Luxury Thick Full Body Bath Pillows Mat & Cushion for Bathtub Headrest Neck Shoulder Support Comfort Relaxation Spa Accessories Perfect for a Spa Soak in Bathtub (Gray)


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🛀Ultimate Comfort and Support: The one-piece design envelops your body in a soft and breathable cushion, reducing pressure on your back, shoulders, and tailbone. The extra-thick headrest supports your neck and head for pure bliss.
✅Secure and Slip-Resistant: Say goodbye to frustrating suction cups that constantly fall or float around. Our bath pillow boasts 12 powerful anti-slip suction cups on the underside, ensuring a secure and stable grip on any smooth surface.
🧼Easy Clean and Premium Quality: Crafted with 3D Air Mesh Technology. The water-permeable and breathable design for quick drying. The built-in hanging hook facilitates drying and convenient storage.
🎁Versatile and Gift-Worthy: Our bath pillow is perfect for both bath lovers and those who seek ultimate relaxation. It serves as a thoughtful and practical gift for friends and family, bestowing a touch of joy and comfort upon their daily routines.
💝100% Risk-Free Purchase: We stand behind the quality of our bath pillow.Offer risk-free 60 Day and 2 years of friendly customer service. If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with your purchase, we will gladly provide a fast replacement or refund. Immerse yourself in a bath time experience akin to a spa-like escape with our bath pillow.

Customers say

Customers like the fit, comfort, and drying time of the bath pillow. For example, they mention it fits well, is comfortable, and relaxing to use. Some appreciate the hook to hang dry. That said, opinions are mixed on the quality, value, and suction cups.

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13 reviews for Luxury Thick Full Body Bath Pillows Mat & Cushion for Bathtub Headrest Neck Shoulder Support Comfort Relaxation Spa Accessories Perfect for a Spa Soak in Bathtub (Gray)

  1. Robert B

    Stable and confy
    Super comfy, good stability, drainable zero smell when received the cup will look out of shape but as sooner get hot with the water is gets super stable I had never enjoy a garden tub but it got better experience with this recliner pad. Is amazing

  2. jbgquick

    Really comfortable
    The material is very comfortable on skin and the padding cushions well without being too soft or hard. The material is not uncomfortably slippery when wetHas convenient hook to hang to dry that is out of way when positioned to lay on (see pic)Suction cups hold well. In fact, I would suggest loosening all cups one at a time when removing as hold is quite strong.Will have to see how it deals with bio coatings with time but hanging to keep relatively dry should reduce.Past experience with other items suggest not getting white and having to do some bleaching

  3. Jennifer

    I’m 7 months pregnant and wanted to relax in a bath but can’t get comfortable. A girl on tik tok recommended this and I was skeptical. I got it tried it out and was not expecting it to be so comfy. A girl almost fell asleep in the tub. Only reason I didn’t is because it didn’t have little arm pillows for me to rest my head or definitely would have.I also had used a bath bomb that was extremely pigmented and made my whole bath a dark blue. I was scared it would dye my white pillow it did not at all.I expected it to hold a lot of water so I tried to ring it out and it wasn’t needed. I guess that’s due to the mesh material. The suction cups have tabs for you to pull off rather than yanking it out of the tub. Only complaint it was a little hard to get to them since they sit perfectly underneath the pillow.It also comes with a laundry bag to wash it and a little hanger for you to stick to your shower wall which I have not yet tried out.

  4. Ramona

    Bath Lover Must Have
    Wish I’d purchased sooner-has been well worth the money. Long soaks in the tub are much more relaxing with this pillow. Suction is great, so is quality and it’s been easy to adjust position of mat in tub by sliding pillow. I haven’t needed to wash it in the washing machine yet, after use I just hang it in my shower, rinse well with shower head and let dry. Smells and looks clean after many uses. I love the dark grey color too- no discoloration from use so far. Have found I need to tuck hanging hook behind pillow to avoid potential hair snagging.

  5. SherryG

    Must buy
    This is a must buy for anyone dealing with tailbone or back issues. For those two reasons, I had stopped taking baths. It was just too painful. As much as I love soaking in a hot bath for my muscles, I just couldn’t relax. The way this is made, it was a support for your back, neck and, the cushion is plenty long enough to lay on. Also thick enough. Sometimes, the suction cups slide, I just slide them back up. It’s also the best way to take them off. Sliding them. Then I just hang it on my shower caddy, I have a corner one, to dry. There’s never any smell. I was hesitant at first to buy it because of the price. I’m glad I did. It’s very good quality that has brought my enjoyment and comfort back to baths, and will last many years.

  6. KnockKnock

    Poemland Luxury Bath Pillow – Comfortable, But Suction Cup Issues
    The Poemland Luxury Thick Full Body Bath Pillow initially promised a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience, and while it does deliver on the comfort front, I’ve encountered a significant drawback that warrants a three-star review.Pros:Luxurious Comfort: The thickness of the bath pillow provides a comfortable and cushioned surface, allowing for a more enjoyable and relaxing bath experience.Full Body Support: The design of the pillow caters to full-body support, making it suitable for extended soaking sessions without discomfort.Soft and Plush Material: The plush material used in the construction of the bath pillow is soft to the touch, contributing to a spa-like ambiance during baths.Cons:Suction Cup Issues: The primary concern that led to a deduction of stars is the persistent issue with the suction cups. Despite initial effectiveness, they tend to tear off from the back of the pillow over time. This not only compromises the attachment to the bathtub but also allows the stuffing to come out, leading to a mess.Durability Concerns: The suction cup problem raises durability concerns, as the tearing compromises the overall integrity of the bath pillow. For an item intended for use in wet environments, this is a notable drawback.Inconsistent Performance: While the suction cups may work well initially, the inconsistency in their performance over time reduces the reliability of the bath pillow, impacting the overall user experience.Suggestions for Improvement:Reinforce Suction Cup Attachment: Strengthening the attachment of the suction cups to the pillow’s back could prevent tearing and improve overall durability.Enhance Materials: Considering the bath pillow’s exposure to moisture, using more resilient and water-resistant materials could contribute to a longer lifespan.Quality Control: Implementing rigorous quality control measures to ensure the consistent performance of suction cups across all units would enhance customer satisfaction.In conclusion, while the Poemland Luxury Thick Full Body Bath Pillow offers a luxurious and comfortable bath experience, the recurring issue with suction cups tearing off is a significant drawback. The inconsistent performance and durability concerns impact the overall value of the product. Addressing these issues would undoubtedly elevate the bath pillow’s standing among users.

  7. Joseph

    My lounge chair in the tub
    Perfect for aching bones, and aching neck. The suction cups were just fine, if done correctly. Soo comfortable. The support was what I needed, highly recommend this product. ChrissieG

  8. AGuy

    Love this bath pillow
    This bath pillow turns your tub into a nice cushioned bed. Very well made and comfortable!

  9. J. Houston

    Initially I thought the mat was too thin. It is not. Relieves pressure from my tail bone & badly fractured leg and back. I can now sit comfortably in my tub again for a nice soak. now if you could only make my tub longer. 😉 Thank you for such a great product.

  10. Cristy Zmahar

    OMG! So comfy, and and and …. and you do not slip into bath! I changed 100 of them and this one is the first I don’t slip in! Worth every penny! Do not ever dare to stop selling this! I will use it life time again and again and buying them! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  11. Brigitte Dallaire

    Absolument parfait en tout point

  12. SHM

    Suction pads hanging off after having been used half a dozen times. Reported it immediately and hopefully will be replaced asap and perhaps it was a rogue order. Expect a bit more for £126!

  13. Melanie Wright

    It’s a great seat. I purchased it after having a Total Knee Replacement Surgery. The suction cups are good, it still moves. But honestly this is by far the cushion bat mate, very very comfortable. Thanks Chris

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