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RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer, Programmable Digital Irrigation Water Timer with Rain Delay/Manual Watering System for Garden/Outdoor Hose, Yard, Lawns, 1 Outlet

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RainPoint is a professional manufacturer of garden irrigation equipment, providing customers with a wide range of irrigation timers with easy-to-use, intuitive features to allow you to optimize water use.

With the help of our Smart Hub and RainPoint app, enable smart irrigation and management that simplifies your home life!

Digital Sprinkler Timer

Smart Water Timer

Automatic Watering System

Rainpoint Garden Tools


【Easy Programming Program】Through the Sprinkler Timer to program, you can set the Start Time, Watering Duration is 1min-3h59min, Watering Frequency from 1h to 12h or 1 day to 7 days, so you can customize your watering time, and can be more accurate.
【Rain Delay & Manual Mode】With rain delay mode, your programmed schedule will be paused for 24, 48, or 72 hours, and will be automatically resumed. Using manual mode, any lawn or garden can be watered as needed, with customizable times from 1 min to 8 hrs, and without interrupting your schedule.
【Big LCD Screen Display】The water faucet timer with a big LCD screen display, which can display the watering time,watering frequency, power and other detailed content,that is convenient and easy to read.
【Multi-Scene Hose Timer】It can be used for many scenes, can be used in the garden, lawn, yard and other places,it can meet your daily life needs of the sprinkler timer.
【Product Contains】Including Water Timer*1 and User Manual*1, using 2*AAA alkaline batteries (not included), the User Manual can better help you to set the timer, the power will be displayed on the screen intelligently To remind you of the available power.

Customers say

Customers like the ease of use and value of the timer. They mention that it is easy to program and use, and comes with clear instructions. They are also satisfied with performance, and portability. That said, some complain about the water resistance. Opinions are mixed on leakage, battery life, and quality.

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13 reviews for RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer, Programmable Digital Irrigation Water Timer with Rain Delay/Manual Watering System for Garden/Outdoor Hose, Yard, Lawns, 1 Outlet

  1. J. Guzowski

    For Garden Use
    We purchased this timer for our garden, along with a soaker hose. It was very easy to program and install. No leaks at either connection. Still working well after a few weeks. Clicks on at the specified time and runs for the programmed duration.

  2. Gloria

    Works great!!
    Was worried about my garden while on vacation. Set this up and I am good to go!! Simple setup, reliable and when I get home my veggies will be happy!!

  3. JLynn in Milford

    Works and good visibility to status.
    Programming was intuitive and fairly easy. The first time process that had to be repeated multiple times was a pain in the neck and I never did hear a click as described in the instuctions. Rain delay process should be easier.

  4. Patti

    Easy to use!!!
    I LOVE IT!!! I’m an elderly lady, and set up soaker hoses to keep my plants alive in Tucson’s searing summer heat. The timer is affordable, VERY easy to set up, and works perfectly! I am pleased to HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product and vendor, with a great price, and fast delivery! Remember to buy AAA batteries if you order it.

  5. santiago tribiani

    Great Product with Excellent Customer Support
    I’ve had this timer for about a year and it’s been working perfectly, handling minor water leaks that can be fixed with the included tape. However, two weeks ago, a low battery alert popped up. Despite trying several new batteries, the alert wouldn’t go away. I tried a few fixes myself, but eventually reached out to customer support. I sent them a video of the issue and, thanks to a very kind and efficient rep from Rainpoint, my unit was replaced, no questions asked. Within a week, I received a new unit that’s working flawlessly. I highly recommend this product for its reliability and outstanding support if you ever run into an issue!

  6. Judi

    Wonderful product
    Why did I buy this great device? I have a well just for irrigation. My wife built a side yard flower area that presented a challenge to get water to it. The professionals we used to service our irrigation system suggested that I buy a timer device and use city water to irrigate. I initially looked at the ones in Lowe’s and read reviews and did not see consistent, good reviews. I then went online to Amazon and found this device based on reviews and a reasonable cost. The unit has worked flawlessly and was super easy to program. Every morning from 6am to 6:15am. I am well p,eased.

  7. LynnW

    Easy to use and reliable
    This is the third unit I’ve purchased over several years. There have been some nice improvements. Buttons have been labeled. It is easy to install and I use this for watering my garden in the summer. Water restrictions (even-numbered days only) are no problem . The batteries are still Ok after a year. This is nicely configured and good value.

  8. Melody Martin

    Easy to set up and works great.
    My old $50 timer gave out and my many hanging baskets needed water so I ordered the Rainpoint timer. It arrived in 2 days, was much less expensive and works great. I will be replacing my other timers with this one as they wear out. I didn’t rate the tech support as the timer was so easy to set up I had no questions.

  9. Viv L.

    I purchased this timer as well as an irrigation system for my garden so I didn’t have to spend so much time watering in the summer. Also, I didn’t want to worry if I went on vacation that I would have to rely on my not aways reliable teens to remember to water the plants! The set up was super easy out of the box and I tested it a few times to make sure it worked. The next morning, I saw that it had indeed watered my plants in the garden. Now I just have to tweak how long I need it to run to get the correct amount of water. Love it so far.

  10. yves roldan

    funciona como se menciona en la publicacion

  11. Tecnófilo

    Recibimos el temporizador automático en perfectas condiciones, protegido únicamente por la caja en la que se presenta y se agradece encontrar un film plástico en su pantalla digital que asegura lo recibamos sin ninguna marca. Antes de comentarles aspectos sobre el temporizador, ya les puedo adelantar la mayor crítica que he encontrado, y se centra en su manual de instrucciones que no viene en español, un detalle que no puedo llegar a comprender el comercializar un producto en España y no añadir instrucciones en ese idioma.El temporizador está construido totalmente en un plástico que se aprecia de mucha calidad y resulta convincente la anotación que encontramos en la publicación del producto, cuando indica que está realizado en un plástico de grado industrial.En su parte trasera, dispone de una tapa que podemos retirar para insertar las dos pilas de tipo “AAA” que no vienen incluidas, esta tapa cumple de forma muy fiable la estanqueidad necesaria para evitar una posible entrada de agua en este compartimento.Lo que más me ha llamado la atención es su facilidad de uso, con todo lo necesario y bien pensado para poder gestionarlo sin mucha complicación. Esta tarea sencilla se consigue gracias a su dial rotatorio en el que podremos acceder de una forma simple a sus principales funciones, para intentar facilitarles la comprensión en su manejo les indico las funciones principales de su dial:Set Lock: Para establecer la hora actual.Start Time: Se establece la hora de inicio.How Long: Podemos seleccionar la duración del riego, desde 1 minuto hasta 3h 59 minutos.How Often: Nos permite escoger la frecuencia pudiendo escoger de 1h a 23h o de 1 día a 7 días.La instalación resulta muy elemental, tan solo tenemos que enroscar en el grifo escogiendo una de las dos piezas que ya vienen colocadas con sus respetivas juntas tóricas y tendremos el temporizador colocado sin encontrar fugas de agua. Tan solo puedo transmitir mi experiencia con las pruebas realizadas durante dos días, su funcionamiento ha resultado exitoso y tan solo me queda la apreciación en cuanto a su durabilidad.Con anterioridad ya he tenido ocasión de probar un temporizador de una marca muy conocida en el entorno de la jardinería y aunque no existe una exagerada diferencia de precio, este temporizador cumple de la misma manera que el que he tenido, con la diferencia de ofrecer una mejor experiencia en cuanto a la facilidad con su manejo.

  12. QQ

    Vorgestern bestellt, heute schon geliefert bekommen – ein dickes Lob an Amazon/DHL-Logistikteam!ich habe eine Serie von Fotos gemacht, um einen ersten Eindruck von diesem Gerät vermitteln zu können: Unboxing, Batterieeinsetzen, Uhreinstellung, Anschluß am Gartenwasserhahn und Erstinbetriebnahme…. in 10 min. läuft so weit alles. Die Bedienungsanleitung braucht man wirklich nicht.Das ganze macht einen sehr soliden Eindruck. Beim Einschalten macht der Ventil einen kleinen Knack, das Wasser fließt dann sofort – ohne merklichen Druckverlust. So weit funktioniert alles wie aus der Produktbeschreibung.Manualler Betrieb ist etwas umständlich weil man mehrere Tasten drücken muss, aber es geht. Anders als in manchen Rezessionen falsch beschrieben, die Zeit des manuellen Betriebs läßt sich mit +/- Tasten hoch- bzw. runter setzen, also kein Problem.Programmierung ist sehr einfach, allerdings in der Flexibilität/Varibilität etwas eingeschränkt – für die meisten Anwendungen m.E. ausreichend.Garantieanspruch läßt sich von 2 auf 3 Jahre kostenlos verlängern, Sie brauchen nur ein E-mail an den Händler schicken und die Verlängerung aktivieren lassen.Bleib abzuwarten wie lange die Freude an diesem Gerät hält.

  13. Selina

    I was tired of turning off my hose after watering the lawn so I looked into timers. This one was reasonably priced. I was concerned that it would not fit onto the hose splitter but it fit well! I love how the company included Teflon tape now my hose doesn’t leak anywhere.So far I used the manual function with times stoppage. It was was easy to use. There is a indicator that comes on when the water is ready to be released there was also a countdown to show when the water was going to stop.The unit uses 2 aaa batteries and when the unit is off it displays “off” hopefully this doesn’t drain the battery too much.I can’t wait to use the other functions.

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