Nostalgia Tabletop Indoor Electric S’mores Maker – Smores Kit With Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and 4 Trays for Graham Crackers, Chocolate, and Marshmallows – Movie Night Supplies – Brown


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Skip the hassle of building a bonfire and bring the taste of the campfire right into the kitchen with our Indoor Electric S’mores Maker. Build the smores station of your dreams and fill the compartment tray with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and chocolate chip cookies. This table top smores maker makes any event worth celebrating. Easily set up a s’mores station during parties, family gatherings, or for a cozy indoor camping site.
INDOOR FUN: Family night done right. Bring all the excitement of this campfire tradition right into the comfort of your home. Our home smores maker gives you all the equipment to make perfectly roasted s’mores every time
FLAMELESS HEATER: Forget the hassle of cutting wood and open flames. This portable unit is built with safety in mind. The electric flameless heater requires nothing but an outlet to start making perfect golden brown s’mores
ROASTING FORKS: The indoor marshmallow roaster includes 2 stainless steel forks to keep hands safe from the heater and 4-compartment trays that allow accessibility to share your ingredients with everyone at the table
EASY TO CLEAN: This durable smores-making kit has a sturdy base and easy-to-disassemble trays, making it quick and simple to wash after every use
NOSTALGIA: From designs inspired by early 19th century America to the timeless appeal of our appliances, we offer unique, novel, and fun products for the family. We preserve the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future

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Customers like the ease of cleaning, appearance and quality of the countertop griddle. They mention that it’s easy to use and clean, and that it makes perfect marshmallows. They are also happy with ease of use, and family use. That said, opinions are mixed on size, value, and heat.

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13 reviews for Nostalgia Tabletop Indoor Electric S’mores Maker – Smores Kit With Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and 4 Trays for Graham Crackers, Chocolate, and Marshmallows – Movie Night Supplies – Brown

  1. Diana

    Very cool
    I bought two of these for my job. We are having a s’mores indoor party and thought what I could do. I saw this and ordered two. I of course want to make sure it cooks properly before bringing it to work and man was I surprised! It works beautifully! Can’t wait for the work party.

  2. Fran sara

    The best for family night
    We ordered this s’mores maker for family night and it was a big hit. We were able to sit around the table and chat while we cooked our marshmallows. It heats up very quickly and does an amazing job at cooking the marshmallow. My family likes when the marshmallow is toasted and this little electric s’mores maker was able to do just that! The only downside i have is that the cold is so short and we needed to move our dining room table closer to an outlet to plug it in. This is such a small detail though and i could not recommend this product more!

  3. amanda corigliano

    Cute but takes time
    My kids were so excited when we set this up but after about 5 minutes, they were getting bored with the fact that the marshmallow wasn’t exactly toasting. We gave it another 5 minutes and shut it down, and went to the stove instead. I love the idea of this but it just doesn’t get hot enough to actually roast the marshmallow, unless you have at least 15-20 minutes to sit and hold it directly over the coil. One other thing is that the skewers are very short and since you have to hold it practically on top of the heating coil, the metal part of the skewer gets super hot. I supervised the entire time (no way was I walking away!) and when my daughter tried to take off the marshmallow, she burnt herself. After that, again – shut it down, grabbed some sticks and went to the stove.If you have the time to wait, I’d recommend this. If you want a fun, quick “camp like” experience with multiple children, go for your own stove.*the lazy Susan and compartments were awesome though!

  4. Seimoine

    Pay for what you get
    This was perfect for the kids, it would be nice if it had more holders instead of 2. However it was able to make the s’mores.

  5. H. Hicks

    Works great! Nice size for using at the dinner table
    We had a camping-themed dinner and I surprised the kids with this s’mores maker. It’s small, yes, but nice we got the hang of it, we all made s’mores without any problem.My son did drop an entire marshmallow into the middle of it, which caused some excitement as it caught fire. But we shut the s’mores maker off and the marshmallow quickly went out. I dumped the ashes off into the sink and we went right back to making s’mores.It cleaned pretty well, even with the burned marshmallow on it, and it worked great for making perfect marshmallows.

  6. SMW

    A little flimsy
    It’s ok but on the cheaper side quality wise. Not very sturdy once set up, almost feels like a child’s toy.

  7. Verna

    Nice item
    The kids love it, works great

  8. Jamie

    U can use it any time
    My kids love this. They can make them in the house.

  9. Súper mal, me mandaron una persiana

    Está fácil de usar y aparte viene con sus palitos para los bombones, el bombón no se quema por fuera pero si por dentro

  10. terri macdonald

    For those that love nostalgia and camping indoors, it’s yummy 😋


    For smores; the grandchildren are very happy with it

  12. Hector Bello

    Me encantó hacer bombones con mis hijos, a lo mejor podría hacerlos en la estufa pero es más seguro hacerlos en este aparato y es divertido. Mis hijos se divirtieron quedaron geniales

  13. Alice benson

    It heats up fast and cools even faster I used it on my desk to cook marshmallows love it

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