AND VERSATILITY: Offer the gift of style with our 18 oz iced tea glasses complete with lids and straws. Their crystal-clear appearance and multifunctional design make them an exceptional choice for those who cherish quality and elegance in their kitchenware. Ideal for housewarming celebrations, these glasses symbolize the fusion of practicality and luxury, perfect for any occasion. The Perfect Coffee Bar Accessory to any home or apartment.

Customers say

Customers like the ease of cleaning and size of the drinking cup. For example, they mention it’s easy to clean and the perfect size for iced drinks. They’re also happy with versatility, appearance, and straw. That said, some complain about the thickness and quality.

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8 reviews for Iced Coffee Cups with Lids, Straws (18oz, Set of 4) Glass Cups with lids and Straws, Aesthetic Coffee Bar Accessories Home Essentials, Apartment Essentials, Housewarming Gift

  1. Blunt Honesty

    Perfect for My Iced Drinks
    I use these every morning to make iced matcha and chai lattes. Below is a list about why I like these cups, their limitations and how to take care of them.1. Stays Cold: I like how cold they get and stay cold without a lot of sweating and I feel like that’s something I don’t get when I use plastic or ceramic.2. Cleaner Taste: My drinks taste better when it’s all glass and leave no after taste.3. Nice Material: The glass on the cup is kind of thin but the straw glass is thick and the seal isnt super tight but just tight enough that they arent hard to remove when i take it off to wash. Remember they are glass and if you drop them they will shatter. I accidentally dropped one of the straws and it broke but that’s not a mark against its quality because you can’t expect glass not to break if you drop it from 4 feet off the ground.4. Ideal Size: They’re the perfect size for me as they hold about 2 cups of liquid with ice. I have small hands and my hand fits around the cup a little more than halfway for a comfortable grip.5. Fancy: I love how these look. They make my morning drink feel fancy and are very aesthically pleasing.6. Last Sip: The only thing I would say is a downside about the cup is that the hole prevents you from tilting the straw to reach the last bit of your drink. If you want the last sip, you have to take the lid off but that’s not a deal breaker for me.7. No Stirring: I don’t like to stir my drink. I’m perfectly happy to swirl it but some people like to stir it and the thickness of the hole the straw goes prevents that.8. Cold Drinks Only: I have not tried hot drinks with them but I feel like they were made for iced drinks since it’s all glass. It’s just common sense that glass gets hot so don’t use them for that.9. Easy Washing: They’re easy to hand wash and I havent had any problems with deterioration. I wash them right after I’m finished with my drink so they don’t require vigorous scrubbing. I dry them on a dish rack to allow for air flow that will prevent moisture buildup.Hopefully that’s a detailed overview that will help you make a decision on whether these cups are for you. They’re a household staple over here so I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  2. Stephanie Weston

    Great glasses and amazing customer service
    I bought these glasses a few months ago and have noticed how much more water I’ve been drinking because they are so cute! I struggled a bit with mold growing on the inside of the bamboo lids because I wasn’t cleaning them correctly. I reached out to customer service and immediately was given information on how to clean them properly. In addition, I was told that they would be sending me out some replacement lids which I just received today, along with a new glass and straw. (Unfortunately the straw was broken but that was certainly not their fault! ) It came with a lovely handwritten note thanking me for my support of their company as well. I am so impressed with this company and will certainly continue to buy my glassware from them and you should too!

  3. Chaokun Wu

    Absolutely amazing, let me gush about this awesome product! This is hands down the coolest thing I’ve snagged on Amazon lately. Originally meant as a gift for my daughter, I quickly fell head over heels for it and decided to keep it for myself. Picture this – sipping beer, cola, or juice in these cups at summer BBQs and picnics – it’s just pure awesomeness.The glassware isn’t just pretty, it’s super versatile too. The glass cups are classy yet sturdy, perfect for any shindig. And those glass straws? They add a fun pop to my drinks while being eco-friendly. Now, let’s chat about the bamboo lids – not only do they look cool, but they’re also kind to the environment. I dig the whole natural vibe of the bamboo lids, even if they need a little extra TLC.Using these products has seriously upped my drink game. Whether it’s a laid-back hangout with family or a fancier affair, these glass cups, glass straws, and bamboo lids fit right in. My crew can’t stop raving about this set – it’s a real standout!I wholeheartedly recommend Scoozee’s product to anyone after quality, style, and eco-friendliness all rolled into one. Trust me, you’ll be blown away – it’s top-notch!

  4. Harvey

    Fancy and sustainable
    I just received the product today, and I am absolutely in love with it! The quality is top-notch, the glass is so clear and shiny. It’s like sipping from a crystal-clear lake. The glass cup feels so smooth and elegant in my hands, and the glass straw is the perfect match – sturdy yet stylish. And let’s talk about the bamboo lid – it’s not only eco-friendly but adds a touch of natural beauty to the whole set.The straw length is just right, allowing me to enjoy my drinks without any hassle. Plus, the bamboo lid fits snugly and securely, keeping my beverage fresh and spill-free. As an environmental enthusiast, I truly appreciate the sustainable materials used in this product. It’s not just a cup; it’s a statement of style and sustainability.I can’t wait to show off my new favorite glassware to all my friends. Trust me, once they see it, they’ll want one too!

  5. Aquarianroswellian

    Beautiful set of glassware
    This items as described. This is a lovely set if glasses with bamboo lids. I only gave 4 stars because one of the straws broke when I put them in their glasses. It may have already been cracked. I would definitely buy again

  6. Abelicio Padilla

    Solid glasses for the price!
    I got tired of drinking my iced coffee out of my Promotional Arizona Diamondback cups we get every year. Plus, we don’t even have a winning record right now. I also got tired of seeing all the TikTokers using these cool glasses for their iced coffees.These are awesome. Cool design, I like the glass straws. I kinda feel like the glass is thin, but we have had zero issues/chips/cracks with any of the glassware.

  7. jun wang

    These glass cups are really wonderful!
    These glass cups are really wonderful! The quality is impressive, and they have a lovely design that appeals to the whole family. They have quickly become a favorite in our home. The elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to our daily routine, and the packaging is not only attractive but also well-crafted. Overall, we are truly delighted with these cups – they have definitely won us over!

  8. Larry Scruton

    I use the Glass Cups for Drinking Hot & Cold water and they work fine.. Also, the fact that they can be cleaned in the Dish Washer is also a plus.

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