Raised Garden Bed, Outdoor Galvanized Planter Boxes, Beds with Metal Plant Stakes, Large Stock Tank, for Vegetables 4×2×1ft


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COATTOA charming garden creatorCOATTOA charming garden creator

raised garden beds outdoor

garden bedgarden bed

raised garden beds outdoor

raised garden beds outdoor

raised garden beds outdoorraised garden beds outdoor

raised garden beds outdoor

48*24*32 inch raised garden bed with legs

chicken wire clochechicken wire cloche

chicken wire cloche

18.7*12 inch chicken wire cloche

COATTOA raised garden bed

raised garden bed

Chicken Wire Cloche

Outdoor Galvanized Planter Boxes: 4x2x1ft raised garden bed with galvanized metal sheets for customization
Grow Vegetables: Can hold garden soil and fertilizers for growing potatoes, sweet potatoes, flowers, herbs and other plants
Stable and Drainage: Made of thickened galvanized metal with open base for good drainage and weed protection
Easy Assembly: Quick and easy to assemble with included metal stakes and anti-corrosion galvanizing for long-lasting use
Quality Warranty: 1 year warranty and dedicated after-sales service team for solving any issues

Customers say

Customers like the ease of assembly, portability, appearance, versatility, and value of the planter. For example, they mention it’s light weight, looks new even after a couple seasons, and is a great option for raised gardens and veggie gardening. That said, they also like the performance, quality, and size.

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13 reviews for Raised Garden Bed, Outdoor Galvanized Planter Boxes, Beds with Metal Plant Stakes, Large Stock Tank, for Vegetables 4×2×1ft

  1. JAD

    Sturdy and easy to install
    6 foot is perfect. I seperated them for herbs and some small vegetables. Looks nice, clean and I love them

  2. Kelly R.

    Just right!
    Easy to put together, sturdy and nice looking for the price. Will definitely be getting more of these.

  3. Mikey

    These are better than the usual
    These two raised beds make eight overall I am starting this year. The exception is these two are going in front of my front porch where I just cut down four very large boxwoods that were turning brown. Sawed off the stumps close to the ground, treated them with Tordon, and they won’t be a problem underneath the cardboard and mulch.Assembly was very easy. The pieces on these beds seemed much stiffer than the previous six I have recently put together (various brands on Amazon – I was buying whatever was on discount at the time). I painted them green before assembling so the galvanized metal wouldn’t blind people in the driveway in the morning sun. Looks better, too, by the house. Of course, the top and bottom edges are rolled to avoid sharp hazards but the ends of these pieces don’t seem as sharp as the other ones I’ve bought. I’m a bit impressed with the overall quality of these. I would definitely buy again at the price I paid for a pair of the 7x3x1ft size ($89 – daily deal I think).Got the base layer of cardboard and some cuttings from the boxwoods. Going to put a layer on pine needles over that, then start with topsoil. Hoping to grow perennial herbs in these beds.

  4. RCXD

    Better than expected
    I’ll admit I was a bit surprised at how sturdy these garden beds turned out. The metal isn’t flimsy yet still pliable enough to fix some bends and dents from shipment, which mine did have.The only reason I rated it 4 stars was because of how it arrived. The box was beat up and had multiple tears and holes. The bag that held all the nuts and bolts had busted inside the box so they were all rolling around free. Must’ve lost some bolts in transit because I was missing about 4. Not a huge deal as they are easy enough to buy from a hardware store, though I just went without as the beds were already sturdy even with a few bolts missing. While this all could’ve happened simply due to poor handling in the shipping process, I think it could’ve been prevented had the beds been packaged more carefully in the box so the sharp edges couldn’t puncture out of the cardboard.It was easy enough to assemble; literally just lining up holes and putting bolts through. Probably took me like 30 minutes for both. Haven’t filled them or planted anything yet so I guess only time will tell how they hold. I may update in the future once they’ve seen some more weather and wear.Overall, I’m pleased with this purchase, especially considering that you get 2 for the price. I will probably be buying another set for my garden.

  5. Donna C.

    Multiple configurations
    This Item has multiple configurations, it’s easy to assymbol. It’s light weight and it’s big enough to hold a great deal of plants.

  6. SezWho

    Quality materials
    I formed these into two oval raised beds for a vegetable garden. I was impressed with the thickness of the metal and ease of assembly.

  7. Lori (wilson) Garris

    Beginners like me this is perfect!
    Nice starter raised bed garden! Inexpensive and sturdy good buy recommended for those just starting out

  8. Russell Stahl

    Nice raised bed!
    It was easy to put together and sturdy. Very pleased with it and would buy again.

  9. Annette R.

    These galvanized raised garden beds are easy to assemble, high quality, versatile garden additions, for a decent price.

  10. Cathy

    I’m very happy with these raised garden beds. They are exactly as described. Perfect for my gardens. I love them so much I ordered another set of 2! Shipped two day fast delivery. Packaging was pretty durable with the weight of them and very easy to set up.

  11. D. W.

    Bought 4 of these for my gardening needs. A real back saver. Was easy to assemble and light enough to move. Once filled with soil it was solid. The galvanized metal will last for years. Great purchase.

  12. Vinny

    Very easy to assemble,works well

  13. Mofvf

    This were so much less expensive than other options we looked at. They’re great. So easy to assemble and they look nice. Will probably buy another set.

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