MIXC Wooden Raised Garden Bed with Legs, 48”L X 24”W, Elevated Reinforced Large Planter Box for Vegetable Flower Herb Outdoors – Beam and Column Structure – Unmatched Strength Outlast


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raised garden bedraised garden bed

lagre planter boxlagre planter box


Our mission is to make people live better and better. Make the Earth more and more plant!

We have provided quality gardening products to over 100,000 customers worldwide. It turns out that the more plants that grow with our products, the closer we get to our vision.

Create a patio garden with the MIXC garden bed.

Unmatched Strength Outlast

The elevated design means you can grow a lush garden without ever bending over. With deep soil depth you can grow plants, herbs, and vegetables. The bed is made out of untreated fir wood. It assembles with a rubber mallet . The bed even comes with a fabric liner. After assembling the add soil, plants, and sunshine to start growing the garden of your dreams!

Made for everyone – Whether you are new to garden or a skilled expert, this garden bed will make things easy and better for you The wood is natural, untreated, and unfinished. Comfortable working height, easy for wheelchair access. Easy to assemble – Simple step-by-step instructions and everything you need to put his bed together. Grow to impress – Display your garden somewhere around your house for family, friends, and all to see.


The package contains a waterproof PE rubber membrane, so you can DIY this interesting project with your family .

Fold the pond liner at the corners and staple it around the perimeter. Trim the excess. Also, don’t miter the top cap—miter joints open with changes in humidity. Butt joints will look neater than miter joints over time.Note: This PE rubber membrane is waterproof, if you need this planting bed to still have drainage function after installation, please use a sharp tool to rub a hole from the bottom of the drainage hole after filling with soil

easy to assemblyeasy to assembly

Diy with your familyDiy with your family


Just need 15-25 minutes

Comes with a clear installation guide and screwdriver, requires only 2 people to assist, step-by-step installation takes only 15-25 minutes. Gloves are recommended to operate the whole process.

Spring is the season for planting hope. Call your children to come together to participate in the garden bed assembly and start planting plants, can be in this fun process to develop their DIY ability and feel the whole process of plant growth. It will be a meaningful family project!

Professional and high standard of supportDamage due to weather factors can be replacedThe strongest garden bed on the market

Reasonable Size and Wood Combination: MIXC raised garden beds is made of untreated fir wood, which resists warping and splitting over time better than cedar. The support part is made of Pinus radiata with better load-bearing properties. Overall Dimension: 48”(L) X 24.4”(W) X 31”(H). 9” Deep.
Application of Building Science: Based on the advice of woodworking experts, A structure of columns and beams is used in MIXC g arden bed, making the planting bed stronger than dovetail joint. It is dimensionally accurate to the millimeter level for each component, based on structural mechanics and the properties of wood. The table legs are painted with waterproof paint that can effectively prevent the legs from rotting. The service life is up to 3 years in outdoor environment.
Drainage Holes & Inner Liner: Four drainage holes are convenient to drain out excess water. Besides, A Waterproof PE rubber membrane(67”*55”) is provided for you to DIY. The liner helps to keep soil and moisture from rotting the wood.
Why Choose Us: With very understanding the garden bed’s weakness, we, as a professional gardening product brand, are dedicated to solving the problem. Many other products run out of steam after a few months of use. That’s why we spend a lot of time on research to improve the performance of our products, just so that the plants can stay with you safely after starting your growing process. We focus more on the long-term value than just price!
What You Get: One garden bed + Black waterproof PE film+ screwdriver + Installation guide, MIXC worry-free 24-month warranty, and friendly customer service

Customers say

Customers like the value, ease of assembly, and quality of the planter. They mention that it comes with everything you need to assemble it, and that the instructions are fine. They appreciate the appearance. That said, some complain about the fit and durability. They say that the panels don’t properly line up, causing splintering and screws to not line up. They also differ on size.

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8 reviews for MIXC Wooden Raised Garden Bed with Legs, 48”L X 24”W, Elevated Reinforced Large Planter Box for Vegetable Flower Herb Outdoors – Beam and Column Structure – Unmatched Strength Outlast

  1. Amazon Customer

    Ordered another
    Went together so easy. I only ordered 1 to see if I liked it. I loved it. My 2nd one is on the way. Seems very sturdy. Bigger than my mind imagined. Only disappointment was that the liner is just a piece of plastic film. It would be great if it was at least formed to fit the box. The color is great. May stain it to match my deck. It seems to be heavy duty. Arrived intact and no damage.

  2. Richard OBrien

    Easy to put together
    I am terrible at putting things together. Something that would take a normal person 1hr to put something together, it takes me 4 hours.But this item was wham bam thank you mame. Very easy. All holes lined up perfectly. Very sturdy. .One complaint would be bottom planks should be a tad longer to fit better.

  3. Kathlene

    Little tricky to put together
    The finished product is great, getting to it was a little tricky. Instructions were fine but things didn’t fully match up to screw in and get it all together. Took over an hour. I like it a lot now that it’s done!

  4. D. Price

    very nice planter box for the price
    Nice, sturdy planter box. My husband assembled it and said it came together fairly well. I like the drain holes. He covered it in linseed oil to protect it better from the weather. I liked it enough that I bought a second one.

  5. jeffmc29

    Very easy to assemble.
    Packaging was solid and the planter was easily assembled. Well designed . Painted with exterior paint and it looks very nice. Sturdy with 50lbs of planting soil.

  6. Kim S.

    Love these!
    These are really nice and well made. Took a bit to assemble them but my hubby was up to the task – he’s pretty handy! There are 4 holes down the middle of the bed. He drilled another row of 4 on each side. After stapling the plastic in that came with it, he poked through the holes so it would drain and put small rocks around the holes so the dirt wouldn’t plug them up. Very happy with the results!

  7. Scott

    Not cut perfectly
    This kit was relatively simple to put together. But the instructions and cuts of wood leave a lot to be desired. The instructions are one page. But there is 0 labeling on the pieces included in the box. And since these are predrilled holes and panels of wood, do not properly line up.The bottom panels do not fit 100% of the side rails causing splintering and screws to not line up.The long screws that came with it are a hex bit, and the kit comes with a tool to handle that, but the tool is a bit flimsy and could lead to some strain in the wrist as you are trying to screw into wood.The wood is not treated, so it will need to be stained and sealed to prevent rotting in the future. With some adjustments made by the manufacturer, this could turn out to be a great kit to purchase.

  8. John Dutton

    Don’t waste your money
    Even with the 30 dollar off coupon, this bed was such a rip off. This thing took me two hours to put together, due to the misaligned holes and trying to make sure I have the right orientation for the parts. It would’ve been a better experience if I could’ve just used an electric drill rather than the “Screwdriver” that they included. It’s essentially an Allen wrench with a t-handle, and it’s brutal to use for all 16 screws, which are so long. With having to screw them in manually, it takes so long and you are having to tap the holes as you screw each screw. I also had to take my drill and make several new holes, as quality control apparently took a nap during the manufacturing of the bed I bought. The cherry on the top was the “waterproof” feet, which are just painted gray to make it look like it has feet. Also my product came damaged and with scuff marks on it. Don’t waste your money, find a cheaper, better quality product, or build your own. The only reason I kept it is because I love my wife, otherwise I would’ve thrown it away. I hope it holds up, but I’m not holding my breath.

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