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JONATHAN Y MOH101B-5 Moroccan Hype Boho Vintage Diamond 5 ft. x 8 ft. Area-Rug, Bohemian, Southwestern, Casual, Transitional, Pet Friendly, Non Shedding, Stain Resistant, Easy-Cleaning, Cream/Gray

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In shades of gray and ivory, this Moroccan Trellis is inspired by timeless vintage designs and crafted with the softest polypropylene available. Originating with the Berber tribes of North Africa, This beautiful linear pattern is made modern in a deep cream yarn power loomed for durability. The simple geometric stripes, triangle and diamond motifs will give a fresh look to any room.
PET-FRIENDLY AND DURABLE: Durable for high-traffic areas, soft and comfortable area rug perfect for families with kids; Low-pile synthetic rug fibers won’t trap dirt and debris, so they’re pet-friendly and easy to clean
STAIN-RESISTANT AND NON-SHEDDING: This rug is made from synthetic fibers that are water resistant, stain resistant; It’s been machine-woven so the rug fibers will stay put; When properly cared for, this rug won’t shed fluff into your home
EASY TO CARE FOR: Vacuum regularly; Always raise or turn off the beater bars on your vacuum; Spot clean stains immediately with a mild detergent or carpet cleaning product, then rinse thoroughly and blot dry; Professional rug cleaning is recommended
With a plush pile cut at 0.31″, it can stand up to high traffic without looking matted or worn
Combining tones of gray and ivory, this rug is a versatile addition to any color scheme

Customers say

Customers like the comfort, value, size and appearance of the rug. For example, they mention it’s soft, gets softer when vacuumed and is a great size for a living room. Some are happy with stain resistance, and appearance. Others however, are not happy with the thickness and flattening. Opinions are mixed on quality.

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12 reviews for JONATHAN Y MOH101B-5 Moroccan Hype Boho Vintage Diamond 5 ft. x 8 ft. Area-Rug, Bohemian, Southwestern, Casual, Transitional, Pet Friendly, Non Shedding, Stain Resistant, Easy-Cleaning, Cream/Gray

  1. Lauren

    Cheap but durable!
    —Update 12/19/21:I’ve read through some of the new reviews and noticed people talking about “waves” and that the carpet won’t lay flat. If you have furniture sitting on this carpet than shuffle your feet across the carpet and lift the furniture to help it stretch. I have furniture on two sides and a heavy coffee table so I shuffled around in each direction and we have no waves at all. If you don’t have furniture on this than I might say this isn’t for you. Stains have continued to be easily removed and the corners and sides have relaxed to flat with time. I continue to recommend this carpet!—This carpet comes just as described! It’s exactly what I was looking for, inexpensive but modern and stylish. I previously had a short shag rug that just wasn’t cutting it with a baby (so. much. spit-up) and a shedding dog, and it had also become very very difficult to vacuum. I debated buying a ruggable OR a more expensive vacuum that could handle the shag rug but it just felt so disgusting that I wanted to replace it. Ruggables are $$$ and so are nice vacuums so I came here looking for something that wouldn’t break the bank and I wouldn’t feel bad about chucking later on. This fits the bill. It IS thin, so if you’re looking for plush this isn’t for you. But you could buy a pad for underneath to help. I’ve had this rug for about a week now and the edges have relaxed, but aren’t laying completely flat (pictures are from right after I laid it down). I only have one corner exposed and it also sticks up a little, but some double sided tape would take care of that. There was some bubbling for the first couple days, so I just shuffled my feet across the carpet and picked up the furniture as I went to help it stretch and relax (it works!). The best part of this rug for me is that I can use my eureka stick vacuum or my really cheap bissell and both do an incredible job of getting the dog hair up. Both vacuums have rotating heads and using them hasn’t caused any damage. My dog also chewed a carrot on the rug and got orange stains on it so I used some dog carpet stain remover and it came right up. Our family doesn’t wear shoes in the house so I can’t speak on how it will hold up to shoe traffic, but barefoot traffic hasn’t caused any changes in the pattern or material yet. I have absolutely no complaints about this carpet! Just remember, this is Amazon and you’re buying a cheap product so don’t expect the world!I live by reviews on products since descriptions and sellers can be deceiving, so hopefully this review helps someone!

  2. Jen

    Can’t believe how amazing
     When I’ve shopped for a rug Amazon was never on my list of places to shop. I wasn’t even shopping for a rug at that point so I’m not sure why but the algorithm decided to show me rugs and recommended this one specifically to me. This one had really good reviews and so made me look around in general on Amazon for rugs and I realized that this seemed to be the unicorn. It was kind of the perfect size to go under my sofa and I had been slightly thinking about shopping for a rug, my dog is getting older and I think he would appreciate having a rug to sit on instead of the tile that he used to enjoy.When it arrived I was pretty excited because it’s a real rug, it’s not crappy, it’s not thin, it doesn’t look cheap, and it wasn’t falling apart. It’s not super low pile like really cheap rugs, it’s obviously not super plush either but it’s actually exactly what I would have been looking for in a rug as the super plush ones are really hard to vacuum.I put it down under my sofa and half expected it to only last a month or two. I’ve now had it three months and I’m so pleasantly surprised by it. I vacuum it at least every 2 to 3 days, my dog sheds a lot, and so far everything has held up really well. It has not started falling apart, it still looks really nice and doesn’t look worn at all so far.I would probably order this in another size or color for another room if I needed a rug elsewhere, it’s a really good deal and a really nice rug.

  3. Ed

    Just buy it!
    We bought the 8×10 Bohemian beige and gray rug for the master bedroom. The beige gives it a soft, easy on the eyes look. The gray Boho pattern is super trendy right now. This is a large rug, soft, but thin, durable, looks nice, and we are happy with the purchase. Once unrolled, there is a noticeable mild chemical smell however a little Febreze seemed to work. There was no shedding. We put the carpet tape down on the corners to keep them from rolling up. If you are on the fence about buying this, just get it. It is affordable and delivered right to your door. (no worries about trying to fit a rug from a retail store in your car).

  4. Jenna Melton

    Doesn’t stay looking new for long
    It looks pretty but doesn’t stay soft for long. It is cute and good for the amount that it costs.

  5. Vera Hensley

    Well, it certainly was packaged very well and it is, I’d say, true to it’s measurement. I’ve purchased other 8×10 area rugs, but I think this was bigger than they were. All that said, it wasn’t my usual style, which was why I chose it. Something different. To me, it was neutral enough and the pattern didn’t seem all that busy. I got the cream and navy, though the cream color lends itself more toward a gray than cream, but it’s fine. I’m not over the moon about the rug, but for price, size and colors, it is a very nice rug. I would recommend it. BTW, it’s not a thick rug. But again, it’s a great sized rug, fairly priced and does it’s job. Thanks.

  6. Lindsey

    Love it!
    I love this rug! It’s exactly what I was looking for! With 3 little boys, a dog, and a cat, I needed a rug that would vacuum up well and not show dirt between vacuums and this is it! And it looks so nice in my living room with my hardwood floors.A couple of things that other people have said is that the corners don’t stay down and that it’s thin. I will say that I had an issue with the corners when I first laid it out as well, but from reading the reviews before i purchased, I was prepared with rug stickers that I put on the corners and one extra along the side that was in the middle when it was rolled. They held it down with no problem and it’s been fine since! It is thin and isn’t the softest rug, so if that’s what you’re going for, maybe keep looking. But my 1, 2, and 6 year old crawl and play on it all day everyday and they don’t mind it. I’ve only had it a couple months but it’s held up great so far and vacuums up very nice!

  7. Jammel

    Very nice
    This actually acceded my expectations. It’s the perfect size, the colors are the perfect muted without being washed out. It laid down great without any roll ups in the corners. Best part is it’s soft and gets softer when vacuumed. Priced great.

  8. Ruby Gabriel

    I found this rug at a big box store for TWICE the price, then found it on Amazon! It suits my modern-boho decor perfectly, and really brightens up my living room. It’s pretty standard in terms of quality for a low-pile rug. Excellent value.

  9. RED

    Very nice rug…good size and quality. Not super thick, but perfect for the price. I put a 25 lb dumbbell on each corner for 24 hours and they smoothed nicely flat. I would definitely purchase again.

  10. shona

    This rug is lovely. Decent for the price for such a large rug. One corner does have a sewing defect and its warped so it will never lay flat. They did give me a bit of a discount so I kept it. Rugs are expensive so to find one this big for the price I paid is good enough.

  11. Leanna

    I purchased this because my animals ruined my last area rug, and it worked in my favour as this ones perfect.Really nice in my space

  12. Amazon Customer

    good quality for the price

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