Multipack of Dri-Tech Moisture Control Crew socks, available in M-XXL


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Dickies Dri-Tech Comfort 6 Pair Crew with Moisture-Wicking Fibers to Keep Feet Dry, Ventilation Channels Designed for Airflow and Moisture Control, Arch Compression Hugs Feet and keeps socks in place, while providing support in stride, reciprocating heel and toe for superior fit and full cushion comfort
Product dimensions: ‎5 x 5 x 0.7 inches; 10.4 ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ I11750/I11752/I615108
Department ‏: ‎ Men
Date of availability on April 25, 2024
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Dickies – Royce Too

Customers say

Customers like the moisture wicking of the socks. They say the Dri-tech technology effectively wicks away sweat. They also say the socks are comfortable and keep their feet protected and warm. Customers are also satisfied with the value, fit, and quality. However, some customers have reported that the socks get holes easily. Opinions are mixed on thickness.

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10 reviews for Multipack of Dri-Tech Moisture Control Crew socks, available in M-XXL

  1. NahaniWhereUAt

    My favorite socks
    Let me start by saying that I am like a sock junkie. It’s kind of a problem, Lol, and my family members think that I am crazy. I am bursting at the seams with socks. I have bought, and have sooooo many different kinds of socks, because I just love them, and in my opinion, there is nothing better than a new pair of socks. Obviously I have all sorts (and, of course, lots of every sort) merino wool, socks with cute pictures on them, crew socks, ankle socks, low cut socks, no show socks, etc., but these socks I now buy every year, six pairs of white and six pairs of black. Once I found these, I have not worn any other brand of crew socks. These are the by far the best ones that I have found. Due to my sock obsession, I even did try a couple of other brands after I had bought these for the first time, but I ended up returning all of them, and that was the end of that. They are the perfect mix cotton and polyester (more cotton than most other brands too), extremely comfortable, Don’t bunch up or have uncomfortable seams, hold their shape, keep my feet as dry as any other sock I’ve had, and STAY UP, but are not at all too tight. Longevity wise they have held up sooooo much better than other brands I have bought in the past. They are just the height that I like, and so far the price has always been right. The reason that I buy new ones every year is NOT because the old ones aren’t good anymore…. I still wear the old ones too, it’s just that I love nice new, fresh socks, so every year I treat myself to two new 6 packs of these, in white and black.

  2. keaira

    Reliable Performance and Comfort
    As an individual with an active lifestyle, investing in quality socks is essential for both comfort and performance. Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Essential Moisture Control socks, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed.First and foremost, these socks excel in moisture control. Whether I’m hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply wearing them throughout the day, the Dri-tech technology effectively wicks away sweat, keeping my feet dry and comfortable. This feature is crucial in preventing blisters and maintaining overall foot health, especially during intense physical activities.Moreover, the cushioned sole of these socks provides a pleasant level of support and padding, making them ideal for long hours of wear. I appreciate the durability of the material, as these socks have shown little signs of wear and tear even after multiple washes.The fit of the Dickies Dri-tech socks is also worth mentioning. They have a snug yet comfortable fit that doesn’t slip or bunch up, providing a secure feeling throughout the day. The reinforced heel and toe areas add an extra layer of durability, ensuring these socks will last through many wears.In terms of style, the simple design of these socks is versatile and suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to more active pursuits. The range of colors available also allows for personal preference to be taken into account.Overall, I highly recommend the Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Essential Moisture Control socks to anyone in need of reliable performance and comfort. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional, or simply someone who values quality socks, these are sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Invest in your comfort and foot health with these exceptional socks from Dickies.

  3. Josh L.

    good, bulk socks
    Pros: they are comfortable, they fit snuggly and dont “ride-down”. The “foot” part of the sock, is roomy and feels nice against the flesh of my souls. Secret: they are nice to put on, if you warm them a little, and just took a nice shower. To the average person they would “do the job”. I would give them a (A/A-, if I had to grade them, and if I didn’t know better). If you need some socks that you know you will wear out in a few months, then buy this product. It does the job. They seem durable so far…. It is definitely a “meat-and-potato”, “garden variety” sock. They are standard. They do not let you down….Plus, they are sold “in bulk”, so you save there. (As an aside, I don’t believe that Amazon sells smaller priced items, like 1 pair of socks…. I read somewhere that Amazon can only now sell larger, bulk style of small items)… Anyway, the Cons:The elastic part is too tight on the calf area. I wish that they were a little looser. The strong, elastic, calf part means that it can restrict bloodflow, so I try not to wear these at night. The next con, as is with all socks, they can “bunch-up when you insert your foot, or your toes at the wrong angle. The next con is a big one for me: It has a definite “plastic polyester” feel. Often people are not astute enough to compare sock textures, or they cannot do so, when they purchase these online… so they cannot perceive the polyester. but it feels kind of rubbery against your skin, when compared with all cotton.In my opinion the polyester in the sock feels like you mushed up greasy rubber bands in your sock. It is not nice.But, buyer beware…(“Caveat Emptur”, as they in Latin). that is your problem if you buy it, so read the label. Really, I only have myself to blame. I knew about this “polyester issue” with this sock brand, and as will most other socks, when I went into this transaction, because I needed socks and I had to compromise somewhere. So I guess that it is all my own silly fault, and not the company’s.To those of you still reading: Here is my story: I am a strong advocate of cotton socks. I had always, and I still, to this day, continue to search for all-cotton socks. They used to sell these all of the time circa 1980-1990. Then suddenly, in the late 2010’s – 2019’s, I cannot find cotton socks. I search high-and-low, but alas, I cannot find them. I feel lost and helpless in a strange consumer land, as though I were trapped in a bizarre Dr. Seuss story that never ends, and one that I cannot get out of. It is so Kafka-esque.Here is my rant: I feel ripped-off. I really want cotton socks that aren’t hiking socks. I want an athletic, tube sock, in black, that can pass as a work sock. I also want a nice weave and a good, durable quality type of cotton….I do not feel like this is such a ridiculous demand, since they do exist… I have bought different ones on-line and failed every time….Unfortunately, the all-cotton socks are all now displaced by some kind of polyester blend. Well I do not want polyester. They are not the same feel as cotton. In the winter, cotton wont cause as much static shock (Polyester does). Maybe I dont want static shock. Maybe I dont want polyester pants clinging to my legs in the winter. What’s up with that? That is not too much to ask. At the risk of sounding like a sock-snob, (which I am not), I protest: polyester socks must stop! End the madness! To all of the sock manufacturers, sock designers, and product engineers out there in the world, if you are browsing through random sock reviews, kindly replace your polyester with cotton! I would pay more for that extra bit of cotton. Please! do the right thing! You can change the world!I understand why they use polyester, because it is cheaper, but dont cheat me.

  4. TheCommish

    Quality has slipped
    I ordered a dozen pair a couple of years ago and was extremely satisfied with the quality….comfort and durability. I ordered another dozen last week and was surprised at the quality. The socks are now a lot thinner than those in my previous order. I am concerned about durability.

  5. Bob J

    Dickie white work socks
    Great quality, have ordered these twice, long lasting, good stretch material at top that stays up yet doesn’t cut off circulation. Vented foot area keep feet from overheating in tall work boots. Cushion foot area on bottoms are very comfortable.quality product at a good price.

  6. Colin

    I’ve now had these socks since mid October and had the chance to really test them out and wear them in. By far the best socks I’ve owned . They are incredibly comfortable, warm , wick up any moisture keeping your feet dry . The elastic has held up great , lots of socks the elastic eventually let go and you are constantly pulling your socks back up. The price is great in my opinion for the quality you get out of these . I’ve got 5 months on these socks so far and they are hardly showing any wear . I’m in composite boots all day at work and these make wearing boots comfortable. Will be buying many more pairs to replace all my other socks .

  7. René Reyna

    Me gusto mucho el color básico gris y ademas que tengan la talla deseada, asi no te va quedar el talón en el tobillo.

  8. Araceli García Carranza

    Es gruesa de la plata y coincide la talla

  9. Adán solis

    Muy buen producto

  10. Jesus Martinez

    Son calcetas de buena calidad muy cómodas para los pies, de muy buen precio!!

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