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Paper Towel Holder – Self-Adhesive or Drilling, Matte Black Paper Towel Rack Under Cabinet for Kitchen, Upgraded Aluminum Kitchen Roll Holder – Lighter but Stronger Than Stainless Steel!

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New upgraded kitchen paper towel holder in 2023! Made of innovative aluminum alloy material, it is lighter but stronger than comparable stainless steel paper towel holders! Add one to your family to make life simpler, more efficient, easier and more comfortable!
【High Quality Material】This paper towel holder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, lighter but stiffer and stronger than stainless steel! It is waterproof, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, can last for a long time. Matte black coating makes it even more stylish and beautiful!
【Save Space】The paper towel holder is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, garage, RV, etc., and .vertical or horizontal installation can help you save the most space.
【Easy Installation】There are two ways to install this paper towel holder, self-adhesive or drilled, you can freely choose the appropriate installation method according to your wall or cabinet situation.
【Size】The length of this paper towel holder rail is 12.2 inches, which is enough to hang paper towel rolls of most sizes.
【After Sales Service】If you need any help from us or have any questions about the under-cabinet paper towel holder, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance of the paper towel holder, saying it looks nice and goes nice with their kitchen. They also are happy with performance, and ease of installation. However, some customers have reported issues with the quality, value, adhesion, and screws of the product. They mention that it’s a little flimsy, cheaply made, and the paper roll tends to slip off.

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13 reviews for Paper Towel Holder – Self-Adhesive or Drilling, Matte Black Paper Towel Rack Under Cabinet for Kitchen, Upgraded Aluminum Kitchen Roll Holder – Lighter but Stronger Than Stainless Steel!

  1. Jackie

    Good for the money
    It’s not super sturdy and hangs at a slight angle, but for the money this is such a great under-the-counter paper towel holder. Make sure to read the instructions for assembly, it can trip you up! Pleased with this overall, but of course, don’t expect something perfect

  2. Heather

    Easy to put together.
    This is awesome for our home. Saves space on the counter and is easy for the kids to use. You can either stick it with the heavy duty sticky pad they give you or you can drill it into your cabinets. We used the sticky pad and it’s been great since day one.

  3. Gianna

    Does the trick
    Slightly flimsy but great for the price, I like that they give you the option of using screws or the adhesive strip

  4. Kathleen Kenyon

    Looks great, but…
    I’ve found that over time the arm that hold the paper towel roll starts to sag. Not only does this make it look sloppy but the roll tends to slide down the rod.

  5. alexandria bray

    Not very sturdy
    This paper towel holder was convenient and cheap but it definitely shows. The metal bends very easily and I think it hangs lower than I would like just because it is being used. It fits fine where i put it under my cabinets, and it looks nice but it isn’t that great. Its lightweight which may be a cause for why it feels so flimsy but I wouldn’t repurchase this one.

  6. Lflo

    I like the color..aesthetically pleasing…and practical.it saves counter space

  7. Linda Stewart

    Teenage proof
    As anyone with teenagers knows. They are hard on everything. It’s still sticking to the wall like the day I put it up.

  8. shiloe sky

    Great, read full review for installation tip
    Love this simple, beautiful paper towel holder! We’ve always had paper towel holders that sit on the counter and take up space. So glad we switched to this, it’s way more convenient and saves on our counter space.One thing to note, the adhesive it came with did not stick at all for us. I had to use 3M double sided foam tape for it to stick to the cabinet, which we thankfully had on hand. I’m actually shocked at how well it holds, even though my partner is rough on things and pulls hard.We didn’t want to screw it into the cabinet because we’re in a rental, but the 3M double sided foam tape works really well for us. It does come with screws and other helpful pieces if you want to secure it to the wall or cabinet.A beautiful, simple paper towel holder✨

  9. Cindy

    We hebben in ons appartement een zeer beperkte ruimte in de keuken, door dit (rechtop) aan een deur te hangen verliezen we geen plaats en altijd papier bij de hand.

  10. Mimo

    1. Easy to install. I used the sticker, which is not just a tiny strip but it covers the whole base of the holder (well thought out).2. Well made. It doesnt have that cheap look of mass produced items that we see so much the last decade.3. Elegant design. I know i know, some will say its just a paper towel holder but it makes a difference. The design is elegant, with rounded edges and it looks great on the wall.4. If my OCD is talking, it would want to have a black sticker instead of white. In any case, the white stickers doesnt diminish the five stars that this product deserves.5. On time shipping. Receiving many orders with delay lately, this one was arrived on time.

  11. Majssan

    Funkar bra,men känns lite svajjig.

  12. pAsKk Attack

    The sticker allows you to avoid drilling in the surface you want to put the holder, ver useful.

  13. Fatima Ruba

    The holder looks great and very slim. The only downside was the sticker that came with the holder was the not strong enough. It fell off half an hour after install. I eventually had to use more double sided tape to make it stronger. It’s been a day now and it hasn’t fallen off

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