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kimteny 12 Pack Kitchen Cloth Dish Towels, Premium Dishcloths, Super Absorbent Coral Velvet Dishtowels, Nonstick Oil Washable Fast Drying (Green-Grey)

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Product Description

kitchen towelskitchen towels

Enjoy Our Premium Kitchen Cloth and Dish Towels

Our kitchen towels are deliberately designed to serve you with the best household solution. It’s like having a magic wand in your hands. Play around and get your daily tasks done easily without any hassle.

dish cloths for washing dishesdish cloths for washing dishes

dish drying towelsdish drying towels

kitchen washclothskitchen washcloths

Soft and Excellent Cleaning

These dishtowels are made of high quality microfiber coral velvet thickening material, they are lightweight, soft, super absorbent and dry quickly, which provides optimal coverage, absorbency, and versatility for all your household cleaning needs in daily life!

Lint-free and Fluffy

The high quality non-abrasive and extra soft coral velvet thickening material gives these microfiber cleaning cloths a lint-free and fluffy capability, use them to dry the lightest of glasses, delicate dishes or even the worst of spills, you will be pleasantly surprised at the lint-free and fluffy absorbancy and how your glasses, dishes actually felt cleaner.

Widely Usage and Reusable

These dish towels are not only suitable for kitchen cleaning, but also suitable for cleaning home furniture, car, window, electric appliance etc. It’s so easy to remove dust, dirt, stain, grease, fingerprints. Hence these super absorbent and fluffy dish rags are there to serve the purpose.

dish clothdish cloth

kitchen towels and dishcloths setskitchen towels and dishcloths sets

cleaning towelscleaning towels

Perfect Size and Handy

With professionally hemmed edges, these dish cloths are carefully crafted to enhance towel’s quality and durability. They are made with perfect handy size 28x16cm/11.02×6.30inches, which is just the right sizing great for washing dishes because they hold a lot of soap and foam up while easy to clean up and squeeze water out.

Fast Drying and Nonstick Oil

The softness microfiber material makes these dishcloths remove oil and other dirty things easily and wring dry extremely fast but still remain soft. Use it in your kitchen or on any floored surface in order to treat yourself and get relief in no time.

Super Absorbent and Efficiently

Premium dish towel is super absorbent and took the dish liquid well, they are incredibly easy to rinse out, and will remain soft and non-shrinking after repeated washing and drying. They are extra absorbent and practical for quick drying, ample coverage, or comfortable lounging.

microfiber towelmicrofiber towel

dish towelsdish towels

microfiber clothmicrofiber cloth

cleaning ragscleaning rags

Easy to Store and Hang

The kitchen dish rags is designed with lightweight soft quality, which is easy for them to be hanged on the hooks, sink side, washbasin, organize racks or any other places that can be put on after using. They will also dry quickly and ready for shortly time use.

Different Colors for Decorating

There are 4 color choices of these kitchen towels, which is not only for decorationg your home and kitchen accordingly, but also to distinguish the purporses for dishes, windows, desks, floors; and the places from kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.

Both Hand and Machine Washable

The cleaning rags are easily to be washed. They are washable for both hand and machine. The dish drying towels maintain an excellent soft quality even after multiple washes and dry cycles! Will resist shrinking and minimize lint. You could use these dish towels over and over again!

Perfect Gift Idea

These cleaning cloths are also a great gift choice to your friends and family members on Thanksgivings, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Monther’s day, Christmas and so on, they will feel your deeply love and care from these most comfortable feel and soft touch kitchen towels.

No more hesitation! Try it now!

So, enjoy the luxuries offered by these towels in the best possible manner for an extended period of time.

products Colors: grey-green,purple-grey,pink-green,pink-grey

Package: 12 Pack Kitchen Towels

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FEATURE – Size: 28x16cm/11.02×6.30inches; Material: Coral Velvet; Package: 12 Pack Kitchen towels. The 12-pack provides you an ample microfiber cleaning cloths towels for all your household needs in daily life!
ULTRA ABSORBENT – These dishtowels are made of high quality coral velvet thickening material, they are lightweight, super absorbent and dry quickly. The kimteny classic kitchen towels are lint-free and absorb fluids quickly and efficiently for any tasks.
MACHINE WASHABLE – Easily to be washed. They are washable for both hand and machine. The dish drying towels maintain an excellent quality even after multiple washes! Will resist shrinking and minimize lint. You could use these dish towels over and over again!
COUNTLESS USES – Due to being highly absorbent, these microfiber dish towels are great for dust cloths, drying hands, wiping stains, cleaning windows, as well as cheese strainers, salad spinners, a wide variety of household chores. As good as having a magic wand in your hands! Get the job done quickly in a right way with our dish cloths!
ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL – Our dish rags are made of high quality non-abrasive and extra soft coral velvet thickening material, which is not easy to lint and fade, soft and not hurting hands, natural and without any chemicals. These dish cloths are not only suitable for kitchen cleaning, but also suitable for cleaning home furniture, car, window, electric appliance etc. It’s so easy to remove dust, dirt, stain, grease, fingerprints.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, washability, appearance and softness of the dishcloth. For example, they mention it’s great for cleaning, has beautiful colors and that it dries quickly. That said, they say it’ll be great for drying dishes and that they feel nice in their hand.

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12 reviews for kimteny 12 Pack Kitchen Cloth Dish Towels, Premium Dishcloths, Super Absorbent Coral Velvet Dishtowels, Nonstick Oil Washable Fast Drying (Green-Grey)

  1. DLO

    This is a winning product and a great value
    I bought these with low expectations given the price but I bought them anyway because I loved the scalloped edges and the pink/green color combo. My mom and two sisters were crazy about them and have all bought them too with no complaints.PROSThe quality is better than I expected and I have used them for lots of different things. Like cleaning around the home and in my car. I’ve used them for dusting, mirrors, wood, floors, or drying things, etc.They don’t take up much real estate in small spacesThey are great washcloths too, and I put one on my bathroom sink to pat my washed hands-onThese cloths work great in your car! I have one tucked in my glove box and it dusts nicely while I am sitting at a traffic light lolUse them for travel too because they absorb quickly, dry fast, and don’t take up room in your luggage. I use them to put my makeup/bathroom stuff on in the resort room and it works out greatI have washed them 8-10 times and they do well in the dryer on low heat. They did shrink a tad but it’s negligible. There has been no fraying, pilling, or loose threading. They are absorbent, fluffy, and are holding their pretty colorsCONSWish they offered more color combo options than they currently haveI wasn’t paid to write this review and do not know the sellers. I am a real person too.

  2. JS 5055

    Soft and Perfect Size
    These work perfectly for washing dishes by hand and cleaning counters and backsplash. The size fits my hand so cleanup is a breeze. The towels feel nice in my hand and ring out easily. My favorite kitchen hand towels.

  3. M. Grif

    I’ve bought two packs now!
    I bought some when my MIL commented on how rough my old kitchen cloths were on my daughter. I mean regular Cotton rags were fine when I was growing up and we never are actually rough, so whatever MIL….But I of course had to make her happy and buy some for my house. We use them for everyday dishes and cleaning. They are great and come clean in the wash. We weee visiting my mom out of state recently and she was in need of some new cloths as well so I fought her a pack and she loves them as well. These also don’t have the microfiber “ick” factor if you know what I’m talking about. Super soft, super absorbent. Would buy again!

  4. K.M.B.

    Simply perfect
    I used to cut microfiber cloths into four sections to try and get the perfect size dishrag. The edges would unravel over time, but they served their purpose.I was searching for tea towels and came across these. The price was right and the size seemed perfect from the product description so I decided to give them a whirl.The cloths arrived quickly and I was eager to try them out. They are super absorbent and took the dish liquid well. Nice amount of bubbles from one squirt of dish liquid. The feel is not too thick. Cleaned a load of dishes with ease.The true test will be when I have to wash them……I plan to use all twelve before putting them in the wash. If the product is altered or become inferior I’ll update this review.As of now, I’m impressed with the quality of these ragsWhy the four stars??? I believe there’s way too much packaging (plastic) used. Each rag is individually wrapped and then the twelve wrapped cloths are inside a vacuum sealed bag. The vacuum sealed bag would have been enough.Update 7/28/21. These little gems are still going strong. A few have bleach stains on them (I use bleach when washing dishcloths, washcloths, reusable wipes….I’m old school like that), but they have maintained their softness, effectiveness, shape and function for over a year and a half. Highly, highly recommend these.Update: May 26, 2022. I still got ’em. If you hand wash all or a few of your dishes, these babies won’t disappoint. For the length of time I’ve had them and the number of dishes they have washed (and have been washed), and they are still just as effective as day one is a testimony to their quality and workmanship. Still HIGHLY recommend these cloths.Update: May 10, 2024: a couple of them are discolored from washing burnt pots and pans…….. Otherwise they are all still in good working condition. Probably hundreds of washes. No shredding. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  5. Ardella

    Super cute and works great I really like that they don’t take up a lot of space. Really suds up. Easy to clean. And you get so many for a great price.

  6. clj

    I absolutely love these. I have always HATED regular dish cloths. I have bought many kinds hoping that they wouldn’t develop a smell, or become a weird texture and finally gave up. As much as I hate it, I began using a lot of paper towel because I hate the idea of using dirty rags multiple times to wash and clean things and didn’t want to do laundry all that often. (Anyone else never have it make it out of the basket after it’s clean??) these are perfect. Not too big, not too small, absorbent yet dries quickly, super soft, hasn’t developed a smell, lost shape, or become stiff. They wash well for quick clean ups on the counter, to drying, to actually washing dishes. Great for using like a microfiber for cleaning appliances yet doesn’t leave behind the weird fuzzies that my other microfiber cloths do. I also love how many come in a pack so I always have clean on hand and don’t use most of them for more than a day at a time. I also have 2-3 going per day – one for drying, one for dishes, and one for counter cleanings. I can use the drying one for about a week, sway out the dishes one every other day, and change out the counter one daily. They are cute and stylish and match my kitchen decor. They are also small enough to hang over our faucet to dry quickly but they aren’t light and flimsy to the point where they fall in the sink again and just get wet and coated in food and dirt. Highly recommend!

  7. Giselle Olivardia

    Good pack value
    They didn’t work as well as I wanted them to but pretty good size pack

  8. Erika

    Están lindos, funcionan, absorben el agua, pero son muy pequeños

  9. Paula

    Produto indicado por uma amiga e realmente maravilhoso! Perfeito para usar na cozinha.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I like these so much, I ordered more. I keep some handy by the paper towel dispenser, and use and reuse these instead to keep from wasting the single use paper towels. These are very soft and absorbent. They pick up a lot of fluid when wiping up spills. The fuzzy texture is excellent for wiping down kitchen counters and cutting boards, as they pick up all the crumbs and little pieces on the first wipe. They wash up nice and clean, so I always have some handy. They are smaller than I expected, but I find I like this size better. I also find them handy for dusting and wiping up around the rest of the house. They work great on windows and mirrors, too. My second order got lost in the mail over Christmas. The company promptly refunded my purchase, and I ordered more. They arrived right away. Good customer service.

  11. Louise

    I thought these would’ve been better I guess, they’re really thin and actually quite small.

  12. Ckim

    thick and absorbent towels!

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