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Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 Portable Handheld Bluetooth mini Label maker Printer, Multiple Templates for Smartphone thermal small label maker Rechargeable Easy to Use for Home Office School

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Phomemo is a powerhouse in the development and manufacturing of label printers and consumables

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing customers with an exciting and convenient printing experience. With a focus on innovation, we strive to revolutionize how you print. Phomemo brings forth a wide range of cutting-edge products designed to make printing fun, hassle-free, and accessible for everyone.

Phomemo D30 Series Label Maker

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Phomemo D35 Upgrade Maker

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D30 D35 Q31 Label Maker Tape

2024 Upgrade Version Label Maker – The Phomemo D30 Bluetooth label maker Supports continuous label tape and labels in fixed length. It is half the weight and size of the traditional label maker, equipped with a German thermal print head, DPI increased by 25% for printing providing superior print clarity resulting in hassle-free printing, smooth printing effects, and fast processing.
Save Money – Direct thermal technology – The D30 Bluetooth label makers are inkless printing and don’t require ink, toner, or ribbons. With lots of thermal colorful label tapes of your choice, the cost is tangible and much lower compared to most label-maker printers.(This label maker is Monochrome Printing Output, which only prints black text. We can create color-label artwork, printing with color-patterned label tapes is required. )
Multiple Creative Function & Convenient Label Templates – Choose from a wide variety of pre-designed templates including 1000+ symbols, 60+ frames, and a variety of fonts, Convenience and saving time. Easy to create various design label stickers from App with Icon, texts, tables, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes, images, time, insert Excel, Scan, Ocr, and Voice RECG, it is fun and effortlessly
Wireless & Portable – Mini-size wireless Bluetooth-connected Phomemo label printer for Convenient & Fast printing, easy to create labels from smart mobile devices. Built-in durable and recharge battery for long working time, slide into your pocket, easy to carry anywhere.
Ideal Gifts – The Phomemo D30 Sticker Printer Machine is used widely in organizing home supplies – storage, food date marking, classifying cosmetics items, jar stickers; School name labels, study note and office files classification, cable identification, personal item identification, name tags; Small business – price tags, jewelry tags and more.

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Customers like the appearance, size and ease of use of the label maker. For example, they mention it’s pretty, compact and easy to use. Some are happy with usefulness. That said, opinions are mixed on label quality, print quality, value, and quality.

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8 reviews for Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 Portable Handheld Bluetooth mini Label maker Printer, Multiple Templates for Smartphone thermal small label maker Rechargeable Easy to Use for Home Office School

  1. D

    Great Product and some info about QR codes and some easy help to Label Refill woes and confusion.
    This product is just great. I have been using it for several weeks now and am constantly in the app thinking up new label ideas.D30 Printer – The product itself is well made, put simply it just works as intended. The printing is fast even if you print a solid black label and DPI is the highest and same as any of the other competitors available. When printing super small there may be some issues with text and legibility. I prefer to keep things simple with 1 or 2 line of big text. At 3 lines it is 100% readable as well. When you start putting super tiny text on there the letters begin to not print as intended due to problems with DPI if I am not mistaken. Letters may not print as they are supposed look thus making it hard to read. We are talking super small at this point though and it is unreasonable to expect to get micro text out of this thing that most people would need magnification to read anyways. Icons still look pretty good even at fairly small sizes. Just buy this one, it is the best one because it has the best ecosystem, the printer is easily equal or best… don’t buy it based on just looks but it looks/is decent, app which is super important is complete meaning all it’s features work unlike many other printers and it has the most label refill options.The APP – The app you need to download can be downloaded and tested before you even buy. I did just that with this and other best sellers and found this app had more icons and the competing apps actually had a similar app always but lacked icons, had usability issues, and some features that did not work yet because the app was not done yet but they still promote the app features as if they worked. This app seems to me like the best app thus making this the best printer IMHO because the app is the most important part of this whole printer label thing. If you are like me you will be spending most of the time with your phone and the app not holding the printer itself obviously until you need to grab your label(s). It may seem trivial but the app is super fun because you get to create things there then ultimately print them out on labels. The app lets you save all your labels and also manage them by deleting some if you want to get rid of some. The app has two modes, a basic simple mode and a more comprehensive mode. Tbh they are both modes are fine and comprehensive mode is very easy to use and has many features to help you create with great tiny precision so I just use that by default. The comprehensive mode is very intuitive and easy to learn to use. I have been in the app a ton since I got the printer and am always creating something new or saving labels I will print or that are or will be handy or fun to use now or later. Again saving everything is huge, because if you print the same things often you can simply select it before you enter creation mode and just print it.QR Code feature in the app – Short version is it works for sure, but filling it to the 200 character limit seems unprintable no matter what. There are two small problems. 1) First, in the app if you increase the size of the of the QR code via dragging the corner it can sometimes distort the shape. This is doesn’t happen every time and I would call it a bug. You want to keep it Square. I suggest two things if resizing the QR code. Copy your text to clipboard before finishing the QR code. Hit the check mark to place it. Don’t move it from where it initially appears on the app, resize it in baby steps and remember there is an undo button if the QR code distorts. If trying for max size move it to the top left corner, then finish resizing it to the max. A max size QR code code does work, so does a smaller default size smaller QR code but the number of characters used may make a difference. Also alternately, instead of undo if you distort the QR code, if you have trouble just delete it and make a new one, paste the clipboard, and try again. The real problem is it seems you cannot use the full 200/200 character limit as I am about to explain. 2) Second links and info work fine in the QR code depending on error correction and size, but you can only use so many characters. I tried using the maximum and it could not be read with it set to either LOW or SUPER as the error correction level. I took a only minutes and printed a few tests and I can print 100/200 characters of text at LOW error correction but not at SUPER error correction. At SUPER, 100 characters, the corners were distorted enough where I could tell directly from the app it was unprintable because the corner blocks were too small to be printed due to DPI limitations. I am sure I can go higher than 100 on LOW for example, but I didn’t want to do a super comprehensive definitive test just for my review. I suggest you guys play around with both character limit and error correction and don’t distort your QR codes!Label refills – Some people and reviewers have had trouble with refills. I came across the same issue as another reviewer yet his solution was drastically different and complicated but the actual issue is trivial but an understandable mistake. The D30 Printer comes pre-loaded with a roll of labels. The labels face outward and you are supposed to put the label side facing the printer head thus it feeds through the left of the circular chamber when you use that first roll. However the refills I purchased came wound up differently so the label faced the inward. I believe this may have been a change in the way they were wound up by the manufacturer and that is all. This means that to get the labels on the printer head you need to feed them through the right side of the circular chamber instead(see my image, that is a refill roll fed through right side). That is all. To me it was obvious but I understand the confusion as the product didn’t comer out of the box that way and I too initially fed the refill roll to the left and was confused. Again to recap the D30 comes with a roll with labels on the outside/up and the refills seem to be wound now with the label facing inside/down so need to be fed through the right. Just remember label has to face the printer head or it will obviously try and print on the back of the label paper that you throw away.Customer Support – Top notch 5 Star customer support that responded pretty fast. I genuinely believe they are trying hard to support their products and will continue well into the future and meet their customers expectations and are responsive to feedback and actually try to fix issues that arise.At times I am so bored but since getting the D30 printer I have been so distracted and immersed for weeks in the app creating and thinking of new labels. I have even seen some mental health benefits, my anxiety and stress I suffer from have gone down some because I am in the app so often. Who knew a simple label maker could be so fun!

  2. James King

    Absolutely perfect!
    This little labeler is perfect. Its cute, doesn’t take up a ton of space. The app that you use to create the labels is super quick to download and super easy to use and creative. This labeler is compatible with many different label types and sizes and it prints them out so fast. The label sample doesnt have a ton on it, but it is just a sample. I have already saved a ton of different labels on my Amazon lists to buy more for it, especially the super cute kitty ones. This is 100% worth buying, especially at such a good price.

  3. Oliver Helms

    This is Definitely a Must-Have Piece of Tech
    The Phomemo D30 is a small and easy-to-use label printer that is perfect for labeling various things around your house or office.I have found it incredibly useful both at home and at work. I’ve already gone through two rolls of 12mm X 40mm labels!Build Quality:The build quality of the device is surprisingly good despite the fact it’s made from plastic. I’ve accidentally dropped it once or twice from about 4 feet off the ground. Besides some slight scratching and having to recalibrate the printer, it’s undamaged and continues to work.The App:The companion app that is required for the device to function is easy to navigate and has two different modes. Lite Mode which allows you to create simple text-only labels, and Creation Mode which gives you the ability to create completely custom labels using text, emojis, QR/Barcodes, images, and more which you can save for later use, or as templates!Label Options:The device itself comes with a small roll of 12mm X 40mm labels but there are many other shapes, colors, and designs you can choose from. I purchased a box of the 12mm X 40mm labels, along with a box of continuous labels, and cable tags.12mm X 40mm:The 12mm X 40mm labels have been great for containers like jars and storage boxes and like I previously said I have already gone through two rolls. I have also used them to label my large collection of random power adapters, so I don’t have to attempt to read the extremely small writing on the base to know what their wattage output is.Continuous Labels:The continuous labels have been useful for basically the same thing, and I’ve mainly used them for longer words where I wanted to keep the font size as large as it can go.Cable Tags:The cable tags have been amazing. I’ve used them to label my power cords, so I don’t have to go searching around for a Type-C to Type-C, or Type-C to Type-A cord. Instead of pulling one out and following it all the way to the other end, I can just grab the one that’s labeled “Type-C to Lightening” and be on my way.Pros:-Sturdy build quality, surviving minor drops.-Easy-to-use companion app with Lite and Creation Modes.-Versatile label options for various objects and purposes.-Cable tags significantly improve cable management.Cons:- Printing speed is somewhat slow.-New label rolls can be a bit tricky to handle due to their tendency to unravel.Conclusion:The Phomemo D30 label maker is an incredibly handy piece of tech that makes the organization and identification of various objects so much easier. For the price, it has very good build quality, and the companion app is well-built and user-friendly. If you want a label printer that is simple yet versatile, I highly recommend the D30.PS: Make sure to buy extra labels. You’ll need them.

  4. Melissa

     This is a great little label maker. It doesn’t take up too much space, it’s a thermal printer so it won’t run out of ink, the replacement cartridges are affordable and the app is easy to use. The setup and pairing with my phone was also super simple. I’m using an Android. A bonuses that the paint color is super cute! A great way to get yourself organized.

  5. Fatima Germana

    Fácil e prático.

  6. björn broschinski

    Total Praktisch mit der App funktioniert es super.Toller Druck

  7. LMA

    Was simple to set up and use. Have explored the various options for enhanced printing and label design. Works really well and seems like a great little unit. Well worth the cost.

  8. Franzi

    Auf den Produktbildern sieht man viele Funktionen für dieses Gerät, was man über eine App steuern muss. Leider steht nur sehr versteckt, dass die ganzen Funktionen gar nicht mit diesem Etikettendrucker kompatibel sind. Finde das ist als möchte man ein ganz anderes Produkt verkaufen.Bin sehr enttäuscht. Ansonsten macht es was es soll!

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