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MUDEELA Pots and Pans Organizer Rack under Cabinet with 3 DIY Methods, Adjustable Pot Pan Rack with 8 Tiers for Kitchen Cabinet Organizers and Storage

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pots and pans organizerpots and pans organizer

MUDEELA Pot and Pan Organizer

Perfect Cookware Storage for Your Kitchen

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Pan Organizer Pan Organizer

Tidy It Up with MUDEELA

MUDEELA pots and pans organizer.

Great Solution For Keeping Your Pots/ Pans/ Lids Organized and Easy to Reach.Our pan organizer rack will help keep your pots, pans, lids, trays, plates, cookie sheets and cutting boards well organized and easy to reach.The compact design allows you to save a lot of space in your cabinets, pantries, and on your countertops.Greatly Helps to Organize Your Cookware!

lid organizer pots and panslid organizer pots and pans

pot lid organizerpot lid organizer

Heavy Duty Pan Organizer RackHeavy Duty Pan Organizer Rack

Pots and Pans Organizer

Pan Organizer Rack for CabinetPan Organizer Rack for Cabinet

Pots and Pans OrganizerPots and Pans Organizer

Pan OrganizerPan Organizer

kitchen organizers and storage
【3-Method Easy Assembly & Size】Minimum Cabinet Size Required: 24″ x 18.5″ x 9″ (W x H x D). You’re free to DIY this kitchen cabinet organizer to suit all your needs. Unmatched flexibility makes it a multifunctional pots and pans organizer for cabinet. NOTE: Please measure your cabinet before purchasing, with pot’s width, height, and handle space taken into account, and check the organizer’s dimensions carefully to ensure a proper fit.
【Deep U-shaped Design】Deep U-shaped Design allows the pot organizer rack for under cabinet to securely hold pans or pots; Perfect kitchen storage solution for organizing both large and small pots and pans.
【Large Storage Capacity and Compact Size】MUDEELA pan organizer rack for cabinet has 8 tiers; allowing you to store 8 and more stacked pots and pans; The compact design saves you a lot of valuable space in your kitchen cabinets pantries and on your countertops.
【Adjustable Design】MUDEELA pot pan organizer features adjustable dividers, allowing you to customize the position of each divider to accommodate pots and pans of different sizes. By adjusting this pot and pan organizer, you are free to maximize the space of your kitchen cabinet organizers and storage according to your needs.
【Greatly Helps to Organize Your Cookware】You no longer have to worry about your kitchen being a mess and unable to find your cookware when you need it; MUDEELA pots and pans organizer under cabinet will help keep your pots pans lids trays plates cookie sheets and cutting boards well organized and easy to reach; Great kitchen organizers and storage.

Customers say

Customers like how easy it is to assemble the storage rack. They say it has three DIY methods for installation and is strong and sturdy. They are also satisfied with performance, appearance, and organization. However, some customers have reported issues with stability, saying that pots and pans keep falling off the rack. Opinions are mixed on quality, sturdiness, and fit.

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13 reviews for MUDEELA Pots and Pans Organizer Rack under Cabinet with 3 DIY Methods, Adjustable Pot Pan Rack with 8 Tiers for Kitchen Cabinet Organizers and Storage

  1. Fefe

    Pot stand
    Storage space is okay, easy to put together, works okay for me, shelf are thin but strong

  2. Mindy

    Great Product!
    This Pan Organizer is just what is was looking for. It fits my 16 piece pan set and frees up so much space in my cabinet. I love how organized it looks and the space it provides! I will be buying another for some other to provide extra organization for other random pots.

  3. Amazonlover

    A Highly Versatile and Effective Solution for Kitchen Chaos
    The MUDEELA Pots and Pans Organizer is a game-changing addition to kitchen cabinet organization. With its 8-tier design and three DIY methods for installation, it addresses the common kitchen dilemma of managing bulky cookware in limited spaces. After spending several weeks with this organizer, I feel it lives up to most of its promises, warranting a 4-star rating. Here’s my detailed analysis:Build Quality & MaterialFirstly, the material is sturdy and dependable. Constructed from heavy-duty iron with a smooth black coating, it withstands the weight of various pots and pans without showing signs of fatigue. The quality of the material puts it a notch above many competing products I’ve tried, such as the SimpleHouseware Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Pan and Pot Organizer, which used lighter metals that flexed under weight.Installation & CustomizationOne of the standout features is the adaptability in its installation. You can opt for a single rack, two separate racks, or even an expandable rack. This customization is particularly useful when you have cabinets of varying sizes. Installation took me around 30 minutes, and the included instruction manual was fairly easy to follow.VersatilityThe organizer’s 8-tiers offer ample room for an array of items. I stored cast-iron skillets, saucepans, frying pans, and even lids. The ability to adjust the height of each tier is an excellent feature. The versatility of this organizer separates it from more rigid alternatives.Space ManagementPre-MUDEELA, my cabinet was a jumbled mess, causing me unnecessary stress whenever I needed to find the right pan. Now, each item has its designated spot, making it significantly easier to retrieve and store my cookware.Pros: 1. High-Quality Material: Robust and durable, designed for long-term use. 2. Versatile Customization: Three installation methods offer flexibility for various cabinet sizes. 3. Space-Efficient: Optimizes storage space, making your kitchen more organized. 4. Ease of Use: Once installed, accessing your pots and pans becomes a breeze. 5. Adjustable Tiers: Provides the ability to fine-tune the arrangement based on cookware dimensions.Cons: 1. Instruction Manual: Could be more detailed for those not adept at DIY projects. 2. Stability: While generally sturdy, the organizer can wobble if not evenly loaded. 3. Price Point: Slightly more expensive than some competitors, but you get what you pay for.ComparisonWhen comparing this to the SimpleHouseware Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, MUDEELA offers superior build quality and flexibility. The competitor fell short in both stability and adjustability, making MUDEELA the better choice for those willing to invest a bit more for quality.Usage ExperienceI’ve had the organizer installed for one month in a moderate-sized kitchen cabinet. The conditions have been typical—ambient room temperature, no exposure to excessive moisture or heat. Over the weeks, the organizer has held up impeccably, providing consistent performance without any degradation in stability or appearance.Extended Tips for Buyers:If you’re considering this organizer, take accurate measurements of your cabinet and cookware beforehand to ensure they align with the product dimensions. Additionally, if you’re not skilled at DIY tasks, you might find the installation a tad challenging. However, don’t let that deter you; the end result is well worth the effort.Final VerdictThe MUDEELA Pots and Pans Organizer has transformed my kitchen storage setup, injecting order into what was once chaos. While it does have a couple of minor drawbacks, they’re easily overshadowed by its multiple strengths.In summary, this is a product that knows its target audience well and delivers on its promises. If you’re tired of navigating through a cluttered cabinet to find that one elusive saucepan, MUDEELA provides an efficient, elegant solution. Four stars well earned.I hope this comprehensive review assists you in making an informed decision. Thank you for reading.

  4. Branden

    I love it
    This organizer is awesome. It’s a little taller than I thought so it fits kind of awkward in my cabinet, but it still made it way more organized. It was insanely easy to assemble. Anyone with pots and ands would love it.

  5. scrapbookgirl71

    A different view
    I tried to use this the way it was displayed in the photo with pans on either side. It took up too much room and, frankly, didn’t seem all that sturdy. I was coming back to return it and noticed a version of this on its side. So I tried that and it works great. My main goal was to keep my pans from scratching each other and thus achieves that goal. The dividers pop out as I take a pan out once in a while, but it’s to put them back.

  6. Lesly

    These pan holders are great and provide good storage space and protection for your pans. Very easy to assemble.

  7. LC

    Pot and Pan Organizer
    This product was much easier to assemble than I thought it would be. It is made of strong metal that is coated. The organizer allows me to utilize the height in the cabinet which has provided me with more space in my cabinet. I WILL be purchasing another one.

  8. Melissa Em.

    Adjust to your desired size
    This was easy to use. Adjust and offset racks to accommodate the different sized pan height.Only issue is that the entire rack moves when you use it. So one hand to hold it steady while the other grabs the pot.

  9. Jack

    Bought this organizer for my messy cabinet a week ago and here are my thoughts:pros:- super easy to install and setup, took me less than 10 mins in total to get it in place inside my cabinet- silicone offers good protection for your pans and pots- great organization without having to put your pans on top of each other (that’s what I used to do, it could get dirty if the bottom is not cleaned well or potentially damage the pans on the bottom)- flexibility in terms of orientation (horizontal or vertical pan layout, I chose horizontal as it can hold the most pans with the space I have)cons:- the upper levels are a little flimsy so I probably wouldn’t put the heavy pots (cast iron) there, stainless steel ones are totally okay

  10. Amalia Campbell

    I like the organizer and that I can readjust and change it easily if I want to. It doesn’t fit where I had planned for it to fit (my fault I am sure) and with the pots I wanted it to fit with (they don’t want to sit straight on the rungs for some reason), but it is doing a great job of holding my pot lids which were the biggest issue as they kept sliding off the pots and almost breaking when in the cupboard as well as just taking up too much cupboard space to leave the lids on their own pots. So, great job! I will update my review if anything changes.

  11. Emily

    Great rack! Easy to assemble and held all my pots with some room for more. Even assembled it on the kitchen floor, put the pots on to make sure they’d fit and was able to lift the rack and carry it to the cabinet without it collapsing or breaking at all. Nice and sturdy, I’m very pleased.

  12. Jfriedman

    Bought this to help organize my 40X 34 cabinet with recessed shelf -but its very deceptive. Vertically, it didn’t fit the under the shelf. Vertically with 2 sides used, it takes too much room on the shelf because of pan handles. Put horizontally it fit on the shelf however size of the pan, handle length and height of the side will of each pan can impact how much you put in it. My pancake pan has 2 handles and doesn’t fit. My large frying pan has 4” side height and fits but takes too much of the unit. Disappointed am I.

  13. Karen

    It works great, just as described. It’s nice to just reach in the cupboard & get the size you need without rearranging everything else.

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