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IRIS USA Plastic Storage Bins with Lids 5.4 Qt. Craft Organizers and Storage with Handle, Art Supply Storage Organizer, Arts and Crafts Organizer, Stackable and Secure Latch, Clear/Violet – 6 Pack

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IRIS USA’s 5.4 Qt. Storage Bin with Buckled-Up Lids and Handle is a perfect storage organizer for storing a variety of supplies. With 6 packs, you will be able to organize your home in multiple ways, while the secure stackable features allow you to maximize space! No more messes or looking for your precious stuff. Great use for organizing the pantry by storing and protecting rice, flour, canned goods, spices, seasonings, snacks, pasta, pet food, etc. You can also organize notebooks, school supplies, pens, pencils, clips, tape, crayons, paint, toys, building blocks, yarn, and more. Certified by Green Circle for environmentally friendly plastic storage containers. Made in the USA quality and BPA-free safe materials.
Made In USA Quality – IRIS USA’s 5.4 Qt. Deep Plastic Modular Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container with Durable Lid and Secure Latching Buckles is a perfect storage organizer that can fit all your items safely with the anti-break, durable polypropylene material made in the USA
SEE-THROUGH – No more looking for your precious stuff. The See-Through design of IRIS USA Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container with Durable Lid and Secure Latching Buckles allows you to find any stored items instantaneously from any angle.
Stack them Up – Plastic Storage Container Bin Tote has grooves on the lid and body to create a secure stacking experience. IRIS USA lid-body construction ensures stability to stack securely for easy moving, and save space in your house, apartment, and condo.
Buckle Up – The storage Buckles latches onto the durable plastic lid, separating the inside and outside. Any valuables are safe from dust and liquids when securely buckled.
GREEN CIRCLE CERTIFIED and BPA FREE PLASTIC – Certified by Green Circle for environmentally friendly plastic airtight storage container. It is also BPA-Free plastic. Great use for organizing note books, school supplies, pens, pencils, clips, tape, crayons, paint, toys, building blocks, yarn, and more
DIMENSIONS – Outside Dimensions: 11.7″L x 7.1″W x 5.8″H

Customers say

Customers like the performance and organization of the storage box. For example, they say it works well for their needs, is sturdy, and great for organizing. That said, some complain about the lid missing parts. Opinions are mixed on quality and value.

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13 reviews for IRIS USA Plastic Storage Bins with Lids 5.4 Qt. Craft Organizers and Storage with Handle, Art Supply Storage Organizer, Arts and Crafts Organizer, Stackable and Secure Latch, Clear/Violet – 6 Pack

  1. Emily W.

    Great for the laundry closet, under sink, etc
    Good size to collect light bulbs, batteries, cords/chargers, hammer/screwdrivers, etc. They fit together well with a ridge to make them stay put; the handles lock smoothly, though I am not 100% confident that they’d hold if I dropped it. Sturdy otherwise, as to how much weight it will hold.

  2. JimAndBarbie

    Worth every penny
    When I ordered these (and some other similar bins), I thought the see-through ones were as clear as they come. Later, I discovered that IRIS makes a clear blue version of some bins, which ends up being much more see-through, even though it’s blue. And I think the blue looks pretty cool. In hindsight I should have searched more and tried to find the clear blue versions of these, although I don’t know it they make them. The clear blue ones were a different size.So you might not be able to find the clear ones in the size/quantity that you want, or they might be more expensive. In that case, the translucent ones are actually fine. You can still see what is inside. I believe the official name of the translucent ones is Pearl.Make sure you buy ones that have a clear lid. Some bins have a solid white lid, for example, so you can’t see down into them, which is a bummer. These do have the clear lid, which is great.I like that there are latches. I like that a lot better than the kind where the lid just snaps on, because the latches are easier to deal with, and they stay closed better. The latches on these are good.However, the style of the latches is not perfect, in my opinion I have some bins I got a long time ago which have the moving latch piece attached to the lid. These IRIS ones have the latch attached to the bin, which I don’t think works as well. I couldn’t find any (from any company) with the latches attached to the lid, so I got these. And they are fine. You just flip the latch with your thumb instead of your fingers. It’s a minor point.One batch I got was defective, and the latches would fall off, so I exchanged that batch. I only saw that problem on one batch, and I bought a lot of these. I assume it was just a fluke.The price of these IRIS bins was similar to the alternatives, but I was surprised at how much bins cost. All the bins I got (multiple types from multiple companies) seemed expensive to me. I spent about $400 on bins when I reorganized my basement, which seems crazy! But the bins last forever, and they are vastly better than boxes, so I guess it’s fine.I would recommend spending more for high quality thick ones with latches like these, because I think in the long run it really pays off. I expect to still be using these same bins in 20 years, so it would be unwise to deal with low quality bins for 20 years, just to save a few bucks. It’s better to invest in good ones like these.Buy plenty because you’ll keep finding things to put in them. Even if you don’t fill them all right away, later you’ll eventually want more, and it’s nice to have them all match.

  3. Theresa Smith

    I bought theese containers for my 5y old to store/mix all his Legos together. I use to have them very organized and separated by color in a different organized box and he would just mix them all up. It was driving me crazy. My husband finally said he doesn’t want them all neat he wants them all mixed up. So I found theese containers and they work perfect for holding all his Legos. I hate seeing them all mixed up like that because theese legos actually go to sets that u build not just random legos. My husband and son love them so I guess I have to get use to them being all mixed up. I love that the set came with 4 containers. I used the 4th one for my son’s play kitchen food. I love that theese containers are see through. This fits perfectly right under his play kitchen sink. I really appreciate the side locks. Seems to lock nicely as well for what we are using it for. My son keeps theese bins under his bed. We also have a carrying strap just in case he wants to carry them around and not worry about them busting open. I’m very happy with my purchase and I think the price is a good deal for 4 of theese bin containers. I love the size and I think it’s deep enough as well. I’d definitely buy them again if I needed too. Only thing I didn’t like was it wasn’t packaged nicely at all. Just thrown into a cardboard box. No wrapping around them or anything. I’m very happy they didn’t break during shipping. Other then that I really love them !

  4. MISSH

    Kinda small
    My daughter puts her papers in here but the 4 dividers are small to put any pens and markers. It may be good for crayons and erasers. Not as sturdy as I hoped but it helps keep all the loose papers together.

  5. Amber W

    Love These!!!
    I have purchased several sets of these for our school room and craft room. They are a great size. I love that coloring books and papers can lay flat in them. A good height too.They fit perfectly into IKEA BILLY bookcases. Will continue to buy these and build my collection.Some people complain about the kids but I have had no problems. None of our have cracked or broken during use (although I have had them come with busted corners from shipping)

  6. Joel Grossman

    Perfect for Reams of Paper
    Just the right size for storing reams of paper. Once you open the reams, things start falling apart and get a bit messy. This way, no worries about paper getting mashed or bent once the ream is open. Wish the price was lower, but the quality is much better than the cheaper containers.

  7. Audra

    Excellent storage
    I purchased these to store things for my classroom. Excellent quality. Fits easily into my classroom cabinet. Would purchase again.

  8. NY Customer

    Nice Size
    These are a nice size and stackable, but… They can easily slip off of each other while stacked. The handles are connected to the lid instead of the base. This makes them less easy to close and can easily open and spill when you lift one. Handles also fall off but can be snapped back in (not super easy and could break when trying to put them back in). Be sure not to stack them anywhere someone might walk close by or bump into them because they will slip off of each other. These are all right for what I am currently using them for but I have similar bins that are way more sturdy, safely stackable and have the closing handle come up from the base so there is no chance of picking up a bin and having the bottom and all the contents fall to the floor.

  9. Fairydragonfly

    Great size. Hold a good amount of craft supplies. Transparent enough that I can easily select the one I need. Helps keep my supplies organized.

  10. Rose

    I recently started needle felting and, wanted a way that I could keep my supplies ie: needles, scissors, lint remover, awl, multipurpose pliers, etc as well as the different colour wools, instructions if there are any and, well just everything that was needed to complete the current project neatly kept and, close at hand.It is good quality, the latches work great and I especially appreciate the 4 separate bin inserts for organizing my tools and, supplies. This fit my needs perfectly. Highly recommended.

  11. KD B

    Just starting out in the Junk Journal craft and these boxes are the perfect size for printouts, ephemera and notes. They keep each project safe and have plenty of room for additions or collections. I love that I can add to them over time before setting out to assemble the journals and everything is right there in one place! I bought two sets of these and cannot recommend them enough if organization is key to your craft of choice!

  12. Jorge Ramón Herran Aguirre

    sirven para guardar cualquier cosa los recomeindo

  13. Sarah

    These storage containers are a great size, and it’s very handy to have two levels with containers on the top. They’re easy to store, open, and see what’s inside, allowing you to grab what you need. I recommend them for small-space living if you have hobbies or interests and larger containers are too big or you forget about what’s inside. I may buy more of these!

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