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Redi Shade No Tools Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Pleated Light Filtering Fabric Shade White, 36 in x 64 in, (Fits windows 19 in – 36 in)

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No Tools Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Shades by Redi Shade offer the look and fit of custom pleated shades at a fraction of the cost.  Trim at home for a perfect fit with a kitchen knife and included trimming scale and guide. ​​After prepping the surface, the peel and place adhesive application provides permanent installation that is effortless — no drill, screws or brackets required. Easy Lift shades come standard with cordless lift for ease of use and child safety. Soft spun lace fabric gently filters light, providing partial privacy and UV protection. Redi Shade, the original No Tools solution for window coverings, has been designing shades in the USA for over 30 years.
Trim at Home for a Perfect Fit Then, Install With No Tools — No Drill, Screws, Or Brackets Needed for Installation; Inside Mount Requires 1 1/2″ Inch Minimum Window Depth
Trim at Home: Prep your surface, then trim at home for a perfect fit and install with No Tools — no drill, screws, or brackets needed for installation; inside mount requires 1 ¼ inch minimum window depth
No Tools Installation: Trim your shade with a straight-edged kitchen knife using included patented trimming scale and guide; then permanently install in seconds with Simple Stick No Tools peel-and-place application
Always Cordless: Cordless lift mechanism for easy operation and clean appearance — safe for children and pets
Light Control: Soft spun lace fabric gently filters light for privacy and UV protection
Clean Look: Your No Tools window covering solution for over 30 years — rounded bottom rail and finished end caps for a clean, crisp appearance

Customers say

Customers are happy with the appearance of the window shades, saying they look nice and are good looking blinds for the price. They are also satisfied with light blocking, and ease of installation. However, some customers have reported issues with adhesion and quality. They say the adhesive on the top often comes apart and the glues don’t hold all the time. Customers are mixed on ease of cutting, value, and performance.

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10 reviews for Redi Shade No Tools Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Pleated Light Filtering Fabric Shade White, 36 in x 64 in, (Fits windows 19 in – 36 in)

  1. Lady Di

    Great look on a budget
    I absolutely love these easy to install shades! They replaced some very old vertical blinds and the pleated shades give my windows an elegant look, while being very functional. They block the sun, but are thin enough to allow the light to filter through. It’s so easy to draw and lift the shades by hand without the use of cords. They are sturdy and easy to install – no tools needed unless you have to cut the shades down.First of all, there are a couple of ways to install the shades. On the first set of three windows, I installed them inside the window frames with the use of the adhesive tape, located at the top, and they were sized perfectly. The other set of two windows were slightly larger, so I had to purchase larger shades that had to be cut down in order to fit inside the frames. It turns out that I didn’t cut the first shade quite enough to fit inside the frame and rather than to try to shave a quarter of an inch, I decided to install them over the window frame. For the second window, I installed outside the frame without trimming and it fit perfectly. So, one of the shades shows a slight gap when you look at it from the side, but it still looks good.For uniformity, it’s better to trim equal amounts on each end of the shade. There are very thin cords inserted into the pleats and the measurements would definitely be off if the shade is trimmed on one side only.I used a cheap fine tooth saw to trim one end of the shade and the teeth quickly ground down to nothing. I found another old saw for the other end of the shade and both cut pretty well, although it was not super smooth. The caps are removable and snap onto the cut end very easily. Cutting takes a little trial and error; just measure well (there is a little ruler at the top), have a variety of cutting implements and take your time.I’ve looked at very expensive shades and I think these are very comparable. I love the color too.

  2. Aurora

    Affordable, workable, easy solution blind
    I was a little sketchy about this blind, but knowing how great Amazon is on returns I took a chance. Installation was easy enough, trimming the ends was a little bit of an effort (a whole 20 minutes). All in all, I’m quite pleased with this blind. Though not as thick as the broken fabric one it replaced, it still does what I wanted it to do, which is provide a bright color privacy screen for my kitchen window at night. The photo was taken at dusk. The only thing I can see that you need to be aware of is when pulling the blind down, use both hands near the edges for a uniform pressure while pulling it down, it’s stronger than it looks. Sliding it back up is very easy. I love how even the folds are, too. Good investment, even if it only lasts a year or two. I’d buy again.

  3. al

    Product is a great value
    First this is a really good looking blind for the price. In fact looking at them installed they appear like a much more expensive blind. They are rather sturdy in design and I have not noticed any sun fading. The blinds are a breeze to install, just follow the directions in cutting, you will trim an equal amount from both ends, otherwise the blind will not function. I used a fine blade hacksaw. For the price, I do not think you will find a better looking blind.Now as far as the self adhering tape, it does not hold very well in my experience. You can use another double sided tape that will hold much better. Or you can use a few staples or screws. After having four of them fall down I just used an automotive double sided tape which solved the problem.Also when the blinds come in, make sure to inspect them well prior to install. I received four that were damaged. They were bent which left visible lines on the plastic, I returned them and got replacements. Overall a really great looking product for an incredible bargain.

  4. D. Cohen

    Absolute garbage! Might better move on to something else.
     UPDATE 1/21/2024I had originally wrote this review in February or maybe March of 2023 shortly after I purchased these and started having issues. I just decided to update it because several more have failed along the way in a pretty short span of time with broken cords and adhesive problems and we have just lived with it. In fact, all of them have some kind of issue now that makes me wish I had never purchased them. However, when I went to the order to update the review, it looks like I may have never originally hit the submit button, so if not – here it is now.Oh, and my son, who originally turned me onto these and said they were great, and who didn’t have any of the problems that I was seeing, has since experienced all of his breaking one way or another and was forced to move on as well.March 2023 ?I bought 7 of these starting back in 12/2022 and again about the beginning of February 2023. I have 5 of the 48″ and 3 of the 30″. About the only positive things about them is that they are pretty easy to install and the pleated design looks great. In theory, they should be a decent product at price point for someone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on a higher quality shade and understands that these won’t last anywhere near as long as those nicer ones.With that said…First off, the packaging is not sufficient, as the longer ones usually get bent or crushed in shipping – leaving a noticeable dent or broken plastic on the lower bar – sometimes in several places. Yes, Amazon will, and has replaced those, but time and effort is lost – especially if you don’t notice damage until unpacking and possible already cutting.The product itself: I have had multiple issues with all of them, although the shorter ones are a little less problematic overall because they are slightly sturdier by nature of being shorter. However, they all suffer from several common issues. Like others have commented, the adhesive seems hit or miss for how well it secures the shade to the top of window frame. I had one falling down from the top every single day (after it was up for about 3 days). I would put it back up and press the adhesive lined pleat back in place, only to have it be back on the bottom of window in the morning.It is also horrible how the bottom pleat of shade is attached to the bottom bar, as just simply pulling them down a few times has lifted the adhesive attach points from where and how it is attached to that bar. It is the same on all of the shades – even the shorter ones. Just look at the video and photos and you can see how cheaply and poorly designed these are. And, contrary to some reviewers saying that the shades operate effortlessly mine do not. All of them have significant drag/friction in the mechanism as you pull down, and it really stresses the cords and the adhesive – as well as the cheap flimsy plastic the lower bar is made of.Other issues:As others have mentioned, the shades will not open or close to level (at least the longer ones do that for me). One side is always lower – sometimes significantly than the other in both up and down positions. Yes, I can frustratingly play with it for a while and get it about right, but it is not easy and I am very mechanically inclined. Honestly I shouldn’t have to fight with these at all just to use them as designed. The instructions say that this problem is caused when the cord tension becomes unbalanced, and how to fix, but I can say that the fix does not work for this inherent issue. This is less of a problem on the shorter ones.The longer shades WILL NOT retract smoothly and evenly. They start to in the beginning, but about two thirds of the way up or so, they no longer have tension and bunch up. You have to struggle with multiple attempts to get them all the way up and they usually will not be straight when finished. Another example of a fault in the design of the mechanism.Lastly, the one in the photo that shows the shade that kept falling to the bottom because of poor adhesion (my surface was prepped clean and not the problem) just tonight permanently failed when the left side cord just broke while it was being pulled down. These shades are operated carefully, so this should not have happened a month and a half from installation, but seeing there is so much tension and resistance when you pull them down, I am not surprised. Again – look a the video and you can see the tension. Not one of mine operate smoothly and easily, and I can assure anyone that they are indeed installed properly.Well, that about wraps up this review. I cannot believe that many of these reviews are authentic, as they give such glowing accounts of how great this product is. That fact is that they are cheaply made, have a bad extension and retraction mechanism design, and just all around do not live up to the hype. I understand they are an approximate $30-$50 product and not the same caliber of product as something that cost 2-4 times their cost, but these should be much better than they are. For all these reasons I cannot recommend them at all. Sorry Redi Shade – you need to rethink/redesign this product and do better. Your customers should not be experiencing these common faults without you doing something to correct. I believe you have been in business for a good while, so no excuse to have this crappy of a product – or perhaps this level of quality control problem seeing that there are a good number of people who don’t seem to have any issues.

  5. Deborah

    Easy to install
    Love this product. Looks good. quality good. Easy to use.

  6. Ale VM

    Para empezar las instrucciones no están claras ni completas, uno tiene que adivinarle. Luego están difíciles de usar, para bajarlas hay que jalar fuerte y pues siendo de papel, no entiendo por qué. Subirlas NO es fácil (he tenido otras de papel y se suben con pincitas por ejemplo)Finalmente, después de menos de 24 horas ya están así, o sea, además su calidad es mala.No caigan.

  7. Antonio Gonzalez-Fernandez

    Quedan bien y se ven de buena calidad. Son fáciles de cortar para un buen ajuste. Sin embargo, el adhesivo para fijarlas es insuficiente y necesitan una “ayudadita” para su instalación definitiva, especialmente si la pintura donde se van aponer es granulosa y no completamente plana.

  8. Daylene Waddell

    I’m impressed with these blinds! First, the directions are easy to follow & they’re quick/easy to cut down to size. I made sure to clean my window trim with alcohol before applying the adhesive side. I’m hoping that prep helps them to stick better (a lot of people in reviews saying the adhesive doesn’t last, so we’ll see)! I did buy some double sided Gorilla brand tape just in case.I love that these blinds don’t have cords. I have little ones who like to pull hard on the cords (which is how the last blinds broke). The material seems sturdy (not cheap) & once they’re up, they look high end.I only ordered 4 for my living room/dining room because I wanted to see how they looked before committing to buying them for the entire house. Looks like I’ll be placing another order soon!

  9. Elsa

    Super producto. Funciona perfecto y en menos de 5 minutos tienes una persiana muy bonita. Muy fácil de cortar a la medida con un cuchillo (tal y como muestran en el video). Fácil de colocar, fácil de subir y bajar.

  10. Andre’ F Gulino

    I searched and found the most conveniently structured and eye catching pull down blind here on Amazon. It took a matter of minutes to cut to length and install… and it looks great!Highly recommend this design.

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