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Sweet meets spicy in a heavenly peanut accord! PLANTERS Sweet and Spicy Peanuts are dry roasted with honey, dried red chili peppers and seasoned with salt for an irresistible crunch. Just the right amount of sweet, just the right amount of spicy for a protein-packed snack you’ll crave! Plus, these whole peanuts are cholesterol-free and kosher, so you can share them with anyone else who is craving a salty snack. All trademarks, logos and images are owned by Hormel Foods Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates. Copyright Hormel Foods, LLC.
Package Dimensions: 7.56 x 3.23 x 3.15 inches; 1 pounds
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Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Hormel
Country of origin ‏: ‎ United States

Sweet and spicy: No need to choose. Go crazy and satisfy all your cravings with the sweet and spicy goodness of roasted peanuts.
Get crunchy: Roasted with honey and seasoned with dried red chili peppers for an irresistible crunch, these premium PLANTERS peanuts maximize texture and flavor for a truly satisfying snacking experience.
Substance-rich snacks: 0g trans fat per serving and PLANTERS Kosher Sweet & Spicy Roasted Peanuts contain 7g of plant-based protein per 1 oz serving to help keep you going until mealtime.
Snack Anytime: With a convenient sealable lid, this generous jar of sweet and spicy peanuts is always ready for parties and game nights. Divide it into smaller portions for road trips, hikes, or office snacks
WHAT YOU GET: Includes a 16 ounce jar containing sweet and spicy peanut planters for an easy, shareable snack; Packed for freshness and great taste

Customers say

Customers like the taste, salt, and freshness of the nut and seed. For example, they say it’s a great snack with the perfect mix of spice and sweet. Customers are also impressed with the energy, saying it’ll give you energy. They also like the value, and quality. That said, opinions are mixed on entertainment value and temperature.

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13 reviews for PLANTERS Sweet & Spicy Peanuts, Party Snacks, Plant Based Protein, After School Snack, Quick Snacks for Adults, Sweet & Salty Snacks, Pantry Staple, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Kosher, 16 oz Jar

  1. Muffin

    Fresh, tasty, nutritious
    Peanuts are a fantastic snack choice: they’re healthy, cheap, filling, and delicious. Planters might be a bit pricier than some brands, but the quality makes it worth it.And to anybody complaining that they’re too greasy: that’s the point! Cocktail peanuts are not the same as dry roasted peanuts. The oil is what makes them tasty. Also, unlike dry roasted peanuts, there’s no powdery coating on them. The only seasoning is salt. Not to mention, Planters uses gelatin on their dry roasted peanuts (not the lightly salted ones though), so take note of that!

  2. Matt T.

    Great Value, good snack!
    They are the same as the stores sell!

  3. acustomer

    Sweet & Spicy
    Love planters sweet & spicy peanuts, good value for the money .

  4. Elishia Crumwell

    Mixed feelings
    These peanuts had a great crunch and were nicely salted, perfect for snacking. However, I was disappointed to find quite a few burnt pieces mixed in. The burnt flavor was off-putting and affected the overall enjoyment. While most of the batch was good, the presence of burnt peanuts was enough to make me hesitant to purchase again.

  5. Donald Fletcher

    Classic Planters Peanuts just as you expect
    The light and just-right amount of salting on this product makes these peanuts the perfect quick snack for any occasion.

  6. John Q. Public

    Sweet and Sour don’t. Always go well together
    The sweetness of the peanuts is something I’ve always liked and appreciated since boyhood. But this particular combination of sweetness and spiciness turned me off and was unsettling to mt stomach. I therefore will not be buying this particular Planters’ product ever again.

  7. Big Grassy

    Interesting Bold flavor
    The Bold flavor was a little too strong for us, also a lot of loose spice in the bottle approx. 3/8″ thick. Could have put in less spice and more nuts.

  8. Troy Stafford

    In like Flynn
    These nuts are sneaky. They initially taste rather pedestrian until that little bit of slow heat mixes with a little bit of sweet and BAM! Flava baby. Need to order some more…

  9. Matthias Beckmann

    Gute Nüsse

  10. Munir Iqbal

    This is the first time that Planters Cocktail Peanuts are rancid and stale, although it shows best before date of 09Dec2024.

  11. Gavnz

    They are as advertised. Great flavour and great value. I bought them for my dad and he loves them

  12. hlchong

    We have bought Planters peanuts several times. The are testy and delicious. The children love them .If the price does not increase too high we may buy again. We prefer Planters over other brand,

  13. Garry Brady

    I tried these nuts whilst on a break in Hawaii having never had them before as they’re not available in my home town of Sydney, Australia. To quote Tina Turner “simply the best”.

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