Premium Teak Healthy Spoons, Durable Eco-friendly Spatula, Wooden Utensils for Cooking set with Holder & Canvas Bag, Wooden Cooking Utensils, Cooking Gifts for Mom, Wooden Spoons for Cooking


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Handmade Wooden SpoonsHandmade Wooden Spoons

Wood spoons for cooking are finished by skilled craftsmen, going through 4 main stages

Wooden Kitchen Utensils setWooden Kitchen Utensils set

A Great Belief will Change the Situation

In everything we do, we believe in the ability to change the status quo. We believe in a unique way of thinking. We change the situation by creating more stable jobs for artisans in China and Vietnam and bringing dear customers beautiful, simple and convenient products. And we make fantastic teak spoon sets. Every time you buy it, you’re helping hard-working artisans. A set of 5 spoons with a holder is enough. This One Set is Enough, No Need to Buy Many Other Fancy Tools.

Would you like to join us in helping these hard-working craftsmen?

* Tips before choosing NHAF

– Be a wise consumer. If possible, try to identify Teak and avoid buying poor quality products based on these two basic characteristics:

+ Teak is a very dense wood with a bold, prominent grain. Because it’s heavy, you should hold it in your hand.

+ With many sets of many spoons, cheap is usually fake Teak (acacia wood). Our loyal customers bought them before they knew about NHAF; they found that the multi-piece sets sold at low prices often had uneven colors. They are very light, so they are not suitable as cooking utensils. The surface is rough, leaves wood chips, and is therefore very unstable and prone to cracking. Because only some of them are teak, the rest are acacia wood. Even 100% is cheap acacia wood

– With NHAF, we are committed to 100% of the products being premium Teak wood.

You are very interesting and love cooking when you own Wooden Spoons for cooking

bamboo kitchen utensilsbamboo kitchen utensils

Kitchen Utensils SetKitchen Utensils Set



Because they are 100% made of teak, they can withstand high temperatures. It’s very safe, and you don’t have to worry because they won’t melt like plastic spoons when you use them for soups or stir-fries. They are fine.

Perennial teak wood, over 20 years old

Wood materials are carefully selected and handcrafted. Therefore, this wooden spoon set meets sustainability over time. They are worth the money.

EASY TO CLEAN – wooden cooking utensils

Very easy to clean because they have perfectly polished, no stick. You only lightly wash it to clean.

To keep these teak wooden spoons to the best status, please wash them by hand with neutral soap and dry them. And You can wash mine on the top shelf of my dishwasher. No problems.

No Toxic Metals Wooden Spatula Set, Eco – Friendly Wooden Utensils for Cooking. 100% Natural Coconut oil is used to wipe the product after finishing

utensils for kitchenutensils for kitchen

Premium Teak Wooden Spoons for Cooking

– 100% Natural Coconut oil is used to wipe the product after finishing. It will act as a protective layer and help the spoon set, and other wooden utensils stay shiny, clean, easy to clean, and odor-free. And especially it’s good for health

– Periodically every six months, you can use coconut or olive oil (depending on your ability) to wipe the surface of this spoon set, then wait to dry. Doing that will help the product stay beautiful and bright

– That’s a perfect thing you should do if you have time. Otherwise, you can rest assured to use it. This Wooden Spoon set is very durable and strong

Wooden Cooking Utensils Set with Holder

wood utensils setwood utensils set


Perfect GiftPerfect Gift

MULTIPURPOSE – wood kitchen utensils

They can satisfy all your cooking ideas from soup to stir-fry, fry, cook or whisk eggs, mix fried rice in Asian style.

A long handle and designed hanging hole can help your use, preserve.

ALL IN ONE SET – wooden kitchen accessories

NHAF Wooden cooking utensils include five small tools: shovel, soup spoon, filter spoon, mix spoon, spatulas, and the package containing. They can meet all your kitchen from soup, Stewed food to fries.


Great Kitchen gift. An excellent choice for sending mom, women, and chefs for house warming, birthday, Christmas, and more special occasion as our wood utensils set will be helpful in every kitchen.

Wooden Spoons for CookingWooden Spoons for Cooking

🥦【Ergonomic Design – No Odor Retention】Smoothly sanded, it’s comfortable yet offers some grip to grip. The handle is lengthier, providing more leverage. The simple handle allows for a variety of multiple positions. That’s what those in the field of ergonomics call Affordance. Spoon with a broader tip to move the material in the pan more efficiently, with fewer strokes, which testers appreciate. It just makes sense simply because many people are comfortable with it. They don’t hold smells
🥦 【Elevate your Cooking Experience】NHAF kitchen utensils will last a lifetime. They are made from 100% teak wood without any coating, 100% hand-made, crack-free, eco-friendly, nonstick, durable. It is a good helper for cooking. These tools are beautiful. Utensils may vary in the shade because of their natural material.
🥦【Safe for Health and Environmentally Friendly】Teak wooden utensil set, no chemicals like silicone It is also safe for your expensive nonstick pots and pans, preventing scratches or damage. Wooden utensils for cooking are made from eco-friendly material and reusable for unlimited times.
🥦【Great Value for Money, Easy to Clean】Premium teak wood grade 1, over 20 years old, very durable wood, wonderful wood grain. The handle is very long and thick. This is a great value product, great value for money. You can wash mine on the top shelf of your dishwasher. No problems. No need to buy a fancy model. What are you waiting for, have fun and own this NHAF exclusive Teak wooden spoon set
🥦【Dedicated Service, 100% Lifetime Satisfaction】NHAF Wooden spatula set is perfect for display as souvenir or kitchen decoration, so it is also an ideal gift choice for anyone who likes to cook. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a prompt replacement or reimbursement, life-long service allows you to have no worries about the product.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, ease of cleaning, and performance of the spoon set. For example, they mention it’s well crafted, easy to hand clean, and dishwasher safe. That said, opinions are mixed on the color.

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8 reviews for Premium Teak Healthy Spoons, Durable Eco-friendly Spatula, Wooden Utensils for Cooking set with Holder & Canvas Bag, Wooden Cooking Utensils, Cooking Gifts for Mom, Wooden Spoons for Cooking

  1. Kimlee

    Beautiful and useable
    Love them, I cook a lot and these are wonderful!

  2. Magaly Palomino

    Sturdy – good looking product
    The length is good and the weight feels like a high quality product. I placed it next to my knife set base for wood color comparison.

  3. Rose Mueller

    They are not only functional, but also quite beautifully done. I needed wooden spoons for my new copper pans. I am very used to steel so it was a change for me. I like them and find them much easier to use than anticipated.

  4. Jodi Dazzo

    These are my favorite spoons
    Good quality vey nicely made. I love them they look great

  5. Manuel Z.

    Almost perfect
    The utensil are well crafted, seem good quality wood, size is medium on my 6 qt pans they just fully submerge. Just nitpicking, the only con i would say is that they did not have a 100% smooth finish, a lot of rough spots which i easily fixed with a 400 grit sandpaper. Then oiled again with cutting board mineral oil.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Premium teak spoon set
    Got these to protect my new stainless and nonstick cookware. So far have no complaints, they have turned eggs over, mixed up sauces, turned steaks over, they were easy to cleanup. I do dry them after washing them to keep them looking new. Would buy again ! Think teakwood is the best for wood getting wet! It has been used for boat ski platforms for years.

  7. LZ

    Good quality
    Nice addition to kitchen. We are pleased with the product

  8. Alexis R.

    Love these but dont put in dishwasher!
    These are great and use them all the time. If you put them in the dishwasher they will darken. It does say to not wash in dishwasher. I prefer to put everything in the dishwasher. I am just a little lazy and rather not handwash. Gave these as a gift after my hubby bought them for me. I recommend these and use them instead of my kitchen aid utensils.

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