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kelamayi Broom and Dustpan Set for Home, Broom and Dustpan Combo, Broom and Dustpan Combo, Broom and Dustpan Combo for Office, Indoor and Outdoor Sweeping, Standing Broom and Dustpan (Grey and Yellow )

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Best Choice: Kelamayi Upgraded Broom and Dustpan Set. If you are looking for a practical broom and dustpan set that can sweep the house, kitchen, office or outdoors more easily.




Rubber lip design

The dustpan mouth adopts the built-in TPR rubber flat lip, and it is compliant to clean all trash and debris in the dustpan, and not swept underneath.

Four-layer bristers

The unique 4-layer PET bottle design does not damage the wooden floor and is suitable for various surfaces. The broom has an angled head to allow it to sweep corners and edges with ease!

Heavy-duty broom and dustpan

Superior quality built to last. Kelamayi broom and dustpan sets made from high quality, durable materials. You may have already experienced handles that come off easily, that’s why we use stainless steel handles and these handles are well made and very durable to ensure a long service life.




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[Extendable Pole Design] -Optional extension pole makes the broom length from 39.76 to 51.18 inches, people can choose the appropriate length according to their height. And the long handle allows you to stand for comfortable sweeping. MORE FLEXING!
[Heavy duty Broom bristles] – Upgraded four-row bristle design, high-quality broom bristle construction, denser and more durable. Eco-friendly fiber made from recycled PET bottles. Kelamayi insists on working hard to protect the environment.
[Easy Stand-up Storage] – Clip-on feature makes the broom and dustpan a perfect and safer space! Compact storage keeps your home or workspace clean and tidy. Works great for multiple surfaces, suitable for indoor use.
[Self-Cleaning Dustpan Teeth] – Built-in scraper and comb/teeth to easily clean the broom in the dustpan, clean pet hair and human hair by simply pulling the teeth. The dust pan’s rubber lip sits flush with the floor and the teeth clean hair easily.
[Powerful After-Service] – Every customer can enjoy a 30-day refund or replacement, no questions asked. Please contact us first if you have any questions, risk-free warranty provides a reliable shopping experience, your satisfaction is our boundless motivation!

Customers say

Customers like the ease of assembly of the broom and dust pan set. They mention that the metal handles are easy to assemble and the instructions are easy read. They appreciate the ease in cleaning the sweeping debris. They also like the color. That said, some complain about the stability. Opinions are mixed on size, value, and quality.

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13 reviews for kelamayi Broom and Dustpan Set for Home, Broom and Dustpan Combo, Broom and Dustpan Combo, Broom and Dustpan Combo for Office, Indoor and Outdoor Sweeping, Standing Broom and Dustpan (Grey and Yellow )

  1. ML

    Better than your straw bristle broom your plastic bristle with attached dust pan
    The broom bristle is a nice plastic; however, in this clever set, the broom handle fits into the dustpan for storage. It fits into the snap like holder on the dustpan handle and the bottom bristles do not touch the bottom unless you push it down. Think of the dustpan turning into a narrow bucket to protect the broom bristles from getting bent or crushed when the dust pan is flipped up for storage. Also, the dustpan/storage bucket has teeth build in so you can clean the bristles of the broom, like combing your hair, or for those of us with little or thinning hair, your dog or cat before dumping the dirt and storing. Also the design of the dustpan edge with the dip toward the floor ensures you don’t have the usual reside of dirt that i get with so many dustpans. The long handle means no bending and better precision. Truly well designed and manufactured. The plastic used is sturdy and the metal handles are easy to assemble. There are holes in the handle for hanging. I Highly recommend this product.

  2. William & Jamie Perkins

    Perfect for RV use
    I wouldn’t buy this for my home since it’s somewhat flimsy for everyday use but for the RV it’s perfect! I also love that it stores flat up against the wall.

  3. jack

    Good product
    I use this a lot and works well the only thing I don’t like is the handle for both is aluminum so it seems weak and i am going to break it so i have to be careful with that and the handles to both come in smaller pieces so you have to screw the poles into one another to make the long handle be better if it was one long piece but otherwise it’s great easy to use and sweeps well and looks great, the bristles on the broom is sturdy and thick so i do like that but it isent too bad

  4. Glenn Partridge

    Lightweight & Sturdy!
    I recently purchased the Kelamayi Upgrade Broom and Dustpan Set in the stylish Gray&Orange color, and let me tell you, it’s a total game-changer for my cleaning routine! Here’s why I’m absolutely thrilled with this set:1. Weight and Sturdiness: The first thing I noticed was the substantial weight of the broom. It feels solid and well-built, which is essential for efficient sweeping. No flimsy plastic here! The sturdy construction gives me confidence that it’ll withstand regular use without any issues.2. Self-Cleaning Magic: The real star of the show is the self-cleaning dustpan. Those little teeth inside are like tiny cleaning fairies! They effortlessly comb through the broom bristles, ensuring that every speck of dirt and pet hair ends up in the dustpan. No more handling grimy bristles with my bare hands—what a relief!3. Extendable Pole Design: The optional extension pole is genius. I can adjust the broom’s length from 39.76 to 51.18 inches, making it perfect for both my shorter and taller family members. No more bending over uncomfortably during sweeping sessions. 🙌4. Easy Stand-Up Storage: The clip-on feature allows the broom and dustpan to stand upright, saving precious space in my utility closet. It’s compact, tidy, and ready for action whenever I need it. Plus, it works seamlessly on various surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors.5. Eco-Friendly Bristles: The four-row bristles are dense, durable, and eco-friendly. Kelamayi uses recycled PET bottles to create these high-quality fibers, which aligns perfectly with my commitment to environmental consciousness.6. Powerful After-Service: Kelamayi stands behind their product. With a 30-day refund or replacement guarantee, they’ve got your back. No questions asked! Their customer service is top-notch, and that’s something I truly appreciate.I’m so impressed with this broom and dustpan set that I’m planning to get several more—for my man cave, garage, and maybe even as thoughtful gifts for friends and family. It’s rare to find a cleaning tool that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetics, but Kelamayi nailed it! 🧹✨If you’re tired of flimsy brooms and messy dustpans, give the Kelamayi Upgrade Broom and Dustpan Set a try. Your cleaning routine will thank you! 🌟

  5. Marcela

    A M A Z I N G !!!!
    This is a great light weight broom and dust pan. I was worried that it wouldn’t be sturdy but it’s definitely sturdy. Easy assembly and I love that you can clean the brisels as you sweep. I have long hair dogs and thus is perfect for picking up there hair. The dust pan has a good lip on it so you don’t miss sweeping up dirt or small particles.Must buy!!!

  6. Sarah P.

    Nicer than expected! Sturdy & cute
    I just got rid of my old standing broom+dustpan set that was the bane of my existence, lol. It wouldn’t stay standing and it didn’t have the comb part to remove the fuzz/fur from the bristles like this one does. This set is SO much better! Very sturdy, stands up without issue, and the bristles are better than anticipated. It’s a household set meant for light-to-moderate use around the house. If you are needing it for more heavy-duty use, this is probably not for you. For my purposes, it works great — and looks pretty cute too. 🙂

  7. Jennifer Adams

    4 1/2 stars poles are a bit too skinny
    The quality of the dust bin appears to be good. It does not pivot freely and does not close automatically when lifted off of the ground. The broom and pan both use poles of the same diameter, assembled from several pieces so the boxes can be smaller. The broom handle is almost too small for my large hands. The bristles are more spaced out than most brooms but has not turned out to be a problem. The self cleaning comb is very useful when sweeping up dog hair. I think it is a good value. I might replace the broom handle someday if I have a spare. Broom fits in bin and handles snap together for storage, stands on its own or can be hung using hole through handle. The hole to change it by is too small and make storage by hanging difficult.

  8. Tasia Coffey

    Cute Set
    This broom and dust pan set are really cute. The dustpan is nice the teeth are really good at getting hair out of the broom and the lip makes it easy to get everything swept into the dustpan. The only ‘issue’ I’ve had so far is the joints will loosen as you use the broom, you’ll have to screw them back together. If you have pets, the bristles on the broom are flimsy. So hair tufts don’t always go where you swept them. These are both small issues that are very easy to work with since the set is so cute!

  9. Steph y Kryss

    La escoba no es muy funcional. Puede servir para limpiezas superficiales.

  10. Okya

    Pour balayer la maison et je suis très satisfaite c’est ce que je voulais

  11. Rim Baghdadi

    It’s really cool, just like the picture. I like it

  12. Rim Baghdadi

    It’s really cool, just like the picture. I like it

  13. Amrich Visions

    Very good product but the broom height not for tall people like me. One other extension should have been added

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