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PRAKI 30 Pack Airtight Food Storage Containers for Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage, BPA Free, Plastic Storage Containers with Lids – Cereal, Flour and Sugar, Labels Included, 6 Spoons and Marker

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PRAKI Airtight Food Storage ContainersPRAKI Airtight Food Storage Containers


One brand focuses on kitchen organization

We are committed to developing high quality food storage containers. Build a clean, tidy and modern kitchen for you.

We always prioritize customer experience and are committed to providing you with a satisfactory shopping experience.

A gift for everyone who wants a neat and pleasant kitchen, also a good gift set for your friends and family!

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Surprise Set – Our kitchen storage container set comes in 5 different sizes from 11.83 cups/2.8L to 2.2 cups/0.52L (includes 6pcs 0.52L + 6pcs 0.8L + 6pcs 1.4L + 6pcs 2L + 6pcs 2.8L). A chalkboard marker and reusable chalkboard labels can easily help you mark your food and quickly find what you need. Plus, the bonus measuring spoon set helps you use flour and sugar correctly.
Make Storage Easier – This plastic cereal container storage set is versatile enough to work well on your kitchen counter, cabinets and pantry, you can use them to store and serve a variety of foods. Perfect for storing spaghetti, baking utensils, cereal, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts and other dry goods.
No Leaks – Side lock lids with silicone seal make PRAKI food storage containers with airtight lids, which ensures no air or water enters, providing maximum freshness and extended food preservation. No more stale cereal, no more rolled up bags!
Ideal for Pantry Organization – With their stackable and space-saving design, these airtight storage containers will keep your kitchen, pantry cabinets neat, organized and clean, saving you tons of space in your pantry cabinets, no half-open messy bags bother you. more.
Popular Gift – PRAKI flour and sugar containers can not only be used by yourself, but also as gifts for your relatives and friends. NOTE: This container set comes with 30 containers, they are inlaid together, so at first glance you might think there is only the same size, but when you take it apart you will find 5 different sizes.

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Customers have expressed positive opinions about the appearance, performance, and organization of the food storage container. They mention that it looks nice, works great, and is very useful. Some appreciate the value, quality, and labels. That said, opinions are mixed on size and seals.

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13 reviews for PRAKI 30 Pack Airtight Food Storage Containers for Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage, BPA Free, Plastic Storage Containers with Lids – Cereal, Flour and Sugar, Labels Included, 6 Spoons and Marker

  1. The Spicy Texan

    The Best Food Storage Containers on Amazon
    First I’d like to point out, that the first time I ordered these it looked like I got a different set than what I ordered. Just unbox them anyway, it is incredible how they are packaged, don’t worry, they are all in the box, and you did not get the wrong ones.I love that they are clear! They stack! You can see how much of the contents are left. Every lid is the same size and fits on every container. They hold packaged food contents well, for instance there is one that handles 1/2 pound, 1 pound and so on. I was able to organize and label in one morning and now my pantry is beautifully organized. The labels are too large for the smallest containers, I may try to cut one in half for those.The labels are erasable with water and a paper towel in case of an oopsie, but just know, once that label is on, it isn’t coming off without damaging the label.The lids snap on and feel sturdy. You must hand wash the lids, but I think I’ll hand wash everything just in case when I need to. The containers passed the liquid test too, no leaks. There is a little silicone gasket that seals tightly on each lid. I’m going to get some oxygen absorbers for my less stable food contents and put one in and snap on the lid until I use them again and repeat this action each time I open them.I was using Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass canning jars, but they were just too heavy with my pounds of flour. These work perfectly. Pulled canisters off my kitchen cabinets now! After organization I only have two of the largest sizes left. How great is this?I urge you to order these, there are really 30 of 5 different sizes and 30 separate lids! What a deal!

  2. Caprices Designs and Event Rentals

    I really like the quality and can’t wait to use.

  3. Leslie

    Love these.
    Such a wide variety of sizes to use. The convenience is great.In my opinion tho, too many lids unless you have every single one capped with storage.

  4. MR

    Not sturdy and basic plastic ones
    Ordered these as these are very good price for the quantity, but you get what you pay for, Feels like cheap plastic, but good price though

  5. ernie welsh

    These are great
    I love this product. I just got my second set. These work so good and keep things fresh. We’ve put in cereal, chips, pretzels etc….They are exactly what they say they are. It’s nice also that the stopper in the lid is removable for complete washing. Just too add we put dog treats in 2 of them so we can see when treats are low. I highly recommend these. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Sarah

    Getting a 2nd set!
    I looooove these! I’m working my way up to getting glass containers, but I needed something until then. I spent a long time figuring out which ones to get. I wanted to make sure they were safe to use and had a great seal. These ones are perfect! I feel more organized and can clearly see what I have.

  7. Tamber

    Great kitchen storage
    Love to organize our pantry food items and these worked great. Durable and keeps pests out of my food.

  8. Loved how soft it left my skin! Need to order more!!

    Pantry space
    LOVED how they look in my pantry! Need to buy more!

  9. Pym3

    Muy bueno, funciona a la perfección y de gran calidad. Compra que no te arrepientes de realizar

  10. Judy Dickson

    I bought some special shelves to put these containers on … some are in designated cupboards & some for freezer use only … bought 3 FULL sets of 30 pcs. EACH … but ONLY after listing for my self everything intended to place in them & how was planning to use them … NOW it all looks so clean & professional with everything matched & aligned … no more falling-over pkgs. of nuts/grains/seeds/rices/noodles … weird shapes of holders for sugars/flours/cereals/bulk baking items … AND everything being kept FRESH … Air-Tight/Clean & Sanitary … no more waste from foods spoiled/spilled/contaminated!! Washing super-easy … opening & closing super-easy … appears hinges will last very well … love the LABELING SYSTEM This is an investment that will save me money& make my kitchen more fun to work within!! Highly Recommend … THIS SET is one of most economical/versatile available … which is probably why is the only one of this brand that did NOT have a coupon deal with it … lol!! But it still saved me money!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  11. Rajvir Sidhu

    These boxes are really good for storage. The whole thing comes with black stickers and marker. I have used few stickers so far. Overall, these containers are pretty good for storing anything and look great in pantry.

  12. Tayli Machuca Rodriguez

    Me encantaron porque son de muy buena calidad y súper prácticos para almacenar, sellan muy bien

  13. Tinaluvy

    I wish this came with More of the bigger container, but I love it. I was able to store everything and these and I even have a lot left (Specially, the smaller one).My only little negative comment which I don’t really consider it to be negative. It’s just it was hard to remove the sticker from the paper But after a lot of patient And long nails, I was able to peel it off.

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