Inflatable Shampoo Basin – Portable Shampoo Bowl, Hair Washing Basin for Bedridden, Disabled,Injured, Hair Wash Tub for Dreadlocks and at Home Sink Washing (Silvery)


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Inflatable Shampoo BasinInflatable Shampoo Basin


Bringing happiness to your life.


Cehim is a brand designed specifically for comfort and convenience.

We have inflatable hair bases, and we will continue to explore them in the future to bring more portable and helpful products to everyone.

We hope our product can bring you more portability and assistance.

How did we get our start?

We constantly innovate and explore, only to provide you with comfortable, convenient, and high-quality products.

What makes our products unique?

Every product in our product series takes into account your needs, and we prioritize quality, comfort, and portability.

Why do we love what we do?

Whether at home or on the go, you need products that truly help you. We are proud of our work because our products provide customers with the greatest care and warmth.

Helpful Bath Aids For Home

【Inflatable Hair Washing Basin Solves the Difficulty of Washing Hair】Using the portable shampoo, washing hair on the bed is easy and convenient. It is very suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, etc. It not only simplifies the shampooing work of the inconvenient people or after surgery, but most importantly, it makes them feel very comfortable. The Green color is easy to keep clean and unlike white basins, won’t show all the dirt/stains.
【Hair Washing Basin Increase the Comfort/Happiness of Shampooing】Our hair washing basin has a wide neck opening, which brings a high level of comfort, excellent head, and neck support, This is a very good choice of size design; which is convenient and beautiful.Size: 24″*20″*8″ (61*50*20cm).
【Portable Hair Washing Sink Simple Way to Inflate/Deflate】Our portable shampoo adopts an advanced double-layer air valve design: the upper valve is easy to fill with air, and the lower valve is easy to deflate. So when there is only one air valve, there is no need to worry about the shampoo leaking easily. To inflate the simply pinch the base of the valve and blow, It can also be used with the help of an inflation pump.
【Exquisite Shampoo Basin that is Easy to Carry】The use of high-quality PVC environmentally friendly materials, feel very soft and smooth; The inflatable basin to wash hair is in fact a tray that channels water away from the head, directly into any kind of sink or bucket. The inflatable design means it can deflate when not in use. Folds well saves space and is very convenient.
【What is included in the received hair washing basin package】You will get a Portable Shampoo, a long tube, a black comb, a white head massager, and two black clips, which can be used by the whole family. We stand behind the quality of all our products.

Customers say

Customers like the ease of use, comfort, and performance of the hair wash basin. For example, they mention it’s simple to use, comfortable, and works great. That said, opinions are mixed on value, inflation, and leakage.

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10 reviews for Inflatable Shampoo Basin – Portable Shampoo Bowl, Hair Washing Basin for Bedridden, Disabled,Injured, Hair Wash Tub for Dreadlocks and at Home Sink Washing (Silvery)

  1. Price Smith

    Great Shampoo Bowl
    Great bowl, nice and soft. Lots of room and easy to use

  2. Rodney

    Very Practical
    The Cehim Inflatable Shampoo Basin is a highly practical and convenient solution for washing hair in any setting. Its portable design makes it ideal for caregivers, the elderly, or anyone with limited mobility, allowing for a comfortable and thorough shampoo experience without the need for a traditional sink. The basin inflates quickly and easily, providing a secure and stable bowl that prevents water from spilling. Its soft, durable material ensures comfort for the user and easy cleaning for the caregiver. While it might take a bit of practice to get the perfect water flow and positioning, the overall functionality and convenience of the Cehim Inflatable Shampoo Basin make it an excellent addition to any home care toolkit.

  3. Christine S.

    Does it’s job
    It does its job. It holds water and doesn’t leak. It is a little hard to use if the person doesn’t have control over their neck to lift their head and shoulders up. We used some towels to kind of prop up the person a little bit more in bed so it worked. The person found the pillow insert to be uncomfortable, so we were able to deflate that portion without deflating the rest of it. The only real issue we had was with the water draining as it should. Perhaps because we were on a bed, but the basin struggled to drain while in use.

  4. Pam G.

    Great aid for bedridden person
    This was a great value item. We have not been able to get my mom’s hair washed in a while because of iher mmobility. This has made that possible and it made her feel good. It was very comfortable for her too. Highly recommend.

  5. Ckp13

    Easy to use
    We have used products similar to this one for almost thirty years. This one is very lightweight and easy to inflate. The price is also very reasonable.


    The water did not drain out!
    I used this product one time on my daughter to wash her hair, but as I washed her hair the water did not drain out I had to get a cup and scoop dirty water out of it and put clean water in it. The. After I was done with it I had to scoop all the water out because it still did not drain out. I don’t know if it has an defect or what❗ I’LL TRY TO USE IT ONE MORE TIME TO SEE IF ITS GOING TO DRAIN THIS TIME BUT IF IT DOESN’T I WON’T BE USING IT AGAIN.

  7. Tina Carver

    Works great!
    It’s so simple to use. Great for a bed ridden person.

  8. From disappointed to very satisfied

    Completely drenched
    I bought this portable shampoo basin to wash my mom’s hair. She’s a hospice, bed bound patient. It took forever to inflate it. There are two holes which you seal up so air wouldn’t leak. The third hole, where the water drains into, the cap is too big to seal the hole. It’s like twice the size of the hole. So it was open. Well, I started to wet my mom’s hair, didn’t notice her neck was getting wet, didn’t notice the hospital bed was getting wet. Then I heard a “pop”. The basin rapidly deflated . The water went in her ears. It looked like my mom face was submerged in water because the sides were flattening out. All of this happen in less than five minutes but it took at least thirty minutes to clean up and dry out her hospital bed. Being a caregiver, you just don’t have the time to waste on unnecessary clean up, you also don’t have the energy to call customer support to ask for a replacement. So if you are thinking about getting this product, make sure you have a rain coat.

  9. DULCE

    La mejor opción de todas, tal cual la imagen, después de casi tres meses no ha tenido ningún defecto.

  10. Chilanga

    Muy útil para la 3a edad

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