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NICETOWN Grey Kitchen Blackout Short Curtain Panels for Bedroom, Thermal Insulated Grommet Top Blackout Draperies and Drapes (2 Panels, W42 x L45 -Inch, Grey)

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Live in an artistic house in spring.


NICETOWN is a brand professional in curtains and area rug that is devoted to offering attractive value to customers:

Provide customers affordable and high-quality curtains and area rug with service they can trust around the world.Dream up new curtains that can solve the issues of noise, sunlight, etc., which can help you sleep well and wake up refreshed while also refreshing your room.Our responsibility is to satisfy all our customers.

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ELEGANT DESIGN: 2 panels per package. Each Blackout Curtain measures 42″ wide x 45″ long. The design of silver grommet (1.6-inch inner diameter) creates casual elegance for your house, which makes the curtains easy to install and slide.
AMAZING MATERIAL: Super heavy and soft Blackout Curtain Panels are very upmarket. Besides, 85%-99% light blocking, thermal insulated, soundproof, Fade-resistant, energy-efficient. Thread trimmed and wrinkle-free, both sides are the same color.
WISE BUDGET: Protect your furniture and floor exposed to the sun, while still helping you save money on heating and cooling your home. Privacy protection. The greatest benefit is to bring you a good night’s sleep, making you full of energy every day.
WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Don’t bother looking for valance to match, choosing different styles of blackout valance with the same color in the store. Such curtain sets provide a more permanent harmonious window dressing.
EASY MAINTENANCE: Machine or hand washable. Mild detergent no bleaching. Low-temperature ironing. Measure your pole and window size before you choosing curtains.

Customers say

Customers like the light blocking capabilities of the curtains. For example, they say they block out most of the sun and keep the room dark. Customers are also impressed with the fabric, saying it’s soft and smooth. They say the size is true to size and fits perfectly on their windows. Customers also appreciate the value for money, saying they’re worth the investment. As for the quality, they mention it’ll last a long time.

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13 reviews for NICETOWN Grey Kitchen Blackout Short Curtain Panels for Bedroom, Thermal Insulated Grommet Top Blackout Draperies and Drapes (2 Panels, W42 x L45 -Inch, Grey)

  1. Linda P

    I ordered these to use for privacy in my outdoor shower. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Fabric is sturdy and construction is excellent. I sprayed them lightly with water and used a steam iron at the lowest setting to remove fold wrinkles. They add a bright pop of color to my pool area. The fabric is heavy so it tends to stay in place even when there is a breeze. Before I hung them, I held them up to my window and they let very little light through, definitely room darkening, maybe even light blocking. I don’t expect curtains to last long in the brutal Arizona heat, but if I get one or 2 seasons from them I’ll be happy. Good value for the price, quality fabric and construction.

  2. Cuong N.

    Game changer
    Blackout window drapes are a total game-changer for anyone who values quality sleep and privacy. This brand’s blackout drapes are incredibly effective at blocking out unwanted light, creating a peaceful and dark environment perfect for restful sleep. The fabric is thick and luxurious, with a soft texture that adds a touch of elegance to any room. I appreciate the variety of colors and styles available, allowing me to find the perfect match for my decor. Additionally, the drapes also help to insulate against noise and drafts, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere year-round. Installation is straightforward, and the drapes hang beautifully, instantly transforming the look and feel of my space. Overall, these blackout drapes are a fantastic investment in both style and functionality, and I can’t imagine my bedroom without them.

  3. Rachel

    Very nice curtains
    Very soft. Love the color. Great quality, they help keep my bedroom cool and block out the light

  4. Amy T

    NOT Blackout curtains but they do reduce light streaming in
    Nicely finished, good fabric and the gray color is as pictured. When sun or light shines on these drapes, it comes through. It’s disappointing these are not blackout curtains, as is stated.

  5. Tracy

    Good quality
    Good quality, blocks out a lot of light. Comes with lots if creases, hard to steam/ iron out but they all come that way. Color looks just the picture.

  6. justy

    Best curtains in Amazon.
    I tried different curtains in Amazon that I had to return. I ordered these set in biscotti beige. 70×108. I am in love with it, most of the time I want to hangout in my room with close curtains and in the night I open it and turn on my fairy lights. I wish they had more beige and natural colors to choose from. 👁️ The darker the color of the curtains you buy you’ll experience the blackout. Price very reasonable. The material is amazing thick and soft is perfect. In the summer 90°it keep my house around 75. I don’t have cooling system. my room in the summer at 6:30 am looks like 5 am is dark. I can take a nap at 3 pm Not dark but dim very comfortable. I loved it so much that I ordered another set. I washed it several times within 1 years and a half they still look brand new.. no kidding. Hang dry in the rod. They looked great. I highly recommend it. Like I said I wish they had more natural/ beige/ sand colors to choose from. ( I had to order somewhere else for natural color for my living room they are not as great as these ones)

  7. Amazon Customer

    Love these curtains
    Couldn’t find anything in our area in this size. Total blackout is very nice. Good quality and appearance.

  8. Amazon Customer

    blackout curtains that work
    I first bought these curtains back in 2021, They arrived within a reasonable time and have been on the same window ever since I got them. So far the sun has not faded them or worn down the fabric but to be fair and upfront in any variable that might affect this, I did put up reflective tint in the window about a year ago to get allow open curtains and maintain a certain preferred level of privacy. The tinting might have helped maintain the curtains color against sun bleaching.The color was true to the images providedI will say that my cat has left her mark on them so to speak as there are visible spots where her claws tried to pull at the curtain when it was closed to get them open enough to sit at the window and look out. If I had kept up with claw trimming, this probably wouldnt have been as much of an issue but I am just trying to give as much information as I can about the curtains. With that said, if you have cats, you might want to look for something thicker or just get your cat a tree or something else to sink its claws into.Even with the visible areas that my cat has gotten her claws stuck in the curtain trying to open it though, no light is seeping through those spots, you can just see some of the thread pulled out. They still do their job blocking out the sun very well in my opinion.I liked these curtains so much and they survived the test of time enough for me that I just bought another set a few days ago. It just got here today (ordered 48 hours ago) And I was as happy with these as I was with the original set that I got. The new set will actually be used as a partition curtain between my bedroom and living room (small apartment) to help block out living room light as I am up much earlier than my girlfriend is.in the ratings for these, “sheerness” was mentioned. I wasnt sure whether to give it 5 stars or 1 as you most definitely can not see through these curtains but that is one of the reasons that I wanted them in the first place. So if you are wanting a sheer curtain that you can see through… stop shopping for anything called a “black out” curtain because they are not what you are looking for.All in all these work for windows, they work for hallways or to cover doorways, they are a soft and pleasant material and I recommend them to anyone needing a black out curtain at a reasonable price(end note: I was not paid for this review nor is this review based off of any sort of free trial use of these curtains. I bought them, I like them, Im letting everyone else know to help them know the product is a good one)

  9. JeCiTG

    Muy buen producto

  10. Keri Guenther

    As represented

  11. Eduardo Pulido

    Excelentes cortinas para bloquear la luz y se sienten muy suaves al tacto. Dormí 15 con mucha luz al lado del periférico y ahora estoy aprendiendo a dormir nuevamente con obscuridad. 🙂

  12. Cliente de Amazon

    Cumple cabalmente su propósito, bloquea la luz a un mínimo suficiente para mantener el cuarto oscuro

  13. marissa vega

    Me gustaron muchísimo, la tela es suave y se siente muy bien, no son tan gruesas pero son de buena calidad, además que el largo estaba Perfecto!

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