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SAFE FOR CHILDREN & PETS: Cordless windows shades is a kind of advanced mechanical device which removed the risk that may cause strangle to kids and pets, and offers a clean look.
PERTECT LIGHT BLOCKING AND HEAT INSULATION: Blackout, just pull down the shades to darken the room, very suitable for nap and bedtime. The unique honeycomb structure allows air to be stored in the hollow layer, keeping the room at a constant temperature, and heat insulation. Anti-UV and heat insulation function effectively protect household items.
EASY TO PULL DOWN & UP: MYshade windows shades are very easy to pull down and up. To control the light in your room, simply lift up or pull down from the bottom, it will stay at where you stopped.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Made of environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics, after exposed to sun light for years, it will still keep almost the same, no peeling off, no cracking, no color changing and no unpleasant smell.
EASY TO CLEAN AND INSTALL: The cellular shades have unique honeycomb structure to adjust the light, to clean it , use a small cloth, a feather duster or a hand vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. All necessary accessories are included in the package, and the installation manual and video will help a lot in installing the windows shades, you could complete the installation in minutes.

Customers say

Customers like the light blocking capabilities of the window shade. For example, they mention it helps keep the room dark and provides complete darkness. They appreciate the value for money and the ease of installation. That said, opinions are mixed on quality, ease of movement, performance, and size.

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8 reviews for MYshade Blackout Cordless Cellular Shades Honeycomb Shades for Indoor Windows Room Darkening Blinds for Home Office Pull Down Window Shades Easy to Install 24 inch Wide, H50 Light Brown Pleated Shades

  1. Vikrant Malik

    Excellent Service and Perfect Fit
    I recently purchased the MYshade Custom Cellular Shades for my bedroom, and I am thoroughly impressed with both the product and the service. The ordering process was a breeze, allowing me to specify the exact dimensions for my windows. I was pleasantly surprised at how perfectly the shades fit upon arrival; they were not even an inch off, making them look as if they were tailored specifically for my windows.The shades themselves are of high quality. The blackout feature is exactly what I needed for my bedroom, providing complete darkness and ensuring a good night’s sleep. The cordless design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also makes it safe for households with children and pets.Although the initial shipment arrived with some damage, which I presume happened during transit, the seller’s response was remarkably swift and supportive. They were incredibly understanding and wasted no time in sending a replacement. The efficiency and helpfulness of the customer service team deserve a special mention. It’s not often that you encounter a seller so committed to customer satisfaction.In conclusion, the MYshade Custom Cellular Shades have met and exceeded my expectations in terms of product quality, perfect sizing, and exceptional customer service. I would confidently recommend these shades to anyone looking to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their space. The entire experience from ordering to installation was seamless, and the proactive customer support in handling the shipping issue was the cherry on top. A truly commendable product and service!

  2. Jessie

    Major temperature difference!!!
    I purchase these shades for my bedroom, the room is west facing and above a garage. Last summer it was nearly impossible to cool the room down after a hot summer day, after putting up these shades there was an immediate difference! They were easy to install and look great! I would definitely recommend these to anyone facing sun related heat issues in a room. They are 100% blackout where the shade is, however, there are small gaps between the wall and the shade that let in some light so I would also pair them with a thick curtain if you are seeking darkness

  3. Erin Murn

    So easy, so great!
    This was so easy to install, looks great and my kiddo is super happy. Win, win!

  4. Nancy

    The pull down shade
    Very nice product. Quality made! Only problem we had was the instructions to install. Not enough detail. Mostly pictures. Nice pictures but should have cautionary notes to NOT try to attach right against the window. That makes it much harder to click the shade into place. And needs to be explicit about how to actually “click” the shade into the “holders” that you screw to the frame. Apparently there is a special way it is done… a way to make sure the front is hooked – in properly before you try to hook the back.

  5. Patrick Herrick

    Convenient and easy to install
    Works really well and is super convenient and easy to install. I couldn’t imagine a better product to cover the glare I get on the TV from the glass on the front door.

  6. Amnicma

    Anti cat
    I got a new kitten about 3 months ago, and once she got a taste of sitting in the window during the day, she would attempt to do so when the blinds were closed for the night. She easily broke several blinds crawling in and out of them, so I looked for anti cat blinds, finding this type. The first ones I saw were very expensive, easily twice the price of these… once I found a more reasonable price, I tried them, and I’m glad I did. She can’t climb through them and hasn’t managed to even harm them. Plus they do help darken. The only downside, if you see it as one, is having to open them fully to get any light to come through, as there are no slats like normal blinds.

  7. Connor

    Ordered 4 blinds, 3 are great
    1 of my 4 rolls out on an angle, and came with gouges in the frame, so clearly used, defective, and returned. I tried to return it but the option was grayed out for some reason on Amazon. Now, 10 days out of the return window, the blinds have fully broke. Amazon won’t help me and I am not happy. If I just got a replacement when I initially tried, or even today, I would give it a full 5 stars as the other 3 are nice, but now I refuse to pay another $90 for a replacement and I despise looking at this wonky one in my room. Amazon dropped the ball on this one for meThey personally messaged me and remedied the situation. Easy 5 stars for the company. Knock for amazon but aces in spades for the seller!!!

  8. Amazon Customer

    Does not hold its position nor retract automatically
     The shade can be pulled down nicely, but it cannot automatically retract to open position as seen in the video. There is no way to make it stay open again. Maybe this item is defective but what a waste of time in installing and now I have to remove it, packing it, and returning. Overall the product is disappointing and I would not recommend it.

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