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NETANY Drinking Glasses with Bamboo Lids and Glass Straw 4pcs Set – 16oz Can Shaped Glass Cups, Beer Glasses, Iced Coffee Glasses, Cute Tea Cup, Ideal for Cocktail, Whiskey, Gift – 2 Cleaning Brushes

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Welcome to NETANY and experience the ultimate in refined drinking with our glass products that combine elegance and functionality

Revealing the vibrant colors and flavors of your favorite beverages. From stylish pitchers for serving to convenient drink bottles for on-the-go hydration, our glass collection elevates your drinking experience to unparalleled levels

Explore our exceptional range of glass items and discover a new dimension of enjoyment






Drink Dispenser

PRODUCT CONFIGURATION: Drinking glass set includes 4 can-shaped glass cups [ Diameter – 3 inches, Height – 5.8 inches ],4 nature bamboo lids, 4 reusable glass straws and 2 cleaning brushes, Classic design, Very practical mixed drinkware sets
DURABLE and SAFE: The can shaped glasses are made of high-quality durable clear glass, Lead-free and BPA-free. It can be used safely for a long time. This thick clear glass can withstand the sudden changes in the temperature difference between -68°F to 212°F, making them dishwasher safe. If you want to decorate this glass, you can do DIY easily without breakage.
MULTI-PURPOSE: The can shaped glassware Great for any Occasion, any hot and cold drinks. It is widely loved by families, kitchen, breweries, cafes, bars and restaurants. You can use it to make perfect tea, bubble Pearl Milk Tea, soda, water, iced coffee, smoothie, fruit juice or any other interesting holiday drinks.
AMAZING GIFT: This jar is very fashionable, aesthetic and characteristic. Excellent workmanship. Perfect for Birthdays, House warming gifts, Tea Sets, Home Bar Accessories, Graduation, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties and Christmas Gifts.
100% SATISFIED SERVICE: This glass set is packaged in the heavy bubble holder and thick carton box to prevent damage while in transport. If the can-shaped glass set you received was damaged or imperfect or you are not 100% satisfied, please simply contact us, we will offer a satisfactory solution.

Customers say

Customers like the value of the cup, mentioning it’s affordable and good quality. They also like the ease of cleaning, appearance, and entertainment value. However, some customers have mixed opinions on size, quality, lid, and thickness.

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7 reviews for NETANY Drinking Glasses with Bamboo Lids and Glass Straw 4pcs Set – 16oz Can Shaped Glass Cups, Beer Glasses, Iced Coffee Glasses, Cute Tea Cup, Ideal for Cocktail, Whiskey, Gift – 2 Cleaning Brushes

  1. Gabrielle O’Neill

    Love these glasses!
    I recently purchased a set of bamboo drinking glasses, and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. These glasses have quickly become my go-to choice for enjoying my favorite beverages, and I wanted to share my positive review.First and foremost, the eco-friendly nature of these bamboo drinking glasses is a huge selling point for me. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, making these glasses an environmentally conscious choice. I appreciate knowing that I am reducing my carbon footprint by using a product that is both stylish and sustainable.The quality of these glasses is exceptional. They are well-crafted and sturdy, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The bamboo material not only adds a unique and natural touch to the glasses but also provides a comfortable grip. The glasses feel smooth and lightweight in my hands, making them a pleasure to hold and drink from.One of the standout features of these bamboo drinking glasses is their insulation properties. The natural bamboo material helps to keep my beverages at the desired temperature for longer periods. Whether I’m enjoying a hot cup of tea or a refreshing cold drink, these glasses maintain the temperature, allowing me to savor my beverage at my own pace.I also appreciate the versatility of these glasses. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether I’m hosting a dinner party or enjoying a picnic in the park, these bamboo glasses add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting. They are also easy to clean, as they are dishwasher safe, saving me time and effort.Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of these bamboo drinking glasses is undeniable. The natural grain and texture of the bamboo give the glasses a unique and rustic charm. They add a touch of elegance to my table setting and are sure to impress guests. Additionally, the glasses come in various sizes, allowing me to choose the perfect option for different beverages.Lastly, these bamboo drinking glasses are a great alternative to traditional glassware. They are shatterproof, making them safe for use around children and pets. I no longer have to worry about accidents or breakage, which gives me peace of mind.Overall, I highly recommend these bamboo drinking glasses to anyone in search of stylish and eco-friendly drinkware. They offer exceptional quality, insulation, and versatility. The natural beauty of the bamboo material adds a touch of elegance to any occasion, while the durability ensures long-lasting use. Invest in these bamboo drinking glasses, and you’ll not only enjoy your favorite beverages in style but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

  2. Cleanin’ Mommy

    A fatalist but positive review….
    Packaged VERY well. Push them through–don’t try to pull them out. They are in the styrofoam tight.I use these mostly for when I make iced coffee and I want to see the drink. They are easy to hand-wash & dry quickly, and the silicone gasket on the lid is removable to wash so it doesn’t get moldy. I dry the wooden lids & the gaskets right away so they don’t crack or get moldy also, but I don’t take the gaskets of EVERY time I wash…. They aren’t super-thin glass, but definitely not thick, and do feel like if you accidentally clack them together as you’re putting them in your cupboard they will crack or break, so I am verrrry careful. So far that hasn’t happened. They must be sturdier than I’m imagining….The straw washes fairly easily if you have a thin straw brush, but there’s some resistance at the bend, so you can’t really scrub just from one end–you have to do the top, then go to the bottom & middle. I’m afraid too much pressure at the bend will break it. There is no way to dry them other than to let them sit out. For these reasons I tend not to use them for smoothies where things (like chia seeds) will stick in the straw and require scrubbing.Overall, I like them for “visually interesting” drinks but these are not my everyday/all the time cups. If you don’t mind being careful, they’re nice. If you are klutzy or rough, skip these- in my opinion. We have stone countertops and ceramic plank floors and I’ve convinced myself I’m going to drop or crack one eventually. C’est la vie.One person in my house likes them and uses them constantly, another prefers plastic. I like glass. Do note that current research has apparently found “forever plastics” in glass straws, believe it or not (yeah, I read that AFTER I had purchased and started using them–but decided I liked them enough not to give them away). Something about the coating on the inside to make things slide more easily. I still prefer stainless steel straws, as well as silicone. Glass is kind of weird as a straw, but different, so there it is. We like them, haven’t broken any of the 4 yet, they look good ,are not super expensive.

  3. Miguel S Flores

    I really love them!!!! High quality!!

  4. Ananya Misty

    Quality just wow

  5. Natalie

    Perfect for iced coffees and greens on the go for the morning school run. Only used for a week but so far pleased by the durability. And the glass straws are nice to use and easy to clean. Some of the seals aren’t that great but not a functional issue.

  6. Giselle

    Great product exactly as pictured !

  7. Guest

    Product is good but no brushes in the box as mentioned

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