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Mind Reader Coat Rack, Hall Tree, Freestanding Organizer, Coat Tree, Hat, Jacket, Purse, Metal, 18″L x 18″W x 68.5″H, Black, 11

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A classic design in Black metal finish, the Mind Reader ‘hang’ coat rack is sure to dress up any home. It is perfect to add a touch of style to your entrance way, bedroom, home, office, or waiting rooms. Can hold coats, jackets, hats, scarves, purse, or accessories. Easy to clean. Weight Capacity: 50 lb
Ample storage with three tiers: Hang your hats, coats, and more on the 11 hooks, providing plenty of storage space. When hanging multiple items, be mindful of balancing the weight distribution to avoid tipping
Maximize space with vertical storage: Opt for vertical storage to save floor space while still offering ample options for organizing your items
Easy to transport: The lightweight design allows for easy transportation, so you can conveniently move the coat rack wherever it’s needed
Sleek and minimalist: With its simple and classic metal design, this coat rack seamlessly blends into any decor style, adding functionality without sacrificing aesthetics
Compact dimensions: The coat tree has a minimal footprint, measuring 18 inches long x 18 inches wide x 68.5 inches tall (45.72 x 45.72 x 173.99 centimeters) and weighs 4.75 lbs (2.15 kilograms), making it suitable for tight spaces

Customers say

Customers like the appearance of the clothes rack, saying it looks good and is helpful to hang used clothes. They also mention that the metal looks nice. However, some customers report missing non-essential pieces and issues with the screws. Opinions are mixed on weight, quality, ease of assembly, value, and fit.

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13 reviews for Mind Reader Coat Rack, Hall Tree, Freestanding Organizer, Coat Tree, Hat, Jacket, Purse, Metal, 18″L x 18″W x 68.5″H, Black, 11

  1. Joao Antonio

    Good stuff
    Amazing!!! Easy to assemble and good quality. My clothes are organized.

  2. Gopika

    Sturdy but need to be careful with winter clothes
    This is a nice, simple item which doesn’t occupy a lot of space. It looks neat to throw in all your jackets on it or even shawls if you have any. Very efficient. However, when I try to keep my winter snow coat, I need to pay more attention. Because even though it is very sturdy, my snow coat is heavy and so, it topples a little bit/goes off balance. But I am very happy for this product, especially for the price.

  3. Sum Dood

    Hard to assemble, easy to topple, but that comes with the territory.
    Putting this thing together is a bit of a chore, so be prepared for that – There’s a ton of screws and washers, but once you understand how it goes together it is mostly self-explanatory, it just ends up being pretty time-consuming.It also does what its supposed to just fine, but it is made of all empty metal, so it’s somewhat lightweight and will topple somewhat easily, but it will function just fine despite that if you just use your head and if you put a heavy jacket on one side, put the next heavy jacket on the other.I have not tried it yet, but I am considering trying to fill the bottom legs with something to weigh it down and make it a bit more stable. At the end of all the metal pipes are small plastic toppers so I doubt that sand would be a good idea since I don’t see them creating a good enough seal to keep sand in, but small rocks in the ‘feet’ of the stand might do the trick, or even metal weights if you glue the plastic toppers on so they won’t pop off from the extra weight.Either way, it’s not perfect, but there are potential fixes if you don’t like how unstable it is – Might involve a bit more work though.

  4. Matt T.

    Simple, stylish, cheap, effective, easy to assemble, and light weight but heavy enough to be stable.

  5. Erick Ochoa

    Gets the the job done
    Easy to put together but was missing a set of screws so I just ended up going to them from the store. It’s sturdy enough and it does it’s job

  6. CYN

    Good enough
    It’s very lightweight. Don’t let the little ones pull their coats from it b/c the whole thing will come falling down. Overall for its price I am happy with it. I put it together pretty quick and I am a below average handy woman. Please skip the L key and find a screw driver that will do the job. Your fingers will not make it through with the short L they provide. Also be careful and don’t screw too tight b/c it’s a super soft metal and it will start to dent in when you put the screws on too tight.

  7. carmen brown

    The assembly instructions lettering are too small. I had to go to YOUTUBE for assembly. Once put together the rack is pretty sturdy. I used it to hang up purses. Each hook accommodates 3 to 4 purses. All my purses are organized and readily visible. I LOVE IT!!!

  8. Susan Dunn

    Does the job
    Pretty cheap, metal pieces bend super easy when righting the screws but it does the job

  9. Cristina

    practico y de muy buena calidad

  10. Dino Bellavia

    Very well made and easy to assemble. It is very sturdy with even the heaviest coats.

  11. Michelle

    Lots of pieces to put together but holds our every day jackets, scarves, and bags. Instructions are… not translated exactly but! you can understand the meaning.

  12. Mayte

    Sencillo y fuerte. Muy juvenil. Práctico

  13. Anonyme

    It came without its own little special screwdriver, essential for the assembly (the L-shaped one, like Ikea includes in some of its packages). Impossible to put together without it, I tried every type of regular screwdriver in the house and every trick that could help. The package was closed with cellotape, it had obviously been opened, maybe that’s when the little gadget fell out. Also, no instructions either, but that was less of an issue, as it’s fairly intuitive to see what should go where. Anyway, the whole thing now sits in my hallway in pieces.

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