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rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film, Decorative Window Clings, UV Blocking Window Coverings Static Cling Non Adhesive Door Stickers, Stained Glass Rainbow Window Vinyl, 3D Pebble, 17.5 x 78.7 inches

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window privacy filmwindow privacy film

rabbitgoo Window Film


rabbitgoo – Update your glass window and door brand-new in minutes!

We have promoted window film upgrades for many years.

High Quality Material for easy application and reuse.Various Patterns& Sizes are available.

Fast & Efficient Service: Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us If you require any assistance, we shall do our utmost with your issue

Decorative Privacy Window Film

Frosted Window Film

Window Film Sun Blocking

window privacy filmwindow privacy film

Frosted Window Film

Nice&Clean Look, Moderate Privacy

Unique Pattern, Stylish Decoration – Liven up your windows with enchanting pebble pattern – Using a special 3D laser design, this clear window film sparkles and creates subtle rainbow when sunlight hits it, adds a touch of elegance to your window and elevate your home decor at a minimum cost
UV Blocking, Sun Protection – Get rid of harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays with ease – Made of premium PVC and PET materials, our window film effectively blocks 84% of UVA rays and 99% of UVB rays, providing excellent UV blocking and heat insulation. Keep your skin and furniture protected on hot summer days
Semi-Protected Privacy – Keep your space yours without sacrificing style & light – Enjoy semi-privacy protection with our window privacy film that helps blur unwanted outdoor views while still allowing softened natural light in, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere
Static Cling, Glue Free – A safe and hassle-free way to beautify your windows – This glass film uses static cling to adhere well to flat, clean, and smooth glass surfaces with just water. It’s suitable for multiple uses and can be easily removed without leaving residue, allowing you to switch up your decor whenever you want
Easy Application, Widely Used – A versatile and adaptable solution for all your window needs – Say goodbye to heavy traditional window treatments, as this premium window film can be easily cut, applied, and removed, making it perfect for renters and homeowners alike. Fit for various glass windows and doors whether in your home or office

Customers say

Customers like the quality, ease of application, and appearance of the window film. They mention that it provides the privacy they are looking for, and that it is the perfect balance between transparency and privacy. Some are happy with ease of light blocking, and the appearance. However, some customers have different opinions on adhesion, transparency, and ease of cutting.

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10 reviews for rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film, Decorative Window Clings, UV Blocking Window Coverings Static Cling Non Adhesive Door Stickers, Stained Glass Rainbow Window Vinyl, 3D Pebble, 17.5 x 78.7 inches

  1. ey555

    Remove extra film off smooth side of Window Film! Soapy water on both surfaces! Works beautifully.
     Note! There’s an extra film that’s very clear and smooth on the smooth side (back side) of the window film that needs to be removed!This is what I do to make it super easy to install:1) trim a piece to size (a little larger than needed).2) remove extra clear film off the back/smooth side of the window film. If the window film has a pattern, the bumpy side is the front & the smooth side is the back.*See my video on removing the extra film backing off the main decorative film.3) use soapy water vs just plain water – this seems to work better, but plain water will work as well, it seems.4) spray the smooth back side of the window film with a light mist of soapy water.5) spray the cleaned window surface with a light mist of soapy water.6) position the window film onto the window. You’re basically putting the wet surfaces together. This will give you enough slip to slide the film around to achieve the correct position.7) squeegee the water & bubbles out from the center to the edges. Using a towel to wipe in a squeegee-ing manner helps, too.8) trim excess as necessary. Squeegee & wipe a bit more as needed and that’s it!It’s easy to remove completely and reposition as well. There’s no residue left behind.The 78 inch roll is a great value and I was able to install a privacy strip on a bathroom window (not the full window so light can come in for the plants, but enough to block other 2nd floor neighbors from seeing in), a narrow window by the front door, & still have a little excess.Privacy, beautiful rainbow reflections (if in the right level & angle of sunlight), looks stunning, sturdy film, and easy to install! Highly recommend.

  2. Sam’s Mom

    I was so happy with this product that I ordered a second roll to do a couple of other windows on my house. I bought the clear pebble pattern and find it quite pretty. I’m not sure what to say about sheerness–the film allows plenty of light, but my window is now quite private. My first experience with it has been on a cold, gray day, and the film seems to reflect the colors outside, so my windows have a look that reminds me of ice-frosted windows. However, there are enough pebbles in the film that refract color that the overall look is quite pretty. It’s calming – I’m not getting rainbows cast all across my room, but there is enough color that the effect is almost magical. I am looking forward to a bright, sunny day to see what happens. I am very happy with the level of privacy, yet I can make out movement and objects from inside. I don’t feel blind to what’s outside, and I still have light in my room. It’s also very attractive from the outside, with the pebbles reflecting whatever color my light inside is. Easy to install, it clings really well, and does what I needed – for the price especially, I am very happy.

  3. Amazon Customer

    We can see out but the dog can’t!
    Sounds mean, but don’t want our dog to be able to see out at certain times of the day. The curtain we had on the door needed to be replaced and it wasn’t doing a good job. We really think this is going to work. I followed the directions and found it very simple to install. The hardest part of all was getting the backing off! I’m very pleased with how it looks.Be sure to order the install “kit” if you don’t have all the components that are in it already!Edit! This is working very well! Looks very nice, and our dog hasn’t scratched it at all!

  4. Eugenia C

    VERY PRETTY (not adhesive)
    I wanted to give this product 5 stars because it looks AMAZING on the windows. while it gives privacy, it lets light in and it creates in rainbows. Very beautiful. The title is misleading, though because while it does specify “Non Adhesive” is still called “Door Stickers” (I did not pay enough attention). So, you have to wet the glass before applying, and it does not stick all the way to the ends. Still, nice product.

  5. Ripptide808

    Get an install kit, easy to install with that
    This window cling is so pretty. It casts subtle rainbow colors during sunset time when the sun shines directly through, adding a cool ambiance to my bathroom in the afternoon. It was so easy to install, just needed a very sharp blade and a squeegee tool. It can be removed if needed and can be cut into any shape. It’s not totally private, especially at night with the lights on. Someone could definitely peep through the cracks if they wanted to. I had to add some light curtains as well, but overall they are good for the daytime so I can keep my bathroom naturally lit with curtains open, while still having some privacy from neighbors.

  6. Iluvshpng

    This is my second roll of this window cling film – so pretty and even though it is not 100% frosted, it still is opaque enough where no one can see you during the daylight hours. At night you can see light, like a TV screen but not the actual image. Fantastic to get more natural light in without the entire neighbourhood see my in my living room working lol. Super easy to apply, literally spray water on the window and the film and place it on the window and squeegee it on, no adhesive or anything, no damage just peels off easily! Amazing – can’t believe I don’t see this on more homes instead if curtains. Lets in so much more natural light its a game changer for me!

  7. femmenikita

    Great product: good quality, adheres well, relatively easy for one person to install, lovely prism effect that changes with the light (much more than shows up in the photos). Moderate privacy (3/5 where 5 is opaque). Don’t lose very much daylight. Not recommended for a bathroom, or in a room where you will change with the lights on.Great privacy during the day and when the lights are off. When the lights are on, though, especially when it is dark out, within 5 feet of the window you can make out *a lot*. 5-10 feet isn’t too bad. 10+ feet away everything gets blurrier. You can clearly tell that there’s a doorway, a dresser, a light, a person etc. but details are diminished. If someone is just walking by they won’t notice much. In combination with judicious venetian blind use this is the best compromise between privacy and cutting out light I could find in this price range.I live in a ground floor condo with windows from two bedrooms facing the entrance courtyard. Everyone who comes to the building has to pass by my windows so I need privacy to increase my personal and property security. As long as the blinds are closed before I take a shower/get changed I’m okay with this.Plants still get lots of light.

  8. *****

    No instructions and falls off the window every few hours. Pretty useless to be honest, which is a shame as it looks pretty and would provide good coverage/privacy if it stayed on!

  9. Amazon Customer

    I’ve bought this product before in small squares with a iridescent effect but this pebble one is far more dramatic. Its gorgeous and makes a great feature for privacy in a bathroom or front door. We have a caravan which is on a site so the one desk door feels quite close so we’ve now used this in the kitchen too as its still bright and airy but has a lovely rainbow effect now. So no longer over looked when doing the washing up! Its easy to install and can do a number of windows if you cut right and get the correct size. We did 4 windows on our caravan with this roll. Great value and very smart from the outside too.

  10. Briana

    Easy to apply and love the rainbows. I put this on a window to block the view of an ugly fence but this would also be great for privacy.

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