rabbitgoo Blackout Window Film, Sun Blocking Window Privacy Cover for Glass, Removable Opaque Room Darkening Dark Black Out Window Cover Tint Shades for Home Day Sleep Light Blocker 17.5″ x 78.7″


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rabbitgoo – Committed to benefiting, we look forward to creating a unique look with low cost, making your house more lively.

Add decoration to the window, bring protection to our life.Demount all the busy work, and hand your heart to the beautiful home gently, give good rest for yourself.Quality you can trust, we have promoted window film upgrades for many years. Offer considerate pre and post sales service.

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One Way Window Film

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Blackout Window Film

100% light blocking

window filmwindow film

Privacy Window Film

with grid line on the protective film for easy cutting

How to Choose the Right Window Film?

Decide where you need to apply the window film.

High privacy level for the bathroom, or need the beautiful pattern to decorate living room and so on.

Get the look and figure you like.

Why Choose rabbitgoo Window Film?

1. Many patterns and types for choice.

2. Static cling with no glue, easy on and easy off.

3. Keep OUT prying eyes and maintain natural light.

4. Considerate pre and post sales service.

Unbeatable Light Blocking & UV Rejection: Perfect for shift workers, baby nurseries, and anyone who loves a good sleep-in, our window blackout film effectively blocks out 100% UV rays, protecting your skin from harmful sun exposure and reducing the fading of your furniture
Enhance Your Privacy: Elevate your home’s privacy level with our blackout window film, providing you with ultimate protection from prying eyes. Our high-quality black privacy window film ensures that your private space remains concealed and protected from outside view. Note: Avoid applying the film on double-panel windows, as it may cause cracking
No More Glue Hassle: Ditch the sticky toxic glue and switch to our easy-to-apply static cling blackout window film. With no need for any harmful chemicals, the application process is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy the fun of DIY in just minutes
Cost-Effective & Easy Application: Tired of heavy curtains or cumbersome blinds? Our high-quality window privacy film is the perfect solution to enhance your space at an affordable price. You can easily apply it to any window in your home, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, instantly creating a high-end look
Installation Tips: Before installation, ensure that the window surface, edges, and corners are clean and dust-free. During installation, spray a generous amount of water on both the window surface and the blackout window film to ensure proper attachment. After installation, trim the margins and leave enough edge gaps to easily squeeze out any air bubbles. Upgrade your home’s privacy and style with our window sun blocker for house

Customers say

Customers like the quality, appearance and ease of installation of the window film. For example, they mention it looks good, is not tacky and that the instructions are simple to follow. That said, some complain about bubbles. Opinions are mixed on value and adhesion.

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11 reviews for rabbitgoo Blackout Window Film, Sun Blocking Window Privacy Cover for Glass, Removable Opaque Room Darkening Dark Black Out Window Cover Tint Shades for Home Day Sleep Light Blocker 17.5″ x 78.7″

  1. Brilly

    Great Quality!!!!!
    My daughters put this on my sliding back door for me because the sunroom makes the inside of our house very hot. At first they were skeptical but I insisted that they do it and now they love it! Totally opaque! It looks absolutely amazing and gives us the privacy we were looking for since we didn’t have curtains or anything on the windows at all. It saved us about $800 $900 on a new door with the mini blinds inside. Super easy installation but definitely better with two people especially with the size of the sliding glass door. Water works better than windex For the application, the Windex dried too quick water, kept it wet. You wont be disappointed.

  2. KarahCrisis

    Very good quality, truly black out.
     I left a detailed video. These shouldn’t be a struggle so I hope my video helps those that are possibly anxious to do this themselves because it really isn’t too hard and that’s because the quality of this black out window tint is superb. Properly install according to directions and you should be fine. It definitely offers sun protection as demonstrated in the photo, I like the texture and it’s thick but not too thick, the color is not see through at all. I recommend this brand. I’ve used them over last 5 years for my sliding glass doors, and it’s still there without flaw 5 years later. I think the price point is beyond fair also and this brand makes it so easy. This is true black out/privacy. It “may” help keep rooms cooler since the sun wouldn’t be blazing through your windows, but properly insulated frames are key to truly keeping control of temps. I always use blackout in my bedroom so we get a better quality sleep. Looking into other kinds they have for all my windows honestly. Buy this. You won’t be disappointed. See my video for the idea of how to install.

  3. Jade Emporium

    Excellent blackout film
    I bought this to blackout a couple windows and was very happy with the results. The side facing you is like a matte finish with some texturing and the smooth side faces outside. The instructions are pretty straightforward. You’ll need some kind of squeegee tool to push out the air bubbles. The film is fairly thick and I had no problems getting rid of air bubbles. Only difficulty was getting a clean cut along the edge of the window. If you don’t cut the excess film right at the edge, you’ll have a little bit of outside light seeping through. It’s very minimal light that leaks through but all you have to do is add your window treatments/blinds back on the window to not make the film stand out in the room.

  4. Kevintj

    So far so good
    Was very easy to install. Just follow directions that came with it. Make sure to have the proper tools on hand. Very thick and strong. Mirrored on one side and can’t see through at all. Inside tinted and looks great, no distortion, clear view. Would buy again, but then again I just installed 6/29/2024 yesterday.

  5. Debbie O.

    Great relief from the Florida heat
     This product was so easy to use compared to other less expensive brands. This cling is thicker and protects from more types of light than the cheaper brands. The way to make the cling easier to work with is to clean your windows, scrape them with a razor and then clean the window one last time. Spray a lot of water. The more water, the easier it is to position the cling where you need it. The thickness of the cling makes the sheets easier to hold on to while working with the product. We live in a historic home with lots of drafts and spaces for the heat to leak in, so it can get really warm inside during the hottest part of the summer. The heat has been horrible for the 2nd summer in a row. I’ve tried dehumidifiers, lined curtains, and door coverings that create a barrier from the heat coming in and the cold air escaping. With all of that it was still 81° in my livingroom and it is only June. We will be in triple digits in another month or so. Looking for tinted clings was our last ditch effort before we replaced our air conditioner. These clings are a game changer! Even with our back door open, the temp in the livingroom only rose 1°. I would recommend this product to anyone thinking about tinting your windows. Try these clings before you permanently glue tint to your windows. These clings can be removed and used over again. There are different styles and patterns to choose from. If you like it to be bright inside your home, this particular tint may be a little dark for you. We chose the reflective 2 way tint because we live in the city and we have a new home 2.5ft from our propertyline. We can now leave our curtains open and not worry about our neighbor seeing in our livingroom. It did stay a little wrinkled in some spots though. The wrinkles were actually created trying to cut the cling on a not so flat surface. If you have to go outside to cut the clings to size, you can create a templet and cut all of the same sized windows outside and then bring the cut sheets inside and apply them. If you have a large enough flat surface, use it. It is worth the extra steps. It is way less frustrating than trying to cut it at the window. I do recommend this product 100%. There are so many styles and colors to choose from. I never had to deal with customer service so I can’t speak on that. Enjoy your purchase!

  6. Omega Man

    Film is good except for being very tough to trim. Included instructions are inadequate
    This film seems to be good for the most part, but the included instructions are inadequate. I would find some instructional videos and use those to figure out how to apply it. And I don’t know how it compares to other similar products but I found this very difficult to cut with a razor blade type box cutter, even with a brand new blade. Better get the sharpest thing you can.The main tips are: soapy water really is useful here. This is a type of contact film and not an adhesive, so it’s more like thick cling wrap that doesn’t cling as well as kitchen plastic wrap.Trimming the edges without making them ragged or damaging the window frame is the tricky part though which is the main reason the instructions are not adequate and why you need some sort of video demonstration from some expert. I didn’t manage to trim the edges well and ended up having to cover up the ugly exposed edges with black RTV silicone which is really nasty stuff to deal with.And yes people, I know how to remove the backing material. I don’t need a whole FAQ telling me to remove the backing.

  7. Nicie

    Amo mi privacidad y la luz solar. Este papel permite tener los dos la privacidad y la luz. Es fácil de instalar y de buena calidad.

  8. Michael Jürgen Ellinger

    EinführungDie Rabbitgoo Fensterfolie ist die ideale Lösung für alle, die Privatsphäre und Stil in ihrem Zuhause oder Büro vereinen möchten. Mit ihrer statischen Haftung und der hochwertigen Verarbeitung bietet diese Folie zahlreiche Vorteile, die über eine einfache Fensterdekoration hinausgehen.Design und MaterialDie Folie besteht aus hochwertigem PVC und PET, was sie langlebig und flexibel macht. Das matte Finish sorgt für einen eleganten Look, der jedem Raum eine moderne Note verleiht. Die Folie ist in verschiedenen Größen und Farben erhältlich, sodass sie sich perfekt an Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse anpassen lässt.InstallationDie Installation der Rabbitgoo Fensterfolie ist denkbar einfach. Ohne den Einsatz von Klebstoff haftet die Folie statisch an der Fensterscheibe. Alles, was Sie benötigen, ist etwas Wasser. Einfach die Scheibe gründlich reinigen, die Folie zuschneiden, auflegen und mit einer Rakel die Blasen herausdrücken. Die Folie lässt sich problemlos repositionieren und rückstandsfrei entfernen, was sie ideal für Mietwohnungen macht.LeistungIn Sachen Privatsphäre überzeugt die Rabbitgoo Fensterfolie auf ganzer Linie. Sie bietet einen Sichtschutz von 5 Sternen und verhindert effektiv neugierige Blicke von außen, während gleichzeitig genügend Licht in den Raum gelangt. Darüber hinaus blockiert die Folie 96% der UV-Strahlen, was nicht nur Ihre Haut schützt, sondern auch das Ausbleichen Ihrer Möbel verhindert.AnwendungsbereicheDiese Fensterfolie ist vielseitig einsetzbar. Ob im Badezimmer, Büro, Wohnzimmer oder sogar an Schranktüren – die Rabbitgoo Fensterfolie passt sich jedem Raum perfekt an. Sie eignet sich sowohl für Innen- als auch Außenanwendungen und ist somit eine flexible Lösung für verschiedene Bedürfnisse.KundenerfahrungenMit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.1 Sternen bei über 14.000 Rezensionen auf Amazon wird die Qualität und Funktionalität der Rabbitgoo Fensterfolie von zahlreichen Nutzern bestätigt. Besonders hervorgehoben wird die einfache Installation und der effektive Sichtschutz. Einige Nutzer berichten jedoch, dass das Anbringen der Folie an den Rändern etwas knifflig sein kann und sich diese gelegentlich lösen.FazitDie Rabbitgoo Fensterfolie ist eine hervorragende Wahl für alle, die Wert auf Privatsphäre, UV-Schutz und ästhetische Aufwertung legen. Trotz kleiner Herausforderungen bei der Installation bietet sie ein unschlagbares Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis und ist eine nachhaltige und wiederverwendbare Lösung für Ihr Zuhause oder Büro. Eine klare Kaufempfehlung für alle, die nach einer praktischen und dekorativen Fensterlösung suchen.

  9. Akash Amdavadi

    This is the best Window Film and quality is also good. Easy to stick to the Window. I would recommend to buy it .

  10. David Adams

    Easy to install and works how we needed it to

  11. Amazon Customer

    This stuff is just great. We used it in our new shower and it’s perfect.

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